George Bacon Culpepper

Male, #34340, (4 Dec 1899 - 7 Oct 1972)
Father*Rev. George Bright Culpepper (29 Mar 1866 - 12 Oct 1948)
Mother*Lillian Mattox Shepard (13 Sep 1871 - 18 Nov 1939)
Birth*4 Dec 1899 George was born at Fort Valley, Houston Co., Georgia, on 4 Dec 1899.1,2,3 
Employment* George's occupation: attorney. 
1900 Census1 Jun 1900 Caughey and George was listed as a son in Rev. George Bright Culpepper's household on the 1900 Census at Fort Valley, Houston Co., Georgia.4 
Photographedcirca 1903 He appeared as a son in a family photograph circa 1903 at Fort Valley, Houston Co., Georgia,
The Rev. George Bright Culpepper, standing, with children Caughey Branham, born 1897; Marion, born 1895; George Bacon, born 1899; and in front, John Shepard, born 1901.5
George Bright Culpepper family
1910 Census15 Apr 1910 Caughey, George, John, Thomas and Charles was listed as a son in Rev. George Bright Culpepper's household on the 1910 Census at Fort Valley, Houston Co., Georgia.6 
Marriage*24 Apr 1919 He married Mary Elizabeth Adams at Houston Co., Georgia, on 24 Apr 1919 at age 19.7 
1920 Census1 Jan 1920 Caughey, George, John, Charles and Thomas was listed as a son in Rev. George Bright Culpepper's household on the 1920 Census at Fort Valley, Houston Co., Georgia.8 
Birth of Son26 Dec 1920 His son Judge George Brown Culpepper was born on 26 Dec 1920 at Fort Valley, Houston Co., Georgia.9 
1930 Census*1 Apr 1930 George was listed as the head of a family on the 1930 Census at Fort Valley, Peach Co., Georgia.10 
Death of Mother18 Nov 1939 His mother Lillian Mattox Shepard died on 18 Nov 1939 at Fort Valley, Peach Co., Georgia.11 
World War II*between 1942 and 1945 He served in World War II between 1942 and 1945
(Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy.) 
Death of Father12 Oct 1948 His father Rev. George Bright Culpepper died on 12 Oct 1948 at Fort Valley, Peach Co., Georgia.12 
Death*7 Oct 1972 He died at Fort Valley, Peach Co., Georgia, on 7 Oct 1972 at age 72.13,3 
Burial*circa 9 Oct 1972 His body was interred circa 9 Oct 1972 at Oaklawn Cemetery, Fort Valley, Peach Co., Georgia.2 
Biography* Mrs. John (Dorothy Culpepper) Wingfield preserved a 25 page typed manuscript "ONE FAMILY - CULPEPPER" written by her grandfather, Rev. George Bright Culpepper, which noted:

This brings me to December 1899 and to the birth of my second son, on December 4, 1899. To this son we gave the name of George Bacon, for his father and Miss Mary Bacon, one of the teachers at Georgia State College for Women, located at Milledgeville. He grew to manhood and during the first World War worked for the Government in the War Department.

In April 1919 he married Miss Mary Adams of Atlanta. They have one son and one daughter. To the son, born December 26, 1920, they gave the name of George Brown Culpepper....

George Bacon was born in Fort Valley, Georgia, in what we called the Branch House - it having been the home of Reverend Frank Branch. The place is now (Oct. 5, 1942) owned and occupied by William M. Wright....

George B. Culpepper, Jr., is a lawyer in Fort Valley, Georgia, and has the largest clientele of any lawyer in the town or county; I would say in the counties of Peach, Houston, Crawford and Macon. He is a Mason, a steward in the Methodist Church, a Major in 4th Corps Area - a splendid man and a good lawyer.

He has had pneumonia four times, the first attack being when he was three months old. At one time, the doctor said that he was dead; but God spared him. Again when he was 14 he had pneumonia. In 1918 he had flu and pneumonia in Atlanta. Again in 1919 he had an operation for the removal of his appendix followed by pneumonia. For 18 years he has suffered from neuralgia of the heart - called by some doctors pseudo-angina. He has bronchitis several times. His energy and a good wife and the Good Lord have kept him going until this day (Oct. 6, 1942).

He is retained by the Central of Georgia Railroad for that district.... In the fall of that year [1901] we moved to the house on the corner of College Street and Everett Square, now owned and occupied by Henry M. Branham. We lived there but a few months but long enough for Marion and Caughey and George to have scarlet fever. On December 18, 1901, we moved across that Square to what was known as the Henry Harris House - still on the corner of College Street and Everett Square.

The following excerpt is from p. 228 of the History of Peach County: George Bacon Culpepper studied law in the office of his uncle, Charles Leighton Shepard, stood the State Bar Examination and later was admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States. He was an attorney in Fort Valley for over fifty years.

The following is from Mrs. F. D. (Lee Collins) Hale from an unknown source: Lawyer, admitted to Georgia Bar in 1923. Was chief of Selective Service System in Georgia from 1918 to 1919. Was in insurance business in Fort Valley GA., 1920-1922. Was a member, and vice chariman, board of trustees, and chairman, investment co., Employees Retirement System of GA., 1949-1963. Was a member of the governor's staff, 1948-1963. Was an Honorary Vice President, American Sunday School Union, 1958--. Was a member of the American Bar Association; American Judicature Society; National Railroad Trial Counsel Assn. Was a Methodist, Mason, and Kiwanian.

George B. Culpepper was also listed in "Who's Who in the South and Southwest" in 1973: "Lawyer: b. Fort Valley. GA, 4 Dec 1899: s. George B.and Lillian (Shepard) Culpepper: student pub. schs; m. Mary Elizabeth Adams, 24 Apr 1919; children-George B. III, Mary Lillian (Mrs. Robert Lawson Harris). Admitted to GA bar. 1923: chief Selective System. GA. 1918-19: ins. bus.. Ft. Valley, GA, 1920-22; mem., Vice chmn. bd. trustees and chmn. investment com. Employees Retirement System of GA, 1949-63. Mem. Govs. staff, 1948-63. Hon. v. p. Am. Sunday Sch. Union. 1958-. Mem. GA Gov.'s Staff. 1971-. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., Am. Judicature Soc., Nat. Railroad Trial Counsel Assn. Methodist. Mason. Kiwanian. Home: 401 Forrest Dr Ft Valley GA 31030 Office: 206 Central Av Ft Valley GA 31030"

Mrs. Eleanor (Culpepper) Willingham sent the following from p. 3 of the "Hogansville Herald" for 1 Feb 1996: "Union Baptist" By Robert L. Harris, Pastor The late George B. Culpepper, Jr. of Fort Valley, Georgia was considered by many to be the best trial lawyer in the state. He was also a widely respected Sunday School teacher. For many years his lessons to the adult class in the Methodist Church could be heard every Sunday morning over WFPM. He frequently used Biblical truths or stories in the courtroom. This proved bothersome to one well know prosecutor from Macon who was often Mr. Culpepper's opponent in court. Once the prosecutor made the mistake of ridiculing Mr. Culpepper's use of the Bible in the defense of his clients. This prosecutor, in his first statement to one jury, warned them as follows: "Mr. Culpepper" he said, "Is probably going to quote lo you something out of the Bible, but I can tell you now that the Bible doesn't have anything to do with this case." Mr. Culpepper's opening words to the jury have never been forgotten by anyone who heard them. They are still often quoted in legal and civic circles in this state and beyond. "lt is strange," he replied, "that our learned prosecutor should take exception to my use of the Bible in this court room. He says the Bible has nothing to do with this cause. But you well know that every witness in this case will be asked to put his hand on the Bible and swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Furthermore, the very laws by which we decide cases in every court in this country can be traced back to the 10 commandments in this Bible. If ever the time comes when the Bible has nothing to do with any case in this court, we are in deep trouble." Well, we still use the Bible to swear in witnesses, but we've taken the 10 commandments off the walls of our court houses and our schools, and we are in deep trouble in this country.

The following is from The Butler Herald, Thursday, March 13, 1919. Vol. XXXXIII, No. 18.

G.B. Culpepper, Jr., Makes Fine Business Record

The Taylor county friends of the Culpepper family, who for many years were citizens of this county and highly esteemed by all, shares with the people of Fort Valley in appreciation of the record made and honors conferred upon Mr. Geo. B. Culpepper, Jr., as referred to in the following which is reproduced from the Fort Valley Ledger-Tribune:

A Fort Valley boy's record is always gratifying to our people when it is won by conscientious effort. We take pleasure therefore, in saying a few things about Geo B. Culpepper, Jr., who for the past fifteen months has been connected with the State Military Department in Atlanta.

By order of Provost Marshal General Crowder, and by direction of Governor Dorsey, George B. Culpepper, Jr., was appointed Inspector, for the purpose of assisting in the supervision of the final work of the Selective Draft Board in the State of Georgia.

This appointment of Inspector is a testimonial of high order to the ability and efficiency of this young man, inasmuch as this work is committed to the hands of skilled lawyers and efficiency experts.

Mr. Culpepper has received generous recognition at the hands of authorities over him and the several promotions he has received are evidence of his ability and satisfactory service.

On December 10, 1917, he was appointed Chief Clerk to Major W.C. Lyle, Medical Aide to Governor Dorsey.

On May 18, 1918, he was made Private Secretary to Major Joel B. Mallet, Officer in Charge of the Selective Service Law in the State of Georgia.

On July 1st, 1918, he was made Head of Mobilization Department in Georgia, and while occupying this position he had direct supervision of the mobilization of thirty-five thousand soldiers.

On December 1st, 1918, he was appointed Chief Clerk of entire State Military Department as successor to Maj. Jno. T. Dorsey.

Mr. Culpepper was the only employee of the State Military Department for whom the Governor felt authorized to claim deferred classification on the ground of being necessary employee of the United States Government. 
News Article*20 Apr 1998 HR 1031 (Georgia Assembly):
A resolution designating a portion of U.S. Highway 341 as the "George B. Culpepper Highway"

Effective 20 Apr 1998

WHEREAS, the Rev. George Bright Culpepper, a minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church, was born in Taylor County, Georgia, in 1866. He married Lillian Sheppard and moved to Fort Valley in 1898, where they raised six children and he served as a pastor and a friend of the community until his death in 1948; and

WHEREAS, George Bacon Culpepper was born in Fort Valley in 1899. George B. Culpepper, Jr., became a lawyer in 1924 and practiced law in Fort Valley until his death in 1972. George was active in local civic and political matters and was a wise and reasoned voice in community debates. He also served as an active layman and Sunday school teacher in the Fort Valley Methodist Church. George married Mary Elizabeth Adams and had two wonderful children, and he always made time for his family; and

WHEREAS, George Brown Culpepper was born in Fort Valley in 1920. He also became a lawyer and served in the United States Navy during World War II, retiring as a Lieutenant Commander from the U.S. naval reserve. George practiced law with his father until 1967, when he was appointed to serve as a superior court judge in the Macon Judicial Circuit where he presided with intelligence, dignity, and restraint until his retirement in 1982. He is currently a widely respected senior judge of the superior courts of Georgia. George married Alice Wright in 1943 and had four lovely children; and

WHEREAS, George Bryant Culpepper was born in Macon in 1947. Bryant attended Mercer Law School and continued the respected tradition of his family by practicing law until he was elected in 1982 to succeed his father, George B. Culpepper III as judge of the Superior Court of the Macon Judicial Circuit. Bryant also served four terms in the Georgia House of Representatives from 1975 - 1982 where he was a valued colleague and will always be remembered fondly. Bryant has two wonderful daughters and is married to Donna Jones, and he continues to reside in Fort Valley where he is a committed member of the Fort Valley United Methodist Church; and

WHEREAS, George B. Culpepper, Sr., George B. Culpepper, Jr., George B. Culpepper III and George B. Culpepper IV all have made remarkable contributions to this great state and particularly to their communities of Peach County and Fort Valley; and

WHEREAS, it is only fitting and proper that the George B. Culpeppers be honored by so naming the portion of U.S. Highway 341 that runs between Fort Valley, Georgia, and Perry, Georgia.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF GEORGIA that the portion of U.S. Highway 341 which travels south from the city limits of Fort Valley to the beginning of the Perry bypass is designated as the "George B. Culpepper Highway" in honor of the many contributions to our great state made by the Rev. George Bright Culpepper, George Bacon Culpepper, George Brown Culpepper, and George Bryant Culpepper.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Department of Transportation is authorized and directed to erect and maintain appropriate signs so designating the highway.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Clerk of the House of Representatives is authorized and directed to transmit an appropriate copy of this resolution to the Department of Transportation.

Culpepper Connections Note: In January 1999, George Branham Culpepper was born, becoming the fifth generation to carry the honored name of "George B. Culpepper". 


Mary Elizabeth Adams (21 Mar 1901 - 19 Jan 1997)
Marriage*24 Apr 1919 He married Mary Elizabeth Adams at Houston Co., Georgia, on 24 Apr 1919 at age 19.7 
ChartsJohn Culpepper of Randolph Co, AL: Descendant Chart
Last Edited15 Apr 2010


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