Rev. Marvin Myres Culpepper

Male, #34305, (20 Nov 1877 - 19 Sep 1927)
Father*John Butler Culpepper D. Div. (1 Aug 1849 - 19 Jan 1937)
Mother*Melvina Harper (22 Nov 1857 - 20 Jun 1937)
Birth*20 Nov 1877 Marvin was born at Macon, Bibb Co., Georgia, on 20 Nov 1877.1 
1880 Census1 Jun 1880 Marvin and Oscar was listed as a son in John Butler Culpepper D. Div.'s household on the 1880 Census at Bibb Co., Georgia.2 
Marriage*29 Apr 1902 He married Daisy C. Ross at Flemingsburg, Fleming Co., Kentucky, on 29 Apr 1902 at age 24. 
Residence*1903 Marvin resided at Kansas in 1903.3 
Birth of Son21 Oct 1905 His son Rev. Charles Ross Culpepper was born on 21 Oct 1905 at Flemingsburg, Fleming Co., Kentucky.4,5 
Photographed*circa 1907 He was photographed circa 1907.6 
1910 Census*15 Apr 1910 Marvin was listed as the head of a family on the 1910 Census at Topeka, Shawnee Co., Kansas.7 
Photographedsay 1917 He appeared as a son in a family photograph say 1917.6
John Butler Culpepper with Marvin & Ross
1920 Census1 Jan 1920 Marvin was listed as the head of a family on the 1920 Census at Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri.8 
Photographedsay 1921 He was photographed say 1921 at Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri.6 
Death*19 Sep 1927 He died at Monroe, Ouachita Parish, Louisiana, on 19 Sep 1927 at age 49.9 
Burial*circa 21 Sep 1927 His body was interred circa 21 Sep 1927 at Flemingsburg, Fleming Co., Kentucky
Biography* Mrs. John (Dorothy Culpepper) Wingfield preserved a 25 page typed manuscript "ONE FAMILY - CULPEPPER" written by her grandfather, Rev. George Bright Culpepper, who noted: In November of 1877, in Washington County [Rev. M. M. Culpepper's son, Rev. Charles Ross Culpepper, in a 20 Dec 1978 letter, wrote that his father was born in "Macon as I remember." According to Methodist Preachers of Georgia 1783-1900 compiled by Rev. Harold Lawrence, Rev. M. M. Culpepper's father, Rev. John B. Culpepper was assigned "1877-78 Crawford (Macon)." It is possible that Melvina was staying with relatives at the time of the birth], Georgia, a second child was born to John Butler and his wife, Mellie or Melvina, to whom was given the name of Marvin Myers [both son, Rev. Charles Ross Culpepper, and John Butler Culpepper family notes list the name as Marvin Myres]. This Marvin Myers Culpepper became a Methodist preacher, married Daisy Ross from Rossville, Kentucky, moved to Kansas and Arkansas, where he became a Presiding Elder in the Conference. To this couple a son and two daughters were born. I cannot give the names of the girls, but the son bears the name of Ross Culpepper, and he is a Methodist minister. Marvin Myers Culpepper died in Monroe, Louisiana, about ten years ago. He was taken back to Kentucky for burial.
      Charles Ross Culpepper, in a 12 Nov 1977 letter, gave his father's name as Marvin Myres Culpepper. He continued: J.B.'s children loved to go to the home of James Marion. Esther the oldest, Dad and Burke were very close. They played and had tea parties but had to have short grace. Dad was long winded, Burke drank all the grape juice and they learned.
      Charles Ross added that his father, "the oldest son, was a man of great ability as a man and minister. He studied law but went to the ministry."
      In a 21 Dec 1978 letter, Charles Ross Culpepper continued: Dad ran off with T. R. Roosevelt and his Rough Riders but Grandfather used clout and the fact that he had only estimated his age and he was sent home. Dad was a T. R. man all his life and went to Kansas, left the Methodist Episcopal Church South and we became YANKEE. My father was the most fascinating man I ever knew. Churches were never large enough to hold the people. He set up baseball, out-door basketball, boxing and wrestling as a part of his work with young men. One man said, "Marvin Culpepper knocks as many people into the church as some do with preaching." I grew up in Topeka, Junction City, Leavenworth and Olathe. Dad was just reaching his best when flu, heart knocked him down. Even with a bad heart he served Stuttgart Arkansas, Little Rock and finally San Antonio seeking a mild climate. He went to Monroe to be near Essy Shannon and where Burke could drop by. All their lives they were like few brothers and sister.... My father Marvin was gone at 48. 
Research note*27 Apr 2012 So, I talked to my dad about Oscar Burke D. Div. (our "prince") and his brother Marvin Myers. Dad said Marvin was a good fighter and that if it wasn't for his bad heart he would have tried to go pro. So Burke would take him around with him and Marvin would be there if they got into trouble. He didn't elaborate but it sounds like the two were as willing to throw a punch as they were sing a hymn.

Once Marvin was helping Burke in one of these tussles and the other guy tried to stick him thumb in Marvin or Burke's eye. Who ever was on the receiving end, bit it off. ( I will have to confirm if it was Marvin who did the biting or if it was Burke). In either case, later in life that guy saw the biter at a revival and when he went to get saved he held up his hand and said give me back my thumb you pious s.o.b. or something like that. So, princely perhaps but not gentle.6 


Daisy C. Ross (8 Dec 1880 - Jan 1972)
Marriage*29 Apr 1902 He married Daisy C. Ross at Flemingsburg, Fleming Co., Kentucky, on 29 Apr 1902 at age 24. 
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