John Butler Culpepper D. Div.

Male, #33293, (1 Aug 1849 - 19 Jan 1937)
Father*James Marion Culpepper M.D. (1 Feb 1823 - 11 Feb 1898)
Mother*Lucinda Brooks O'Daniel (18 Sep 1825 - 31 Jan 1910)
Birth*1 Aug 1849 John was born at Centerville, Talbot Co., Georgia, on 1 Aug 1849. 
1850 Census1 Jun 1850 John, Susan and Lucinda listed as a household member living with James Marion Culpepper M.D. on the 1850 Census on 1 Jun 1850 at Talbot Co., Georgia.1 
Relocation15 Jan 1852 Taylor County was formed 15 Jan 1852 from Macon, Marion and Talbot Counties. The James Culpepper family was apparently in that part of Talbot that became Taylor. 
1860 Census1 Jun 1860 Lucinda, Susan, John, Augustus, Josephus and Martha listed as a household member living with James Marion Culpepper M.D. in the 1860 Census at Taylor Co., Georgia.2 
1870 Census1 Jun 1870 Lucinda, John, Augustus, Josephus, Martha, Nancy and George listed as a household member living with James Marion Culpepper M.D. on the 1870 Census at Macon Co., Georgia.3 
Marriage*25 Dec 1873 He married Melvina Harper at Waresboro, Ware Co., Georgia, on 25 Dec 1873 at age 24.4 
Birth of Son20 Nov 1877 His son Rev. Marvin Myres Culpepper was born on 20 Nov 1877 at Macon, Bibb Co., Georgia.5 
Birth of Son8 Apr 1880 His son Oscar Burke Culpepper D. Div. was born on 8 Apr 1880 at Fort Valley, Houston Co., Georgia
1880 Census*1 Jun 1880 John was listed as the head of a family on the 1880 Census at Bibb Co., Georgia.6 
Birth of Son11 May 1884 His son Giles Rawls Culpepper was born on 11 May 1884 at Talbotton, Talbot Co., Georgia
Death of SonJun 1885 His son Giles Rawls Culpepper died in Jun 1885. 
Marriage11 Apr 1888 He, as minister, married Carlotta Belle Harper and Rev. George Bright Culpepper at Centerary Church, Macon, Bibb Co., Georgia, on 11 Apr 1888.7,8,9 
Photographed*say 1890 He was photographed say 1890 at Macon, Bibb Co., Georgia.10
Rev. John Butler Culpepper
Biography28 Jul 1894 He was present to celebrate the golden anniversary of James Marion Culpepper M.D. and Lucinda Brooks O'Daniel: (an unknown value.)11 
Photographedsay 1895 He was photographed say 1895
From Cindy Carson McClure, 13 Dec 2003: ....My grandmother, Eula Wood Carson, was born in Cleveland Bradley County, TN in 1869... moving to Columbus, MS in 1894..She died there in 1960....In her possession were lots of old picture was of a REV. CULPEPPER.... When I positively identified this as a picture of John Butler Culpepper, Cindy was kind enough to send me the original, which I would be happy to pass along to an interested descendant of John Butler Culpepper.
The Rev. John Butler Culpepper
Birth of Son20 Jun 1896 His son Rev. John Butler Culpepper Jr. was born on 20 Jun 1896 at Wilmore, Jessamine Co., Kentucky
Death of Father11 Feb 1898 His father James Marion Culpepper M.D. died on 11 Feb 1898 at Butler, Taylor Co., Georgia
1900 Census*1 Jun 1900 John was listed as the head of a family on the 1900 Census at Lebanon, Laclede Co., Missouri.12 
Miscellaneous*1909 John published ten or more books. One, entitled God's Wrecking Crew was published in 1909 and contains a sermon written by John to other church ministers. 
Death of Mother31 Jan 1910 His mother Lucinda Brooks O'Daniel died on 31 Jan 1910 at Fort Valley, Houston Co., Georgia.13 
Photographedsay 1917 He was photographed say 1917.14
John Butler Culpepper with Marvin & Ross
Death of Son19 Sep 1927 His son Rev. Marvin Myres Culpepper died on 19 Sep 1927 at Monroe, Ouachita Parish, Louisiana.15 
1930 Census*1 Apr 1930 John was listed as the head of a family on the 1930 Census at New Smyrna Beach, Volusia Co., Florida.16 
Death*19 Jan 1937 He died at Memphis, Shelby Co., Tennessee, on 19 Jan 1937 at age 87.17 
Burial*circa 21 Jan 1937 His body was interred circa 21 Jan 1937 at Riverview Cemetery, Monroe, Ouachita Parish, Louisiana
Biography* Mrs. John (Dorothy Culpepper) Wingfield preserved a 25 page typed manuscript "ONE FAMILY - CULPEPPER" written by her grandfather, Rev. George Bright Culpepper, who noted:
     JOHN BUTLER CULPEPPER On August 1, 1849, a second child was born to my father and mother - a son - to whom was given the name of John Butler. This John Butler Culpepper lived to be 87 years old, was a Methodist preacher from 1870 until his death, which occurred at the home of his son, Oscar Burke Culpepper, in Memphis, Tennessee, January 19, 1937. On December 25, 1873, he married Melvina Harper in Waresboro, Ware County, Georgia. He was 24 and she was 17. This was my oldest brother. On July 29, 1875, was born a daughter and to her was given the name of Esther Altona.... My niece, Esther, died last year (1941) in Monroe, and is buried there. She was 67 years old. Her father, John Butler Culpepper, was carried to Monroe, Louisiana, and buried there. His wife, Melvina, who was always called Mellie, is also buried in Monroe beside her husband. She died in 1938 while her son, Burke, was holding a meeting at the Methodist Church in Hapeville [near Atlanta], Georgia.... At the annual conference in December of 1885, John Butler Culpepper was appointed Agent for the Methodist Orphans Home located at Macon, Georgia....
     The following is from "The History of Wilkes County, Georgia, by Robert M. Willingham Jr., Wilkes Publishing Company, 2002: Page 236 - 237: "One of the county's first tent revival meetings began in Washington during June 1893 under the sponsorship of the Methodist Church on the grounds of the Male Academy. Led by Rev. John Butler Culpepper of Macon in a tent seating six hundred, the services provided town dwellers, white and black, with emotional, enthusiastic camp-meeting style preaching. Song leader was R. F. Kilgore. Initially criticized by the religious establishment, Methodist pastor Rev. H. S. Bradley held firm in his support for Rev. Culpepper's ministry and the meetings were an unqualified success. Added to church membership rolls were 59 Methodists, 18 Baptists, three Presbyterians, and one Episcopalian. A temperance rally was held at the concluding Sunday service and a Women's Christian Temperance Union for Wilkes County was formed at this time. Special services for blacks were also preached by Rev. Culpepper to a responsive audience. Even a windstorm which blew down the tent could not hamper the religious fervor."
     Mrs. J. J. (W. Carolyn Watts) Gilinsky, in a 7 Mar 1979 letter, enclosed Mrs. T. W. (Esther Culpepper) Shannon's description of her father, John Butler Culpepper, as being dark complected with black hair, blue eyes, 5 ft. 6 in. tall, and 116 lbs. Rev. Charles Ross Culpepper, a grandson, in a 12 Nov 1977 letter, described Rev. John Butler Culpepper as "small, stunted by way and privation.... His voice was soft as a bell and most of his later years he preached seated in a chair.... I still meet people that remember him and several have books of sermons."
     Rev. Charles Ross Culpepper continued on 30 Dec 1978: John Butler was born August 1, 1849 in Talbot County Georgia, three miles east of Talboton the County Seat. When two, his parents moved to Marion County in the same state, where they resided until the breaking out of the Civil War. His father moved to Taylor County where the rest of his [John Butler Culpepper's] minority was spent. He started to school at five but the war made schooling difficult. As a result he turned to the available books and read all the rest of his life. (I remember he was most anxious to re-read Gibbon's Rome [The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire] in 1936.) It was through his preaching that his father, mother and his brothers were converted. He was licensed to preach in the fall of 1870 and that same year was admitted on trial in the South Georgia Conference.
     On 21 Dec 1978, Rev. Charles Ross Culpepper wrote: Grandfather saw that the war led to broken homes, broken lives and he felt that faith was stronger than booze as an escape and hard work could bring back the south. The Four Brotherhoods of the Railroads had Grandpa for a revival in Atlanta. The whisky crowd so feared his preaching that he was mugged by them and in the hospital asked his two sons to promise to fight the evils of alcohol all their lives. Often in revivals he would ask saloon keepers to walk out and renounce the selling of alcohol. Early in his preaching Grandfather started taking into his home, children left without love or care. As a result rooms were added on here and there and Melvina my Grandmother was the in charge influence.... Grandfather and Dr. Shannon had a remodled hotel in Lebanon. It was to be Culpepper-Shannon College. It opened in September 6th. 1899 and burned Sept 24, 1899.
     The following is from p. 4 of The Wesleyan Christian Advocate Wednesday, 17 Sep 1980:
The Wesleyan Christian Advocate 100 Years Ago [1880] This Week By William R. Guerin From the Macon Circuit, Rev. John B. Culpepper, pastor reports, "Have had a fine meeting at Swift Creek Church. Old grudges settled and difficulties wiped out... Closed one saloon and took the keeper into the church. I think two others will close, whose keepers are in the church. The brethren says they will see that they quit whisky or the church.
     The Wesleyan Christian Advocate of 12 Dec 1983 noted that 100 years earlier [1883]: The Rev. J. B. Culpepper writes from Blakely Circuit: "Most of the Methodists in this circuit think it is possible to live without sin, and they are not saved until they do. We have some bad and a few of the worst church members. The Lord pity them. He further writes... "I have many Baptist blessings on my head tonight. The have helped us pay for our parsonage, and responded when other claims were presented."
     The Wesleyan Christian Advocate for 25 Nov 1985 noted that 100 years earlier [1885]: (Macon) From Rev. J. B. Culpepper. I believe the way to manage the Holiness movement is for every man, woman, and child to join. I am so glad I am in.
     Mrs. F. D. (Betty Lee Collins) Hale preserved several entries from the Macon City Directory including a 1890/91 entry for Rev. John B. Culpepper who was living at 583 Madison. The Rev. John B. Culpepper was also listed in the 1895/96 directory living at "Pierce Av., 6th N of V Av. V."
     The following obituary is from the Friday, Monroe Morning World Monroe, LA, for 22 Jan 1937: JOHN B. CULPEPPER FUNERAL TO BE HELD TODAY The funeral of Dr. John B. Culpepper, 87, well-known pioneer Methodist minister, who died in Memphis, Tenn. on Tuesday, will be held at the Davis-Lawhead funeral home here this morning at 11 o'clock. Rev. J.M. Alford, pastor of the Gordon Avenue Methodist Church, will be assisted by Rev. R.M. Bentley, former pastor of this church at Wisner. Interment will be in Riverview Burial Park. The Stewards of Gordon Avenue Church will act as pallbearers. Dr. Culpepper was regarded as one of the most outstanding pastors of the Methodist Church and although he retired 10 years ago, he had preached in Monroe Methodist pulpits a number of times within the last three years. He leaves his widow, three daughters and two sons, Mrs. E.C. Shannon and Mrs. F.L. Watts, of 2907 South Grand Street are daughter and granddaughter respectively, of Dr. Culpepper. Other daughters and sons are: Mrs. W.S. Parks, Atlanta, Ga., Mrs. J.G. Mackey, Orlando FL., Rev. J.B. Culpepper Jr., Okeechobee, Fla., and Rev. Burke Culpepper, Memphis Tenn. A brother is Rev. George Culpepper and a sister is Miss Carrie Culpepper of Fort Valley, Ga.
     The following is from the Memphis, TN, Commercial Appeal of 20 Jan 1937: DR. JOHN CULPEPPER DIES AT SON'S HOME Pioneer Methodist Evangelist Succumbs to Illness ENTIRE FAMILY IN CHURCH Minister Was Noted for Relationship to Clerics and for Long Record of Activity in Preaching Rev. John Butler Culpepper, pioneer Methodist evangelist in the south, died at 2:48 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the home of his son, the Rev. Burke Culpepper, 535 LeMaster. He was 87 years of age. Retired about 10 years ago, Dr. Culpepper had lived at the home of his son. He became ill three weeks ago and his condition had improved so much that his son recently returned to his evangelistic duties in Bartow, Fla. He left Bartow yesterday and will arrive here tomorrow morning. Native of Georgia. A native of Tolbert [read Talbot] County, Ga. the elder Dr. Culpepper prepared himself for the ministry from the time he was seven years of age. His first assignment was that of pastor of the Methodist Church in his home village. He served pastorates in his native state for a number of years before he began his evangelistic career. He had served in churches throughout Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and Arkansas. Dr. Culpepper was nationally famous for his relatiohship to more than 25 Methodist ministers or evangelists. He was the father of three ministers, father-in-law of two ministers, brother of two ministers and uncle of three ministers. He was a cousin of a number of preachers. The central figure of the Culpepper ministers and evangelists, he traced his ancestry to Lord Culpepper, early governor of Virginia. The first of the American family was Sir John Mario Culpepper [see entry for John Culpepper for questions Joseph Richard Culpepper had about this lineage]. Lauded By Bishop On Dr. Culpepper's seventy-fifth birthday, Bishop William N. Ainsworth of Georgia said he was entitled to the place of primacy a dean of the Southern Methodist evangelists "by a higher right than seniority in service, because he has held more meetings, preached more sermons and lead more men to Christ than any other man now in the church" For a number of years he, his wife and a son, Dr. John B. Culpepper, Jr., composed an evangelistic team that averaged more than 100 conversions to the church a meeting for one year and read 77,000 chapters from the Bible. He was married to the former Melvina Harper in Fort Valley, Ga. 63 years ago. They observed their sixty-third wedding anniversary on Christmas Day. Besides his widow, Dr. Culpepper leaves three daughters, Mrs. E. C: Shannon of Monroe, La., Mrs. W. S. Parke of Atlanta; Mrs. J. G. Mackey of Orlando, Fla., two sons the Rev. John B. Culpepper, Jr., of Okeechobee, Fla., and Dr. Burke Culpepper of Memphis; a brother the Rev. George Culpepper, and a sister, Miss Carrie Culpepper of Fort Valley, Ga. He also leaves a number of grandchildren. He was the father of the late Dr. Marvin Culpepper, Methodist minister of Little Rock. Funeral services, with Spencer-Sturla Funeral Home in charge, are incomplete pending the arrival of Dr. Burke Culpepper from Bartow.
     The following obituary appears to be from the Press Sun for 20 Jan 1937: Rev. J.B. Culpepper Loses Long Fight With Death Veteran Minister Had Given Most of His Life to Church John Butler Culpepper hit the gospel trail as a circuit rider in early youth. In the years that followed he preached in homes, in tent meetings, in humble wooden church structures and in fine edifices of brick and stone. The courage and vigor that he put into his preaching made him rally time and again during his last illness, but he died yesterday at 2:48 p.m. at the home of his son Rev. Burke Culpepper, 535 LeMaster. He was 87 and had been ill three weeks. Rev. Culpepper, dean of Southern Methodist evangelists, died with the knowledge,that two sons and two grandsons will carry on in the ministry. The sons are Rev. Burke Culpepper, of Memphis, and Rev. John B. Culpepper Jr., Okeechobee, Fla. The minister's grandsons are Rev. James Culpepper, Springtown, Texas, and Rev. Ross Culpepper, Beckley, W. Va. Rev. Culpepper had two brothers who were ministers and two daughters and one sister married ministers. Another son, Rev. Marvin M. Culpepper, now dead, was also a minister. Rev. Culpepper and his wife, whose maiden name was Malvina [Melvina] Harper, celebrated their 63d wedding anniversary Christmas night. They were married at Fort Valley, Ga. In addition to his wife and sons, Rev. Culpepper leaves three daughters, Mrs E. C. Shannon, Monroe, La; Mrs. W. S. Parke, Atlanta, Ga., and Mrs. J. G. Mackey, Orlando, Fla; a brother, Rev. George Culpepper, and a sister, Miss Carrie Culpepper, Fort Valley, Ga. Related to 25 ministers and evangelists, including members of his immediate family, Rev. Culpepper was the central figure of the Culpepper "preachers." He traced his ancestry to Lord Culpepper, early governor of Virginia [see John Culpepper entry for Joseph Richard Culpepper's questions about lineage]. "He has probably held more meetings, preached more sermons and led more men to Christ than any other man in the church," Bishop W. N. Ainsworth, one of the church's present-day leaders, said of him. Rev. Culpeper's family said today that, in addition to his many conversions, he brought 500 men into the ministry. He retired 10 years ago but preached on special occasions. For many years his wife assisted him in the evangelistic singing. Son of a physician, Rev. Culpepper was born in Tolbert [read Talbot] County, Ga. He came into the church at 7 and turned to evangelism when he was still a youth. He served churchcs in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and Arkansas. His fame grew and Sam Jones, the evangelist, invited Rev Culpepper to join him and go all over the world as a revivalist. He turned down the offer because of the children he wanted "to bring up to be good Christians." "I took them to church early and had them lead in prayer meeting and they just fell into it," he said of his minister sons. Rev. Burke Culpepper, now 57, preached his first sermon at the age of 8. Rev Burke Culpepper returned to evangelistic duties at Bartow, Fla., when his father showed a turn for the better recently. He will return to Memphis tomorrow morning. Services for his father will be at 2:30 p.m., tomorrow at Spencer-Sturla chapel, with burial in Monroe, La. Dr. Harold Cooke, of Madison Heights Methodist Church, will officiate.
      The following is from the Memphis, TN, Commercial Appeal of 21 Jan 1937: CULPEPPER FUNERAL WILL BE HELD TODAY Burial Planned In Monroe, La., Tomorrow Funeral services for Dr. John Butler Culpepper, famed evangeliist of the south, will be held at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon at the Spencer-Sturla Funeral Home, Dr. Harold G. Cooke, pastor of Madison Heights Methodist Church, officiating. The body will be sent to Monroe, La., at 10:30 o'clock tonight over the Missouri Pacific for burial services tomorrow. Dr. Culpepper, who was credited with holding more services, preaching more sermons and converting more men than any man in the Methodist Church, died Tuesday afternoon at the home of his son, the Rev. Burke Culpepper, at 535 LeMaster. He had been, ill for the past three weeks. Native of Tolbert [Talbot] County, Ga., he was 87 years of age, had been retired from evangelistic work for the past 10 years.
     Also from the Commercial Appeal of 21 Jan 1937: Dr. John B. Culpepper Dr. John Culpepper was finely typical of that generation of Methodist ministers who entered the service of Christ because they felt a definite, direct call to it. He was 87 when he died, and for 80 years of that time he had been simply and yet profoundly convinced that God's plan was for him to preach the gospel. In the strength of that conviction he went up and down the land calling sinners to repentance and to acceptance of a vivid, inspirational faith in Christianity. Dr. Culpepper and men of his sort were evangelical in the best sense of that word, for they pleaded for practical Christian living and were spiritually minded and zealous as they went. To them Christianity was not something hedged in, limited and confined by set rules, difficult to understand, and determined by knowledge of and adherence to rules, doctrines and theories. It was in their conception the divine way to a fuller, better, more profitable life for men and women who live along highways or by-ways, in cabins or mansions, and as such they preached it. Among those who rendered this invaluable service, Dr. Culpepper was outstanding for 70 years. This was the epitaph he coveted in his heart and which he won by victorious conflict with the forces of evil.
     The following entry is from p. 131 of Methodist Preachers of GA 1783-1900 compiled and edited by Rev. Harold Lawrence, Member of the North GA Conference of the United Methodist Church: 1870 OT; 1873 FC Deacon; 1876 Elder. S. GA. CONFERENCE: 1871-72 Washington (Savannah); 1873-74 Waresboro (Thomasville); 1875-76 Davisboro (Savannah); 1877-78 Crawford (Macon); 1879 Knoxville & Byron; 1880 Macon Cir; 1881 Macon Cir. & Jones's Chapel; 1882-83 Blakely (Thomasville); 1884-85 Talbot (Columbus); 1886 89 Agt. Orphan's Home (Macon); 1891 Supy. Manchester Mis; 1892 Located. (He converted more than 1000 people during 1884 revival at Columbus, Ga.) "A Trip Through Georgia," WCA , v61, n27, 7-7-1897, p.2. DICK DAVIS AND THE DEVIL -- AND OTHER SERMONS, Pentecostal Pub. Co., Louisville, Ky. nd. (167 p.) BACKSLIDERS (uv) JUST FOR CHILDREN (uv) MALICE (uv) MEN ONLY (uv) SOME WOMEN I HAVE KNOWN, Pickett Pub. Co., Louisville, Ky, 1902. (198 p.) THE BLACK HORSES (uv) THE DIVINE ATLAS, Pentecostal Pub. Co., Louisville Ky., 1921. (124 p.) THE WANDERING LOVER OR CHRIST ENTHRONED (uv).
     Rev. John Butler Culpepper authored a dozen or so books in the first decade of this century, being his sermon notes. They did not circulate widely and are found now only in rare book collections such as that of Duke University. His books were published by Pickett Publishing Co. and Pentecostal Publishing Co., both of Louisville, KY. For an excerpt from "Happy Home," published in 1905, see:
EMail*30 Apr 2012 Correspondence with John B. Culpepper.14,18


Melvina Harper (22 Nov 1857 - 20 Jun 1937)
Marriage*25 Dec 1873 He married Melvina Harper at Waresboro, Ware Co., Georgia, on 25 Dec 1873 at age 24.4 
ChartsJohn Culpepper of Randolph Co, AL: Descendant Chart
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