Henry Culpepper of Laurens Co. GA

Male, #3296, (11 May 1781 - 5 Jan 1822)
Father*John Culpepper of Jones Co., GA (s 1733 - c 1808)
Mother*Mary (?) (s 1753 - )
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Birth*11 May 1781 Henry was born at Anson Co., North Carolina, on 11 May 1781.1 
1790 Census2 Aug 1790 Henry was probably a free white male, under 16 years old, in John Culpepper of Jones Co., GA's household on the 1790 Census on 2 Aug 1790 at Fayette, Anson Co., North Carolina.2 
Marriage*circa 1802 He married Edith (?) at Washington Co., Georgia, circa 1802. 
Land Lottery*1805 He had a fortunate draw in the land lottery in 1805 at Washington Co., Georgia.3 
Birth of Son27 Aug 1806 His son John Smith Culpepper was born on 27 Aug 1806 at Washington Co., Georgia.4,5 
Death of Fathercirca 1808 His father John Culpepper of Jones Co., GA died circa 1808 at Jones Co., Georgia
Birth of Son29 Apr 1811 His son David Washington Culpepper was born on 29 Apr 1811 at Laurens Co., Georgia.4 
Deed*Nov 1818 He granted a deed to Sampson Culpepper son of John & Agnes, witnessed by David Culpepper of Laurens Co. GA in Nov 1818 at Laurens Co., Georgia,

Henry Culpepper of Laurens Co., to Sampson Culpepper of Jackson Co., for $500: 300 acres in Laurens Co., bordering Leonard, Anderson and Parrot, as granted Jan 1799 to John Reeves & Reuben Wilkinson. Wit: Thos. O'Neal, David D. Culpepper.6 
Birth of Son11 Feb 1819 His son Eason Allen Culpepper was born on 11 Feb 1819 at Laurens Co., Georgia.4 
1820 Census*7 Aug 1820 Henry was listed as the head of a family on the 1820 Census at Laurens Co., Georgia.7 
Death*5 Jan 1822 He died at Laurens Co., Georgia, on 5 Jan 1822 at age 40.1 
Land Lottery1832 Henry was the deceased whose orphan(s) had a fortunate draw in the land lottery in 1832 at Laurens Co., Georgia,
lot 124/8/1 in what became Union Co., GA.8 
Deed*Oct 1839 He was a previous land owner in a deed granted by Lewis G. Linder, Uriah Griffin Bonaparte Hogan, William T. Livingston, Cuthbert Adams, Eason Allen Culpepper, John Smith Culpepper, David Washington Culpepper and James H. Hightower in Oct 1839 at Laurens Co., Georgia,

Heirs of Henry Culpepper, dec'd, to W. L. Mason, heirs being Lewis G. Linder, Uriah G. B. Hogan, William T. Livingston, Cuthbert Adams, Eason Allen Culpepper, John S. Culpepper of Lee Co., David W. Culpepper of Dooly Co., and James Hightower of Dooly Co., for $296: 150 acres on Big Creek bordering W. L. Mason, Turner Mason, Wm. T. Livingston, where the widow Edith Culpepper last resided. Wit: Levi Davis, Lewis G. Linder.9 
Biography* Henry Culpepper was born in 1781, probably in Anson County, NC. John Culpepper, believed by this writer to be Henry's father, moved from Anson County, NC, to Washington County, GA, perhaps as early as 1786. Henry grew up in Washington County.
     He married his wife Edith there around 1802. He was about 21 years old and she was about 16. Edith's maiden name is not known, but she was probably the daughter of a nearby landowner, perhaps named Smith or Allen, since these were middle names she used for her sons. Smith seems most likely, as there are several Culpepper and Smith connections going back to Anson County, NC.
     Henry's father John probably gave him a good bit of land about the time of his marriage, and he seems to have purchased additional land there as well. But Washington County records prior to 1852 are lost. In December 1811, the area in Washington County where Henry lived, on Big Creek, which flows into the Oconee River, became part of Laurens County. By then, Henry was 30 years old and was an established and successful planter.
     Laurens County deed records give no indication that he purchased additional land in the newly formed county. In February 1812 Henry was appointed overseer on the road from Beaty Ferry to Sandersville. He was also named on the committee to apportion work on the roads east of the Oconee River. This is another indication that Henry was someone of prominence in the section of Laurens County east of the Oconee River (formerly Washington County).
     In November 1818, Henry Culpepper sold 300 acres in Laurens County to Sampson Culpepper of Jackson County, GA. The land was an original grant to John Reeves and Reuben Wilkinson in January 1799, in Washington County, GA. Witnesses were Thomas O'Neal (perhaps a relative of Henry's first cousin Eleanor Culpepper, daughter of Sampson Culpepper, who married William O'Neal about 1799), and David Culpepper, thought to be Henry's brother. Henry named a son David in 1811.
     Henry was in the 1820 census of Laurens County, living near Sampson Culpepper, Jr., son of John and Aggy Culpepper. (Sampson's widow Martha sold her 200 acres on "Big Creek, Buckeye Creek" in 1828). Henry and Sampson were probably brothers. David and Elijah Culpepper were also in the 1820 Laurens County census, living nearby, and were probably Henry's brothers as well. By 1820 Henry and Edith had four daughters and three sons, ranging in age from one year old to sixteen years old. A final daughter was born in December 1821.
     Henry was only 40 years old when he died in January 1822. No obituary has been found, so the circumstances of his death are unknown. He might have died in a farm accident, succumbed to a fever, or to appendicitis. The inventory of his estate lists nine slaves, indicating once again that he was a prosperous planter. Davis Smith, perhaps his wife's brother, was appointed administrator of his estate. Among the buyers at Henry's estate were his brother David Culpepper, Martha Culpepper, probably the widow of Henry's brother Sampson (Henry had a daughter Martha, but she was only aged fourteen), John Smith Culpepper (Henry's sixteen year old son), Davis Smith, Hughs Smith, James Hogan, and other relatives, including Henry's nephew Benjamin Culpepper, son of David Culpepper, and James Hightower, who had married Henry's eldest daughter Sarah in 1821.
     Edith Culpepper was appointed guardian of her minor children in 1830, with Russel Kellam and Jonathan Parker as securities. Russel Kellam was probably a kinsman of Seth F. Kellam, who married Mary Culpepper, daughter of Henry's brother David Culpepper.
     In 1831 Russel Kellam and David Culpepper, Henry's brother, were among those appointed to divide the Henry Culpepper estate. In October 1839, the heirs of Henry Culpepper sold the 150 acres where Henry's widow Edith Culpepper had lived (apparently she was just then deceased) to W. L. Mason. (Laurens County Deed Bk. K-325). This may have been land originally granted to John Culpepper in Washington County.
     That Henry Culpepper was the son of John and Agnes or Aggy Culpepper is not proven, but this writer feels that Henry's associations with John's known children, David & Sampson, and his close physical proximity to them, makes it almost certain that he was John's son. David and Sampson Culpepper were mentioned as sons of John Culpepper in an 1808 deed recorded in Jones County, GA (see the report on John Culpepper). Also, records associate Henry Culpepper with the Smith family, which has other connections with this branch of the Culpeppers. And Henry Culpepper was also associated with the Hogan family. Henry's daughter Martha married Uriah Griffin Bonaparte Hogan, grandson of Griffin Hogan, son of James Hogan. Henry's brother David married Elizabeth Hogan, daughter of Griffin Hogan. And this Hogan family was closely related to the Smith family in Anson County, NC as well. 
Family Bible* Family Bible of Henry and Edith Culpepper of Laurens Co., GA (born 1781)

The following transcription by Warren Culpepper was made from photocopies of some pages found in the early 1990s in an old trunk inherited by a descendant of U. G. B. Hogan, orphan grandson of Griffin Hogan. The pages appear to be from an old family bible maintained by a descendant of Henry and Edith Culpepper, and all entries are for this couple and their children. All of the entries appear to have been made by the same person and at the same time, presumably not long after the final entry in 1876. Most likely, the recorder was the youngest daughter, Elizabeth Culpepper Adams. The numbers in parentheses are person numbers for records in this family tree.

Henry Culpeper was born May 11, 1781 (#3296)
Edith Culpeper was born Feb 4, 1786 (#3297)
Sarah Culpeper was born Jan 16, 1804 (#3309)
John Culpeper was born August 27, 1806 (#3298)
Martha Culpeper was born Jun 9, 1808 (#3303)
David Culpeper was born Apr 29, 1811 (#3299)
Mary Culpeper was born Jan 1, 1814 (#3301)
Mathaly Culpeper was born Jun 17, 1816 (#3305)
Eason Allen Culpeper was born Feb 11, 1819 (#3300)
Elizabeth B. Culpeper was born Dec 4, 1821 (#3307)

Henry Culpeper departed this life Jan 5, 1822 (#3296)
Martha Hogan departed this life Nov 12, 1871 (#3303)
Mathaly Livingston departed this life Sept 11, 1871 (#3305)
Mary Linder departed this life Dec 22, 1876 (#3301.)
Research note*22 May 2004 Henry is considered a known son of John Culpepper based on his associations with John's known sons in early Laurens Co. GA. 


Edith (?) (4 Feb 1786 - circa 1839)
Marriage*circa 1802 He married Edith (?) at Washington Co., Georgia, circa 1802. 
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