Lucy Ann Culpepper1

Female, #3275, (11 Aug 1860 - 4 Dec 1942)
Father*David C. Culpepper (27 Oct 1827 - 21 Jun 1863)
Mother*Martha Ann E. Simpson (22 Sep 1831 - 19 Sep 1912)
Birth*11 Aug 1860 Lucy was born at Mitchell Co., Georgia, on 11 Aug 1860. 
Death of Father21 Jun 1863 Her father David C. Culpepper died on 21 Jun 1863 at Mitchell Co., Georgia.2,3 
1870 Census1 Jun 1870 Joel, Mary, Lucy and David listed as a household member living with Martha Ann E. Simpson on the 1870 Census at Worth Co., Georgia.4 
1880 Census1 Jun 1880 Lucy was listed as a daughter in Martha Ann E. Culpepper's household on the 1880 Census at Worth Co., Georgia.5 
Marriage*20 Jan 1881 She married Garry Green Whiddon at Worth Co., Georgia, on 20 Jan 1881 at age 20.6 
Married Name20 Jan 1881  As of 20 Jan 1881, her married name was Whiddon. 
Photographedsay 1890 She was photographed say 1890 at Worth Co., Georgia.7
Lucy Ann (Culpepper) Whiddon
Death of Spouse17 Jan 1896 Her husband Garry Green Whiddon died on 17 Jan 1896. 
1910 Census*15 Apr 1910 Lucy was listed as the head of a family on the 1910 Census at Worth Co., Georgia.8 
Death of Mother19 Sep 1912 Her mother Martha Ann E. Simpson died on 19 Sep 1912 at Worth Co., Georgia.9 
Photographedsay 1930 She was photographed say 1930 at Worth Co., Georgia.10
Lucy Ann (Culpepper) Whiddon
Photographed*11 Aug 1940 She was photographed on 11 Aug 1940 at Georgia at age 80
From Alice (Whiddon) Jones:

The Culpepper women had great tenacity. My great-grandmother, Lucy Ann Culpepper (daughter of David Chadwell Culpepper, a Civil War soldier) insisted on showing the family how she managed to ride a horse, side-saddle, holding a baby and a parasol on her eightieth birthday. My mother's comment was she could not believe anyone was crazy enough to submit a baby to that risk!10
Lucy Ann (Culpepper) Whiddon
Death*4 Dec 1942 She died at Georgia on 4 Dec 1942 at age 82. 
Biography* Amie Whiddon Cleghorn wrote in August 2002, that Green and Lucy had five children:
     I. Lula Elizabeth Whiddon (b. 17 Nov 1881, d. 3 Dec 1960) married William D. Wingate on 23 Dec 1900. They had six children.
     II. William Elza Daniel Whiddon (b. 9 Feb 1884, d. 17 Apr 1965) married Lola (Lollie Mae) Reynolds (b. 6 Feb 1885, d. 31 May 1965) on 3 Apr 1904. They had nine children.
     III. Anna Bula Whiddon (b. 18 Feb 1886, d. 6 Jul 1953) married Homer E. Clements (b. 29 Oct 1879, d. 18 Feb 1961) on 3 Jan 1904. They had two children.
     IV. Harriet Everleena Whiddon (b. 19 Mar 1888) married E. Mannie (Emanuel) Aultman (b. 1 Feb 1883) on 22 Oct 1905. They had two children.
     V. Green Manasseh Whiddon (b. 18 Aug 1895, d. 1979) married Maggie Arnold (b. 13 Jl 1893) on 22 Apr 1917. They had two children.

Amie also writes that:
     William Elza Daniel Whiddon married Lollie Mae Reynolds on April 3, 1904, and they had the following children: Janice* Whiddon, b. 9/23/1906; G.D. Whiddon, b. 4/16/1908; Mattie Pauline Whiddon, b. 8/20/1909, d. 12/21/1911; Alreas Grady Whiddon, b. 1/13/1911; William Howell Whiddon, b. 1/15/1914; Bessie Cleone Whiddon, b. 4/4/1915; Elza Jefferson Whiddon, b. 10/27/1917; Lola Irene Whiddon, b. 3/31/1919; Edna Earl Whiddon, (I think Edna is the only one still alive, as of Aug 2002.)
     Elza Jefferson Whiddon married Lester Ree Wishum on 12/13/1933. Lester Ree is the daughter of John W. Wishum and Eliza Loucretia Hobby. They had the following children, all living as of Aug 2002: Felton C. Whiddon, Jack Whiddon, Glenn Whiddon, Dorothy Latrelle Whiddon
     My father is Jack Whiddon. He married Marilyn O'Nita Wade on 10/5/1961. They had the following children: Kurt Jerome Whiddon, Lori Jill Whiddon, and Amie Noelle Whiddon.

* In January 2005, Laura S. Deariso wrote to say that William and Lollie's daughter Janice spells her name Janaiece.

In March 2004, Scarlett Woodard added that Lola Irene Whiddon married Johnny Jackson Wishum in 1931 (yes she was 12), and they had 2 children:
     1. Annette Wishum McGriff (two children Scott & Wesley Bert Cassleberry), and
     2. Culmer Whiddon Wishum (Culmer shortened for Culpepper) had two children Scarlet Marie Wishum Woodard & Susan Deneise Wishum Torres

In July 2005, Susan Deneise Wishum Torres wrote that she has three children: Samantha Elaine Holton, Rachael Kathleen Bashline and Wyatt Whiddon Torres.11,12,13 
Researcher*Jul 2012 Alice Jones is pursuing an application to the Colonial Dames based on her Culpepper ancestry.

From Alice (Wingate) Jones:
Lucy Ann Culpepper, born 11 August 1860, Mitchell County, GA, died 04 Dec 1942 Worth County Ga
married Gary Green Whiddon 20 Jan 1881 in Worth County, GA
Gary Green Whiddon, born 09 Dec 1858, Worth County, GA,died 17 Jan 1881 in Worth County, GA

Lula Elizabeth Whiddon, born 17 Nov 1881, Worth County Ga, died 03 Dec 1960, Sylvester, GA
married William Daniel Wingate 23 Dec 1900, Worth County, GA
William Daniel Wingate born 08 Mar 1870, Worth County GA,died 05 Mar 1945

David Franklin Wingate born 18 May 1912, died 04 Feb 1991, Hinesville, GA
married Gertrude Adair 22 Nov 1935, Worth County, GA
Gertrude Adair born 17 Sept 1912, died 05 Oct 1999, Jesup GA


Garry Green Whiddon (9 Dec 1858 - 17 Jan 1896)
Marriage*20 Jan 1881 She married Garry Green Whiddon at Worth Co., Georgia, on 20 Jan 1881 at age 20.6 
ChartsJohn Culpepper of Jones Co., GA: Descendant Chart
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