Rev. Obediah Culpepper1

Male, #32497, (23 Jun 1861 - 17 Jun 1919)
Father*Charles William Culpepper (16 Jul 1824 - 8 Jun 1900)
Mother*Mary Jane English (15 Oct 1830 - 19 Jan 1910)
Name Variation He was also known as Osbit.2 
Name Variation He was also known as Obbie. 
Birth*23 Jun 1861 Obediah was born at Curryville, Gordon Co., Georgia, on 23 Jun 1861. 
1870 Census1 Jun 1870 Mary, Elam, Sarah, Warner, English, Obediah, Linea, Joel and William listed as a household member living with Charles William Culpepper on the 1870 Census at Gordon Co., Georgia.3 
1880 Census1 Jun 1880 Obediah, Joel and William was listed as a son in Charles William Culpepper's household on the 1880 Census at Gordon Co., Georgia.2 
Photographed*say 1890 He was photographed say 1890.4
Obediah Culpepper
Death of Father8 Jun 1900 His father Charles William Culpepper died on 8 Jun 1900 at Gordon Co., Georgia.5 
Marriage*3 Dec 1906 He married Eva Lela Pharr at Wetumka, Indian Territory, Oklahoma, on 3 Dec 1906 at age 45. 
Birth of Son23 Aug 1907 His son Walter Kerr Culpepper was born on 23 Aug 1907 at Frederick, Tillman Co., Oklahoma.6 
Death of Mother19 Jan 1910 His mother Mary Jane English died on 19 Jan 1910 at Gordon Co., Georgia.5 
1910 Census*15 Apr 1910 Obediah was listed as the head of a family on the 1910 Census at Bloomington, Greer Co., Oklahoma.7 
Birth of Son3 Jan 1912 His son Paul Culpepper was born on 3 Jan 1912 at Reed, Greer Co., Oklahoma
Death*17 Jun 1919 He died at Weleetka, Okfuskee Co., Oklahoma, on 17 Jun 1919 at age 57. 
Biography* Osbit was known as "Obbie." In a 27 Sep 1978 letter Mrs. W. B. (M. Louise Culpepper) Broach noted that although older brother Elam had become a Baptist minister, Osbit had become a Methodist minister. In a 5 Nov 1978 letter Mrs. Broach noted this had not been a happy decision for younger members of the family:
"Remember this is right after the Civil War and things were hard. Our grandfather had an illness that left him an invalid and Osbit and my Uncle Joel who was about 12 yrs. old and my father, Will, who was about 10 were the only ones left at home to work the farm. Well, Osbit took off for the West and left the little boys to work the farm. You can be sure that did not endear him to the other members of the family. For years, they never heard anything of him but he finally got sick and was in a dying condition, and his wife wrote the family. By that time, my father ran a men's clothing store here in Rome and he furnished the suit of clothes to bury him in and Uncle Joel went and took the money from them both to pay for the funeral and he stayed there with the family until it was all over."
In a Nov 27, 1978 letter, Mrs. Broach wrote that she thought that Osbit had a daughter named Mary but that she did not know the names of his sons.

The following is from a manuscript by Kathryn English Culpepper, as transcribed by Gayle L. Poole:

[Osbit] Left home as a young man and settled in Oklahoma. He was a local Methodist Minister. He never came back to Georgia (even on a visit), and very little in known of him as he very seldom wrote to the family. He had some children, but only one of them ever wrote to the Aunts. Her name was Mary. There were, at least, two boys, but have no names.


Eva Lela Pharr (25 Jan 1881 - 27 May 1962)
Marriage*3 Dec 1906 He married Eva Lela Pharr at Wetumka, Indian Territory, Oklahoma, on 3 Dec 1906 at age 45. 
ChartsJohn Culpepper of Randolph Co, AL: Descendant Chart
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