Florela Caroline Culpepper

Female, #32475, (22 Jan 1849 - 18 Aug 1929)
Father*Rev. William Henry Culpepper (17 Oct 1813 - 22 Mar 1909)
Mother*Sarah Leslie (15 Feb 1808 - 22 Jan 1849)
Death of Mother22 Jan 1849 Her mother Sarah Leslie died on 22 Jan 1849 at Randolph Co., Alabama
Birth*22 Jan 1849 Florela was born at Randolph Co., Alabama, on 22 Jan 1849. 
Marriage*27 Nov 1865 She married John Wesley Kirk at Randolph Co., Alabama, on 27 Nov 1865 at age 16. 
Married Name27 Nov 1865  As of 27 Nov 1865, her married name was Kirk. 
1870 Census*5 Jul 1870 Florela listed as a household member living with John Wesley Kirk on the 1870 Census at Louina, Randolph Co., Alabama. 22 m-581 hh 145. 
1880 Census*2 Jun 1880 Florela was listed as John Wesley Kirk's wife on the 1880 Census at Randolph Co., Alabama. 34 m-Beat 8 p 315 hh 34. 
1900 Census*1900 Florela was listed as John Wesley Kirk's wife on the 1900 Census at Flat Rock, Randolph Co., Alabama. 54 m-Pct 8 p. 58 hh 8. 
Photographedcirca 1906 She appeared as a wife in a family photograph circa 1906 at Randolph Co., Alabama,
from Carlos F. Robertson:
Left to Right: Lilly Kathern Kirk (oldest daughter of Daniel P Kirk), Iva D. Kirk (my mother), Emma (Brown) Kirk (D. P. Kirk's 1st wife), Leon Kirk (oldest son of D.P. Kirk), Florela (Culpepper) Kirk, Daniel P. Kirk, John W. Kirk, last two unknown.

The attached picture was found in, my mother, Iva D. Kirk’s collection. On the back it was labeled as follows:

Grand Daddy Kirk

John Wesley. Kirk

Frollia C. Kirk (Grand Mother)

Dan P. Kirk

Eulas Kirk

George Kirk

Lula Kirk

Kate Kirk

Leon Kirk

Iva D. Kirk

1901 (I know this date is wrong, as my mother (Iva) was not born until 1905??)1
John Wesley Kirk family
Death of Father22 Mar 1909 Her father Rev. William Henry Culpepper died on 22 Mar 1909 at Wadley, Randolph Co., Alabama
Photographed*say 1910 She appeared as a wife in a family photograph say 1910 at Randolph Co., Alabama.2
John Wesley & Florela C. (Culpepper) Kirk
1910 Census*1910 Florela was listed as John Wesley Kirk's wife on the 1910 Census at Randolph Co., Alabama. 65 m-ED 149 sheet 1B. 
Death*18 Aug 1929 She died at Wadley, Randolph Co., Alabama, on 18 Aug 1929 at age 80. 
Burial* Her body was interred at Wadley, Randolph Co., Alabama
Biography* Florela Caroline was the eleventh and last child and sixth daughter of William Henry and Sarah (Leslie) Culpepper. She was born in Alabama, presumably in Randolph Co., AL where her father was noted in land records. Florela's mother died the day Florela was born. Florela is next noted in the household of her widowed father in the 1850 census of Randolph Co., AL and in the household of her father and his second wife, Catherine, in the 1860 census of Almond P. O. District of Randolph Co., AL.

After the Civil War, Florela married John Wesley Kirk, and they settled down to raise their family in Randolph Co., AL. Florela gave birth to 11 children. Six survived to adulthood. L. Hoyt Kirk wrote:3

I remember my Grandfather and Grandmother very well, as we lived not too far from them until I was 16 years of age and I visited them many times after we moved some distance from them. My grandmother, like many of her ancestors, was very emotional with her religion and every time she went to her church at Almond she would get happy and shout all over that church. Two grandsons, older than I, [and I] would visit our Grandparents in the Summertime during the church revival. The windows would all be open for air, and when Grandmother got happy and started to shouting, she would start for us grandsons and we would jump out the window to get away from her. When we spent the night with her and Grandfather, he would go to bed early, but when Grandmother went to bed she would reach for her Bible and say, "Let's read a few verses of the Bible" and then she would say, "Now let Is get on our knees and have prayer. It has been so long, I don't remember what she prayed for, but she read her Bible and said her prayers every night. My Grandfather would sometimes get ill or cross with my Grandmother and would fuss at her and look out of the corner of his eye and wink and grin where Grandmother couldn't see his grin. He didn't mean a word he said to her with his fussin, and Grandmother would listen to a few words and look at him and smile and say, "Now John."

Florela died in 1929 at the age of 80.
Reunion Sent: Sunday, July 24, 2011 11:00 PM
Subject: Kirk Reunion

Lew I hope you are in touch with Douglas by now.

As to the Daniel Kirk reunion I have pictures starting in 1954 and up to 2011. The 1954 group picture has all eleven brothers and sisters that reached adulthood. Also a second picture

includes all of their families to that point. We had earlier reunions but I would have to search further. There is no one in Ashland of the original family so for the last two years we have met in

a Hotel in Oxford, Al. It is open to all but few show up, since it is not in Ashland. As soon as the plans are set for 2012, I'll let you know.

I can remember attending the John W Kirk family Reunion for a few years as a child, and I believe the Dan Kirk reunion just picked where that one left off.

The John W family Picnic met at an area called The Bald Rock. It was in an area of an out-croping hard hard rock with a creek flowing thru it. and plenty of room for many families.

There were other folks gathered there as well.

Douglas told me the property was sold and the new owner closed it to the public. That was years ago. Too bad!

Cheers for now.



John Wesley Kirk (18 Nov 1844 - 17 Jul 1930)
Marriage*27 Nov 1865 She married John Wesley Kirk at Randolph Co., Alabama, on 27 Nov 1865 at age 16. 
ChartsJohn Culpepper of Randolph Co, AL: Descendant Chart
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