Broxon Yarbrough Carlisle

Male, #32467, (23 Dec 1851 - 7 Apr 1924)
Birth*23 Dec 1851 Broxon was born at Meriwether Co., Georgia, on 23 Dec 1851. 
Employment* Broxon's occupation: farmer at Randolph Co., Alabama
Marriage*circa 1868 He married Emily Miriam Culpepper at Randolph Co., Alabama, circa 1868. 
1870 Census*5 Jul 1870 Broxon was listed as the head of a family on the 1870 Census at Louina, Randolph Co., Alabama. 19 m-573. 
1880 Census*2 Jun 1880 Broxon was listed as the head of a family on the 1880 Census at Flat Rock, Randolph Co., Alabama. 29 m-Beat 8 p 315 hh 27. 
1900 Census*1900 Broxon was listed as the head of a family on the 1900 Census at Flat Rock, Randolph Co., Alabama. 48 m-pct 8, sheet 58, hh 6. 
Photographed*23 Nov 1905  An unknown person appeared as the head of the family in a photograph on 23 Nov 1905 at Randolph Co., Alabama, at age 53
Presumed to be Thanksgiving Day, 1905:

Left to right, back row: Coral Lee Carlisle, Mary Emma Carlisle, Artimisha (Motley) Carlisle, Paul Richard Carlisle, being held by his father Washington Homer Carlisle. The seven children on the right side of the photo all belong to Washington Homer.

Middle row, left to right: Mattie (Carlisle) Noel, Boyce Winston Noel, held by his father Walter Winston Noel, Sarah Ann Elizabeth (Stephens) Culpepper (wife of John Malcolm Culpepper), Emily Miriam (Culpepper) Carlisle (wife of B. Y. Carlisle), Miriam Carlisle, Yarbrough Hopkins Carlisle, Hoyt Lorraine Carlisle, Wayne McKinley Carlisle, John D. Carlisle;

Front row, left to right: Richard Henry Carlisle, John Malcolm Culpepper, Broxon Yarbrough Carlisle, William Olin Carlisle.1
Broxon Yarbrough Carlisle family
1910 Census*1910 Broxon was listed as the head of a family on the 1910 Census at Wadley, Randolph Co., Alabama. ED 148 sheet 4. 
1920 Census*1920 Broxon was listed as the head of a family on the 1920 Census at Wadley, Randolph Co., Alabama. 68 m-Coolege Street. 
Death*7 Apr 1924 He died at Alexander City, Tallapoosa Co., Alabama, on 7 Apr 1924 at age 72. 
Burial* His body was interred at Wadley, Randolph Co., Alabama
Biography* B. Y. Carlisle was born and raised in Meriwether Co., GA. He was nine years old when the Civil War began. His father was last seen heading off to War and never returned.

It is not known if the family moved to Randolph Co, AL before or after the War but this is where he married Emily Miriam Culpepper after the War. They settled down to farm and raise their family in Flat Rock, AL. Flat Rock was apparently near Almond, to the west northwest of what is now the town of Wadley, AL. Harold G. Carlisle, a grandnephew of B.Y. Carlisle, wrote:2

My father and son and I made a trip to Alabama in 1972 to try and locate some of the Carlisle's. We visited in Wadley and found Uncle Yarbrough's grave. Also we talked with some people who described an old house west of Wadley, way back in the woods, the old Carlisle place.

This is probably the place that L. Hoyt Kirk, a grandnephew of Mrs. B. Y. (Emily Miriam Culpepper) Yarbrough, remembered visiting circa 1912 or 1913 when he was five or six years old: 3

When I was a small boy, my father and mother visited uncle Yarbrough and Aunt Emily one Sunday in Wadley, Ala. and Uncle Yarbrough had a very large Billy Goat with long horns and I rode the big goat and held on by his long horns. Uncle Yarbrough had a good sense of humor.

A granddaughter, Mrs. G. E. (Katheryn Coker) Bryant, wrote 4 about memories her mother, Mrs. A. (Coral Lee Carlisle) Coker, had of the Carlisle family:

She thinks that all of her father's (Yarbrough's) brothers moved to Killeen, TX and then scattered to other places in Texas.

B. Y. Carlisle died in Alexander City, AL in 1924 at the age of 72. Mrs. M. (Eunice Clegg) Stephens wrote:5

Mr. B. Y. Carlisle and wife, Miriam Emily Culpepper, are buried in the Wadley, AL Cemetery. This cemetery is well kept by the Wadley Baptist, Methodist, and Christian Churches, and relatives and friends. It was for many years known as the "Elliott Cemetery." 


Emily Miriam Culpepper (9 Mar 1841 - 16 Apr 1937)
Marriage*circa 1868 He married Emily Miriam Culpepper at Randolph Co., Alabama, circa 1868. 
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