John James Elliott

Male, #32463, (3 Oct 1832 - 11 Apr 1863)
Father*William Elliott (c 1789 - c 1839)
Mother*Sarah O. Culpepper (5 Feb 1802 - 2 Dec 1901)
Birth*3 Oct 1832 John was born at Louina, Randolph Co., Alabama, on 3 Oct 1832. 
Death of Fathercirca 1839 His father William Elliott died circa 1839 at Louina, Randolph Co., Alabama
1840 Census* John was probably a free white male, age 5 and under 10,in Sarah O. Culpepper's household, on the 1840 Census at Louina, Randolph Co., Alabama.
(p. 156). 
1850 Census* John listed as a household member living with Sarah O. Culpepper on the 1850 Census at Meriwether Co., Georgia.
(49 f-59th Div p. 323 hh 246). 
Employment* John's occupation: farmer at Randolph Co., Alabama
Marriage*18 Nov 1855 He married Ann Malvina Culpepper at Randolph Co., Alabama, on 18 Nov 1855 at age 23. 
1860 Census*1860 John was listed as the head of a family on the 1860 Census at Randolph Co., Alabama. 27 m-Township 22 p. 835 hh 1467. 
Civil War*between 1861 and 11 Apr 1863 He served in the War Between the States between 1861 and 11 Apr 1863. 
Death*11 Apr 1863 He died on 11 Apr 1863 at age 30. 
Biography* John James Elliott was the son of William and Sarah O. (Culpepper) Elliott. He is presumed to have been born in Monroe Co., GA where his father was noted in the 1830 census records and in 1832 Cherokee Land Lottery records. John James Elliott's father apparently died when John was a child and John was noted as a male age 5-10 years old living with mother in the 1840 census of Monroe Co., GA.

Sometime before the 1848 marriage of his older sister, Martha, John James Elliott's mother, Sarah, moved the family to Meriwether Co., GA. This is where the teenager, John James Elliott, emerges in the 1850 census records in his mother's household. In the early 1850's, possibly before the death of her father, John Culpepper, Sarah (Culpepper) Elliott moved the family again, this time to Randolph Co., AL. There, John James Elliott married Ann Malvina Culpepper in 1855 and he is next noted as a farmer in the 1860 census of Randolph Co., AL.

John James Elliott was 28 years old when the Civil War began. Based on his death date in 1863, he is presumed to have died in the Civil War but no record of his service has yet been found. John James Elliott was 30 years old at the time of his death. 


Ann Malvina Culpepper (28 Apr 1837 - 9 Apr 1894)
Marriage*18 Nov 1855 He married Ann Malvina Culpepper at Randolph Co., Alabama, on 18 Nov 1855 at age 23. 
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