William Jefferson Culpepper

Male, #32435, (23 Oct 1837 - 8 Apr 1864)
Father*George Washington Culpepper of Meriwether Co., GA (6 Dec 1808 - 20 Dec 1901)
Mother*Perlina Perdue (27 Jun 1812 - 21 Jul 1882)
DNA* William has been proven by DNA and genealogical research to be a descendant of Joseph Culpepper of Edgecombe Co., NC, who is a son of Robert Culpepper of Lower Norfolk, the son of Henry Culpepper of Lower Norfolk, VA. 
Birth*23 Oct 1837 William was born at Meriwether Co., Georgia, on 23 Oct 1837. 
1840 Census1 Jun 1840 Noah, William and John was probably a free white male, under 5 years old, in George Washington Culpepper of Meriwether Co., GA's household, on the 1840 Census on 1 Jun 1840 at Meriwether Co., Georgia.1 
1850 Census1 Jun 1850 Perlina, Permelia, Thomas, Sarah, Simeon, Nancy, Noah, William, John and James listed as a household member living with George Washington Culpepper of Meriwether Co., GA on the 1850 Census on 1 Jun 1850 at Meriwether Co., Georgia.2 
Marriage*10 Sep 1857 He married Emily Elizabeth Reese at Henderson, Rusk Co., Texas, on 10 Sep 1857 at age 19.3 
Birth of Son20 Aug 1859 His son John Micajah Culpepper was born on 20 Aug 1859 at Rusk Co., Texas
Civil War*between 1862 and 1864 He served in the War Between the States between 1862 and 1864

     Co. F, 17th TX Cav.4 
Death*8 Apr 1864 He died at Mansfield, De Soto Parish, Louisiana, on 8 Apr 1864 at age 26.4 
Burial*circa 8 Apr 1864 His body was interred circa 8 Apr 1864 at Mansfield, De Soto Parish, Louisiana
Burialafter 8 Apr 1864 His body was interred after 8 Apr 1864 at Allen-Lee Cemetery, Lone Oak, Meriwether Co., Georgia. Marker only. Buried at battlefield in Louisiana..5 
Military pensioncirca 1865 Because of William Jefferson Culpepper's service in war, his family received financial aid circa 1865 at Rusk Co., Texas.6  
Biography*  George W. Culpepper recorded the birth of his son, William Jefferson Culpepper, in his Bible: "Wm. Jefferson was born on Monday by 4 o'clock on 23rd October 1837." He was baptized with three of his brothers and his mother by Noah Smith on 27 Sep 1839. When William J. was 19 years old, he married, an event which his father also recorded: "Wm. J. Culpepper & Emily E. Reese was married Aug. 20th 1857." A great-grandson, John William Culpepper, has a copy (Rusk Co., TX Marriages 1843-1877) of the marriage record which shows the marriage taking place in Henderson, Rusk Co., TX on 10 Sep 1857. It is not known how G. W. Culpepper obtained information about the marriage, possibly William Jefferson sent him a letter which did not make the date clear or perhaps one date records the license and the other the actual ceremony. Finally, George W. Culpepper recorded his son's death. He does not say how he learned of his son's death: "William J. Son of G. W. & Perlina Culpepper fell in the battle of Mansfield La. Friday 4 o'clock - April 8th 1864 Greatly lamented by all who knew him." William Jefferson Culpepper was 26 years old when he died.
      Several Culpepper cousins are listed in The Texas Civil War Index which lists a "W. J. Culpepper and a William Culpepper" in the 17th Texas Cavalry. It also lists (1502 169, 173) a "William J. Culpepper" as a Sergeant in Company F 17th Texas Cavalry. William Jefferson Culpepper served as a sergeant in Company F, 17th Texas Cavalry (memorial stone in the Allen-Lee Memorial Cemetery in Lone Oak, GA lists "C Company 17th Texas Cavalry"), during the Civil War. The unit was later reorganized as Company F, 17th Consolidated Texas Cavalry (Dismounted). He enlisted March 1, 1862, at Henderson, Rusk Co, TX, and was killed in the battle of Mansfield, LA.
      John William Culpepper wrote, 27 Apr 1993, about the death of his great-grandfather, William Jefferson Culpepper: He was killed in the second confederate charge at 5:00 P.M. 8 Apr 1864 at the battle of Mansfield, Louisiana. He was shot in the chest on the first charge at 4:00 P.M. but the bullet lodged in a bible he was carrying in his shirt pocket. He was a sergeant in the 17th Texas Calvary, consolidated. (Dismounted) Which means that they rode their horses to the battle site but fought as infantry. The Union was trying to get into the east Texas Cotton fields as the New England cotton mills were out of cotton and needed it badly.
      John William Culpepper added that the Battle of Mansfield, LA took place about "3 miles South East of Mansfield, LA on the Mansfield-Pleasant Hill road (Rt 175). Federals called this the 'Battle of Sabine Crossroads.'" William Jefferson Culpepper was buried on the battleground.
      According to Mrs. Eleanor (Culpepper) Willingham, on p. 65 of the History of Allen-Lee Memorial United Methodist Church (formerly Old Prospect Methodist Church) Lone Oak, Georgia 1844-1945 William J. Culpepper is listed with his brothers as having been a Confederate soldier although there is no grave marker for him.
      In a 6 Apr 1992 letter, Eleanor wrote that "the marker [Confederate marker from the Veterans Administration?] for William Jefferson Culpepper came. We placed it near George W. & Perlina Culpepper." 


Emily Elizabeth Reese (28 Mar 1836 - 7 Nov 1911)
Marriage*10 Sep 1857 He married Emily Elizabeth Reese at Henderson, Rusk Co., Texas, on 10 Sep 1857 at age 19.3 
ChartsHenry Culpeper of Lower Norfolk: DNA Status Chart (Male only, 8 generations)
John Culpepper of Randolph Co, AL: Descendant Chart
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