James Marion Culpepper M.D.

Male, #32364, (1 Feb 1823 - 11 Feb 1898)
Father*Daniel Peek Culpepper (23 Apr 1800 - 25 Oct 1825)
Mother*Mary Ann Corley (c 1800 - 12 Jun 1851)
Birth*1 Feb 1823 James was born at Milledgeville, Baldwin Co., Georgia, on 1 Feb 1823. 
Death of Father25 Oct 1825 His father Daniel Peek Culpepper died on 25 Oct 1825 at Baldwin Co., Georgia
1830 Census1 Jun 1830 James was probably a free white male, age 5 and under 10, in Mary Ann Corley's household, on the 1830 Census at Monroe Co., Georgia. Unaccounted for is a Male 30-40..1 
Land Lottery1832 He had a fortunate draw in the land lottery in 1832 at Talbot Co., Georgia,
lot 975/19/3 in what became Paulding Co., GA.2 
1840 Census1 Jun 1840 James was probably a free white male, age 15 and under 20, in Mary Ann Corley's household, on the 1840 Census on 1 Jun 1840 at Upson Co., Georgia.3 
Marriage*28 Jul 1844 He married Lucinda Brooks O'Daniel at Talbot Co., Georgia, on 28 Jul 1844 at age 21.4,5 
Birth of Son1 Aug 1849 His son John Butler Culpepper D. Div. was born on 1 Aug 1849 at Centerville, Talbot Co., Georgia
1850 Census*1 Jun 1850 James was listed as the head of a family on the 1850 Census on 1 Jun 1850 at Talbot Co., Georgia.6 
Death of Mother12 Jun 1851 His mother Mary Ann Corley died on 12 Jun 1851 at Talbot Co., Georgia.7 
Relocation*15 Jan 1852 Taylor County was formed 15 Jan 1852 from Macon, Marion and Talbot Counties. The James Culpepper family was apparently in that part of Talbot that became Taylor. 
Birth of Son27 Mar 1854 His son Augustus LaFayette Culpepper was born on 27 Mar 1854 at Taylor Co., Georgia
Photographed*say 1855 He was photographed say 1855 at Taylor Co., Georgia.
James Marion Culpepper
Birth of Son14 Mar 1857 His son Josephus Rush Culpepper was born on 14 Mar 1857 at Tazewell, Marion Co., Georgia.8 
1860 Census*1 Jun 1860 James was listed as the head of a family on the 1860 Census at Taylor Co., Georgia.9 
Birth of Son29 Mar 1866 His son Rev. George Bright Culpepper was born on 29 Mar 1866 at Joiner's Courtground, Taylor Co., Georgia.10,11 
1870 Census*1 Jun 1870 James was listed as the head of a family on the 1870 Census at Macon Co., Georgia.12 
1880 Census*1 Jun 1880 James was listed as the head of a family on the 1880 Census at Macon Co., Georgia.13 
Biography*28 Jul 1894 Golden Wedding Anniversary
     Dr. and Mrs. J.M. Culpepper celebrated their golden wedding at their home one mile south of town on Saturday the 28th inst., with a most excellent dinner. There were present besides the immediate family and a few special friends, Rev. J.B. Culpepper and family and Mr. Lafayette Culpepper and daughter, of Macon. The doctor is now about 76 years of age and for 50 years he has walked in love and affection with his companion. The doctor never appeared, considering his age, in better spirits and we hope that he will live many years longer. We return thanks to the doctor for an invitation to attend but on account of sickness were unable to do so.14 
Death*11 Feb 1898 He died at Butler, Taylor Co., Georgia, on 11 Feb 1898 at age 75. 
Biography* According to Rev. John Butler Culpepper, a son, when James Marion Culpepper joined "FREE-MASONARY" in the the Autumn of 1847, he was described as 5 ft. 7 in. tall, weighing 118 lbs, dark complected with blue eyes, the left arm shorter than the right and the right eye slightly smaller than the left.

Rev. John Butler Culpepper also wrote the following account of his father's life: James Marion Culpepper was born February the 1st 1823, in Baldwin County Georgia, in his father's home on the "three mile hill," which afforded a magnificent view of the country for miles, and also a fine view of the capital, located then at Milledgeville.

The star of ill luck must have been shining at the time of his birth, for his whole life was a fight against odds. When a baby a fall from his nurse's arms dislocated his left shoulder which gave him permanently a short arm. His father died before he was three years of age, but not until he had lost the lovely home and handsome property.

John William, the grandfather, offered them a home, which his mother took for a while. They were given to understand that they could live there so long as desired. John William said he would be to his daughter-in-law a father and the children should be the same as his own, only they would not inherit any property, as their father received all that would come to them. He however promised that the three children would be given a good education and enough that they need not want.

After four years in this home, things not being pleasant and being offered a home by her brother, who was a widower, she accepted over the protest of her father-in-law, who told her "if you go, taking the children with you, you nor they can ever come back under my roof. He kept his word.

A year later this brother married again and was unable to keep them longer. Thus at the early age of eight years there was thrown upon James Marion the burden of earning a living for his mother, older sister and a baby brother.

God never made a more resolute boy. He hired out to work when he had to tip-toe to reach a man's plow-handles. This was the beginning of a life of toil for others, which ceased only with age and infirmity. While a mere lad he became noted as a farmer and was the youngest over-seer in Georgia entrusted with large plantations.

He was converted while still a boy, united with the Methodist Episcopal Church that later in the South became the M. E. Church South. He lived a true Christian life in spite of the pains of poverty, the ravages of disease, the shock of misfortunes (for he made and lost three), the dogs of war, destructive moves, change of profession and flight of years.

Early in his married life he read medicine, took medical lectures in Atlanta, Georgia [p. 228 of History of Peach County specifies that he "graduated from the Atlanta Medical School"] and then became a country-practitioner and pursued the "healing art" among a very poor and needy people up to within a few months of his death.

James Marion tended the wounded during the War between the States and in the closing hours of the War he slipped home. He came at night only to be challenged by a voice: "Now you stop right thar Sir." It was the colored man he had left to watch after the family. He was still on guard.

James Marion was eminent for his day, was widely read for his time and opportunities. His strong points were--perpetual industry, fidelity to a promise, love of his church, faithfulness to his vows as a "Master Mason." His weak points were--an over fondness for fine horses, prejudice against Calvinism, homesteaders and bankrupt refugees. To sum up his life one need but to say he was a Christian gentleman of the true Southern type. Died at his home in Butler, Georgia February the 11th 1898. [End]

      J. M. Culpepper was noted as a physician with his wife and six children, in Oglethorpe, Gatlins District, Macon Co., GA in the 1870 census. He had real estate valued as $1,100 and personal property valued at $1,000. James Culpepper was recorded with his wife and son Josephus in the 1880 census of Macon Co., GA. Younger children such as Nancy Caroline and George Bright Culpepper have not been located in this census and a 43 year old "Amacy Culpepper" born in Georgia was listed in the household with three children between the ages of 8 and 16 that have not been identified. Perhaps the younger children of James Marion Culpepper were off visiting relatives while this family visited with their parents.

Obituary in the Butler Herald, Taylor County GA, 15 Feb 1898

Dr. J. M. Culpepper died at his home south of Butler at 10 o'clock on Friday 11th inst. He had been a sufferer from a complication of diseases for a long while and his death therefore was no surprise, but amid all his pain and suffering he was as patient and enduring as mortal man could be. He joined the Methodist church about 15 years ago. He had lived to the ripe old age of seventy-five years and eleven days. For nearly forty years he practiced medicine in Macon and Taylor Counties and was very successful even in the most difficult cases. His practice was extensive and greatly relieved the sufferings of his fellow-man, who reverences his memory and lament his death. He leaves a devoted companion, a large family of children
among them Revs. John Butler and George B. Lafayett and Joseph Culpepper; Mrs H.H. Hill, Mrs H.C. Brewton and Miss Carrie Culpepper, besides many friends who mourn their loss. His remains were interred in the cemetery in Butler at noon on Saturday, the funeral services being conducted by his pastor, Rev. J.T. Ainsworth

Taylor County, GA Court of Ordinary Minutes for 1860-1861

Present Joseph J. Huff, Ordinary

Marion County Dec Term 1856. Present Daniel Worsham, Ordinary Presiding.
James M. CULPEPPER petitions for letters of Guardianship for the persons and property of Susan F, John B. and Augustus L Culpepper, minors of said James M. Culpepper.
Issued by his giving bond $600 with Ptolemy Jernigan Security. David Worsham,

pg 105

Marion County
Whereas Susan F, John Bond and Augustus L. Culpepper, minors, possessed in their own right considerable estate, for more ample maintenance and education of said minors, I do commit the Guardianship to you, James M. Culpepper to render at the
first term of each year an account.

page 106
Statement of account of doings of James M. Culpepper Guardian for Susan F, and Augustus for the year 1856 to date Feb 14, 1857.

To cash received from the Estate of PENELOPE PEDDY, dec'd $282.50
Deceased disbursement $10.00
Amount due Wards $272.50

Received upon the oath of their Guardian, James M. Culpepper, Feb 14, 1857

Vo 1 Received of James M. Culpepper $4.25 for cost for passing order, taking bond and granting letters of Guardianship. David Worsham (Ordinary - Marion County)

Vo 2 Received of James M. Culpepper $5.00 to be handed to A.G. Perryman which he says is in payment of services rendered in the estate of Penelopy PEDDY. Dec 9, 1856 (Marion Bethune)

Statement from Feb 14 1857 - Aug 8, 1858
Vo 1 To paying M.A. Molsby $377 (for Susan F)

To paying this guardian (for John B) $532

57 days Tuition for Susan F $3.42
87 days Tuition for John B $5.22
1 Arithmetic .10 1 reader .25
Received by M.A. Molsby

Statement from Aug 2, 1858 - July 7, 1859
Payment to Clerk's Office for filing vouchers and returns

James Marion Culpepper is listed as a state senator elected from Taylor Co., GA in "They Tarried in Taylor(A Georgia County)" by Essie Jones Childs page 12.

On page 281 of the same book is Dr. James M. Culpepper with the following information.

Dr. James M. b. 1823 in Baldwin Co., practiced medicine in Butler, Old Lanier & again in Butler where he died 1898. His son Rev. Geo. Bright, 1866-1948, m. Lilla Shepherd. He went to LeVert College in Talbotton, taught school 1884 in Butler, later taught at Meth. Orphanage in Macon under Rev. J.V., his elder bro; G.B., Jr., 1889-1972, m. Mary Adams. G.B., III is a Sup. Court Judge in Macon, Ga. 


Lucinda Brooks O'Daniel (18 Sep 1825 - 31 Jan 1910)
Marriage*28 Jul 1844 He married Lucinda Brooks O'Daniel at Talbot Co., Georgia, on 28 Jul 1844 at age 21.4,5 
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