William Washington Culpepper

Male, #32359, (14 Aug 1834 - 2 Mar 1918)
Father*John Jefferson Culpepper (4 Nov 1797 - 4 May 1885)
Mother*Catherine Bell (c 1797 - c 1865)
DNA* William has been proven by DNA and genealogical research to be a descendant of Joseph Culpepper of Edgecombe Co., NC, who is a son of Robert Culpepper of Lower Norfolk, the son of Henry Culpepper of Lower Norfolk, VA. 
Birth*14 Aug 1834 William was born at Upson Co., Georgia, on 14 Aug 1834.1 
1840 Census1 Jun 1840 William and Robert was probably a free white male, age 5 and under 10,in John Jefferson Culpepper's household, on the 1840 Census on 1 Jun 1840 at Chambers Co., Alabama.2 
1850 Census1 Jun 1850 Catherine and William listed as a household member living with John Jefferson Culpepper on the 1850 Census on 1 Jun 1850 at Chambers Co., Alabama.3 
Marriage*13 Mar 1853 He married Peggy Nichols at Chambers Co., Alabama, on 13 Mar 1853 at age 18. 
Birth of Son13 Jun 1854 His son John Jefferson Culpepper II was born on 13 Jun 1854 at Chambers Co., Alabama
Death of Spousecirca 1854 His wife Peggy Nichols died circa 1854 at Alabama
Marriage*23 Dec 1855 He married Pheraby Cardwell at Chambers Co., Alabama, on 23 Dec 1855 at age 21. 
Census1860 He was listed as a resident in the census report at Randolph Co., Alabama, in 1860. 
Birth of Son29 Aug 1860 His son William Joseph R. Culpepper was born on 29 Aug 1860 at Randolph Co., Alabama.4 
Birth of Son18 Dec 1861 His son James Daniel Culpepper was born on 18 Dec 1861 at Louina, Randolph Co., Alabama
Civil War*between 1862 and 1864 He served in the War Between the States between 1862 and 1864

     Culpepper, William Washington, Private, Company B
Age at Enlistment: 26 (28), Enlisted May 1862 at Camp Johnson (near Daviston) AL by Captain Hamner in Captain L.P. Hamner’s Company of Volunteers (later Co B); Appears on Muster Roll of Co B of 37th AL CSA dated 13 May 1862 at Auburn AL - his 28th birthday; "First entered service" 14 June 1862 at Auburn AL (according to 1907 census of Confederate soldiers); Signed his parole in the field at Vicksburg MS on 9 July 1863 as a Private of Co B of the 37th AL Infantry CSA; Discharged at Washington GA at close of war; Made a Personal Statement to the Census Tax Assessor of Marshall County AL in 1907; Alabama Confederate Pension No. 16218 recorded at Marshall County AL and application witnessed by R.J. Culpepper and W.J. Ponder (both Co B); Brother of Robert J Culpepper (Co B); 1st Cousin to brothers John M, Francis M, and William A Culpepper (all Co B); Born 13 May 1834 at Upson County GA; Post-war resided at Albertville, AL in 1907; Died 2 March 1918; Buried at Mount Vernon Cemetery, Albertville, Marshall Co AL.1,5 
Death of Soncirca 1864 His son James Daniel Culpepper died circa 1864 at Randolph Co., Alabama
Birth of Son20 Nov 1864 His son Robert Benjamin F. Culpepper was born on 20 Nov 1864 at Louina, Randolph Co., Alabama
Death of Mothercirca 1865 His mother Catherine Bell died circa 1865 at Almond, Randolph Co., Alabama
Birth of Son28 Sep 1866 His son Thomas Wilson Culpepper was born on 28 Sep 1866 at Louina, Randolph Co., Alabama
Residence*1870 William resided at Marianna, Jackson Co., Florida, in 1870.6 
Birth of Son23 Jan 1873 His son Columbus Lafayette Culpepper was born on 23 Jan 1873 at Louina, Randolph Co., Alabama
Birth of Son26 Mar 1874 His son Louis Alford Culpepper was born on 26 Mar 1874 at Louina, Randolph Co., Alabama.7 
1880 Census*1 Jun 1880 William was listed as the head of a family on the 1880 Census at Flat Rock, Randolph Co., Alabama.8 
Death of Father4 May 1885 His father John Jefferson Culpepper died on 4 May 1885 at Randolph Co., Alabama
Tax roll*between 1890 and 1893 He registered to pay taxes at Marshall Co., Alabama, between 1890 and 1893.9 
Death of Son19 Jul 1891 His son William Joseph R. Culpepper died on 19 Jul 1891 at Albertville, Marshall Co., Alabama.4 
1900 Census1 Jun 1900 William was listed as a father in Louis Alford Culpepper's household on the 1900 Census at Bell Co., Texas.10 
Photographed1907 He was photographed in 1907 at Albertville, Marshall Co., Alabama,
Left to right -- front row: Johnny Hudson Culpepper, Jessie Leroy Culpepper, Thomas Eugene Moore, Malcolm Monroe Moore, Ashton Clemont Lowry, Ollin Ollene Lowry, William Cary Lowry, Ethyl Gibson, Cora Lee Lowry;
middle row: Louis Alford Culpepper holding Lydia Grace Culpepper, Robert Benjamin F. Culpepper holding Velma Mae Moore, James Jefferson Moore holding Gladys Feraby Moore, Pheraby (Caldwell) Culpepper, William Washington Culpepper, Leon Gibson, & Mr. Prater (sharecropper);
back row: Anna Lita Jane (Johnson) Culpepper, Ellen Arline (Culpepper) Lowry holding Sunshine Lowry, Malinda Rebecca (Culpepper) Moore holding William Jackson Moore, Sarah Minnie L. (Culpepper) Gibson holding Malon Clifford Gibson, Mary Louisa Katherine (Culpepper) Phillips, Nancy Ann Frances Elizabeth Alice (Culpepper) Busby, Mrs. Prater;
standing behind William Washington Culpepper: on left, Etta Vesta (Culpepper) Morgan, on right, probably Eva Electres Lowry;
standing in doorway of house: unknown.11
William Washington Culpepper family
Photographed1907 He was photographed in 1907 at Albertville, Marshall Co., Alabama.11
William Washington Culpepper
Photographed*say 1910 He was photographed say 1910 at Albertville, Marshall Co., Alabama.12,13
William Washington Culpepper
1910 Census*15 Apr 1910 William was listed as the head of a family on the 1910 Census at Albertville, Marshall Co., Alabama.14 
Death of Spouse18 Nov 1911 His wife Pheraby Cardwell died on 18 Nov 1911 at Marshall Co., Alabama.15,1 
Death of Son6 Jun 1913 His son Thomas Wilson Culpepper died on 6 Jun 1913.16 
Death*2 Mar 1918 He died at Marshall Co., Alabama, on 2 Mar 1918 at age 83
Alabama death index shows death occured in February 1918.17,1 
Burial*circa 4 Mar 1918 His body was interred circa 4 Mar 1918 at Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery, Albertville, Marshall Co., Alabama.1 
Biography* Census: 1870 Louina P. O. district (now Wadley), Randolph Co., AL. \p. 572 #4 (W. W. Culpepper 35 GA).\ Census: 1880 Randolph Co., AL. \ED 111-2 Wm. W. Culpepper 45 GA SC SC).\
     A son, Louis Alford Culpepper, wrote to his grandson, R. A. Morgan 11 Oct 1942, that "My father William Washington Culpepper was born near Fredonia [Chambers Co.], Alabama." Unfortunately, in census records, William Washington listed his own place of birth as Georgia although his parents probably moved to Alabama when William Washington Culpepper was still an infant. William Washington's father, John Jefferson Culpepper, was recorded with his family in the 1830 census of Upson Co., GA and he was still in Upson County when he drew a lot in the 1832 Gold Lottery of Georgia and this is probably where William Washington was born. However, at some point after William's birth, possibly in 1835 or 1836 when John Jefferson Culpepper's brothers, Francis G. and James Culpepper, moved their families or in 1837 when, William's older brother, John J. Culpepper, married, William's father moved his family to Chambers Co., AL. This is where William was noted as one of two males age 5 to 10 in the household of John J. Culpepper in the 1840 census.
     William emerges in census records living with his parents in the 1850 census of Chambers Co., AL. His sister, Elizabeth, and brother, Robert, were living next door. Shortly after this, William married in Chambers Co, AL. Apparently, however, his first wife died because in Dec 1855, William married a second time to the younger sister of his brother, Robert's, wife. William's father was the second bondsman. However, shortly after this, William and his second wife and his son by his first marriage moved to Randolph Co., AL where the first child of William's second marriage was born in 1857. William W. Culpepper was recorded in the Almond P. O. district near Louina (now Wadley) in the 1860 census of Randolph Co., AL. William's son by his first marriage, John, was recorded living next door with William's parents.
     When the Civil War began, William Washington Culpepper enlisted in the Confederate Army. Capos Conley "Chip" Culpepper, II obtained the following records from the National Archives: Culpepper, William W. Co. B, 37 Alabama Infantry. _____(Confederate) Private_/_Private _____CARD NUMBERS 1_____44285073 2_________4503 3_______254195 4_____51887370 5_____51966861 Number of medical cards herein Number of personal papers herein 1 Book Mark: See Also: --------------------------- (CONFEDERATE) C____________37____________Ala Wm W Culpepper Co B 37 Regt. Ala. Appears on a __________List of patients in private families from__________Hospital at List dated: Not dated 186_. Remarks: *Location of hospital not identified Book mark: _____/s/_ C. Kline, ____________________Copyist ------------------------------ Culpepper, William W. Pvt., Co. B._____37, Reg't Ala. _____(Confederate) 1 Inclosures. Pris. of War Record 1 ------------------------------ Confederate C __________37__________Ala W. W. Culpepper Pvt. Co B 37 Ala Appears on a __________List of Prisoners of War captured and paroled by the U. S. forces in the battles of Iuka, Sept. 19; of Corinth on the 3d and 4th, and of Hatchie on the 5th and 6th of October, 1862. List dated Corinth, Miss., Oct. 13, 1862 Paroled Not Stated Remarks: --------------------------- _____(CONFEDERATE) C__________37__________Ala W. W. Culpepper Prvt. Co B 37 Ala Appears on a __________List of paroled Confederate Prisoners, wounded and nurses, delivered at Iuka, Miss. to Surgeon J. B. Bond, C. S. Army on account of his government; captured at the Battle of Corinth, October 3d and 4th, 1862. List dated Oct. 19, 1862. Paroled Not dated Remarks: _____/s/_ J W Ware (?) ____________________Copyist --------------------------- C __________37__________Ala. Wm. W. Culpepper Privt. Co. B, 37 Reg't Alabama Infantry Appears on a _____Roll of Prisoners of War paroled at Vicksburg, Miss, according to the terms of capitulation entered into by the com- manding Generals of the United States and Confederate forces July 4, 1863. Roll dated Vicksburg, Miss., July 9, 1863 Paroled at Vicksburg, Miss, July 9, 1863. Where captured Vicksburg Miss. When captured July 4, 186 3. Remarks: ____/s/_ J. Vorkoeper _____________________Copyist --------------------------- VICKSBURG, MISSISSIPPI, JULY 9th A.D. 1863 TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, KNOW YE THAT I, William W. Culpepper private Co. B of Reg't 37th Ala Vols. C.S.A. being a Prisoner of War in the hands of the United States Forces, in virtue of the capitulation of the City of Vicksburg and its garrison, by Lieut. Gen John C. Pemberton, C.S.A., Commanding on the 4th day of July, 1863, do in pursuance of the terms of said capitulation, give this my solemn parole under oath----- That I will not take up arms again against the United States nor serve in any military, police, constabulary force in any Fort, Garrison or field work, held by the Confederate States of America against the United States of America, nor as guard of any prisons, depots or stores, nor discharge any duties usually performed by Officers or soldiers against the United States of America until duly exchanged by the proper Authorities. ____________________/s/_ William W Culpepper Sworn to and subscribed before me at Vicksburg, Miss., this 9th day of July, 1863. _____/s/_ Wm P. Davis 23rd Reg't Indiana Vol. ____________________Lt. Col AND PAROLING OFFICER. ----------------------------- _____(CONFEDERATE) C__________37__________Ala W. W. Culpepper Pvt. Co B 37 Ala Appears on a __________List of Confederate Paroled Prisoners who have re- ported at Jackson, Miss, for exchange. List forwarded to Col. Robt. Ould, Ag't for Ex- change at Richmond, Va. by N. G. Watts, Maj., C.S.A., and Agt. at Vicksburg, Miss. List dated: Not dated Remarks: Book mark: _____/s/_ L. Herrera ____________________Copyist
     After the war, William Washington Culpepper appears to have returned to the same land where he was living in 1860 and he was noted in the 1870 census of Louina P. O. district (now Wadley), Randolph Co., AL with his second wife and their children. William's son, John, was still living next door with William's father, John Jefferson Culpepper. William's brother, Robert, was his other neighbor. According to p. 112 of Historical Records of Randolph County, Alabama 1832-1900 compiled by Marilyn Davis Barefield from the 12 Feb 1875 edition of the Randolph Enterprise "W. W. Culpepper" of Beat 8, Township 21, Range 10 was to have his land sold to the highest bidder on 1 Mar 1875 to pay his taxes. This land appears to have been north of the land where William was noted in census records. And William remained in Randolph Co., AL after this since he was recorded there with his wife and younger children. In 1950, a granddaughter of William Washington Culpepper, Mrs. M. A. (Inez Culpepper) Champion, is known to have sold land south of Wadley, Randolph Co., AL which is known to have been granted to or purchased by "William Culpepper" in 1850 but this is presumed to have been William Henry Culpepper since William Washington Culpepper would have been too young. But it is not known if this was the land that William Washington was living on when he left for Marshall Co., AL.
     According a 1916 Guntersville Advertiser article, in 1890, William and his wife moved to the Sand Mountain area of Marshall Co., AL near where William's brother, Robert, had already settled. Although the article indicates that William and Ferby remained there the rest of their lives, they are not found there in the 1900 census and were apparently off visiting their son, Louis Alford Culpepper, in Bell Co., TX when the census was taken. By 1910, William and Ferby were back in Alabama where they were noted in Marshall Co., AL census records.
     The following is from the 10 Oct 1916 issue of the Guntersville Advertiser published in Guntersville, Marshall Co., AL: Uncle William, who is 83 years of age, has lived on Sand mountain for 26 years, having moved there from Randolph county in 1890. During his residence in this county he has lived continuously on one farm on Slab creek near the Mt. Vernon settlement. Uncle William has been a Mason for over 50 years, having joined that order before the civil war. He enjoys good health with the exception of a nervous trouble which impedes his speech. Uncle William probably owns the oldest mule in the county. He has a mule that is 39 years old and he has owned it all its life. 

Family 1

Peggy Nichols (circa 1836 - circa 1854)
Marriage*13 Mar 1853 He married Peggy Nichols at Chambers Co., Alabama, on 13 Mar 1853 at age 18. 

Family 2

Pheraby Cardwell (11 Aug 1834 - 18 Nov 1911)
Marriage*23 Dec 1855 He married Pheraby Cardwell at Chambers Co., Alabama, on 23 Dec 1855 at age 21. 
ChartsHenry Culpeper of Lower Norfolk: DNA Status Chart (Male only, 8 generations)
John Culpepper of Randolph Co, AL: Descendant Chart
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