Robert Jefferson Culpepper

Male, #32357, (2 Jul 1830 - 10 Dec 1919)
Father*John Jefferson Culpepper (4 Nov 1797 - 4 May 1885)
Mother*Catherine Bell (c 1797 - c 1865)
DNA* Robert has been proven by DNA and genealogical research to be a descendant of Joseph Culpepper of Edgecombe Co., NC, who is a son of Robert Culpepper of Lower Norfolk, the son of Henry Culpepper of Lower Norfolk, VA. 
Name Variation He was also known as Jeff. 
Birth*2 Jul 1830 Robert was born at Upson Co., Georgia, on 2 Jul 1830.1 
1840 Census1 Jun 1840 William and Robert was probably a free white male, age 5 and under 10,in John Jefferson Culpepper's household, on the 1840 Census on 1 Jun 1840 at Chambers Co., Alabama.2 
Marriage*19 Dec 1848 He married Lorraine Cardwell at Chambers Co., Alabama, on 19 Dec 1848 at age 18.3 
Census1850 He was listed as a resident in the census report at Chambers Co., Alabama, in 1850. 
Birth of Son4 Dec 1850 His son John James Culpepper was born on 4 Dec 1850 at Chambers Co., Alabama.4 
Census1860 He was listed as a resident in the census report at Almond, Randolph Co., Alabama, in 1860. 
Civil War*between 1862 and 1864 He served in the War Between the States between 1862 and 1864

     Culpepper, Robert Jefferson ("Jeff"), Private, Company B & C, Age at Enlistment: 32 (28)
Enlisted 15 March 1862 by Captain Hamner at Daviston AL in Captain L.P. Hamner’s Company of Volunteers (later Co B); Appears on Muster Roll of Co B of 37th AL CSA on 13 May 1862 at Auburn AL (with age incorrectly shown as 28); Signed his parole in the field at Vicksburg MS on 9 July 1863 as a Private of Company B of the 37th AL Infantry CSA; Served extra duty at Dalton GA winter encampment as a Teamster for Co B in Jan - Feb 1864; Paroled at Greensboro NC 1 May 1865 as part of Consolidated 37th AL CSA Company B; Made a Personal Statement to Census, Tax Assessor of Marshall County AL in 1907 stating enlistement as 15 April 1862 and Address (1907) Albertville AL; Alabama Confederate Pension No. 4554 recorded at Marshall County AL, pension application witnessed by W.J. Ponder and Wm Bishop (both Co B); Witnessed the Confederate Pension application of his brother William Washington Culpepper along with W.J. Ponder; Brother to William W Culpepper (Co B); 1st Cousin to brothers John M, Francis M, and William A Culpepper (all of Co B); Born 2 July 1830; Died 10 Dec 1919; Buried in Corinth Cemetery at Joppa, Cullman County AL, marker is designated with a "Southern Cross of Honor" also described as "... a war emblem by his tomb shaped like a 3 or 4 leaf clover, made of iron or steel. He had a pocket watch with a chain & watch fob looked like the iron emblem at his grave...1,5
Birth of Son22 May 1864 His son William Henry Culpepper was born on 22 May 1864 at Randolph Co., Alabama
Death of Mothercirca 1865 His mother Catherine Bell died circa 1865 at Almond, Randolph Co., Alabama
Census*1866 A census listed Robert as head of household at Tallapoosa Co., Alabama, in 1866.6 
Birth of Son25 Aug 1869 His son Francis Marion Culpepper was born on 25 Aug 1869 at Randolph Co., Alabama
1880 Census* Robert was listed as the head of a family on the 1880 Census at Wesobulga, Clay Co., Alabama.7 
Death of Father4 May 1885 His father John Jefferson Culpepper died on 4 May 1885 at Randolph Co., Alabama
Tax roll*1889 He registered to pay taxes at Marshall Co., Alabama, in 1889.8 
Death of Spouse2 Jan 1894 His wife Lorraine Cardwell died on 2 Jan 1894 at Joppa, Cullman Co., Alabama.1 
Land Grant/Patent*18 Feb 1898 Land was granted to Robert Jefferson Culpepper on 18 Feb 1898 at Cullman Co., Alabama.9 
1900 Census*1 Jun 1900 Robert was listed as the head of a family on the 1900 Census at Albertville, Marshall Co., Alabama.10 
Photographedsay 1910 He appeared as the father in a family photograph say 1910 at Joppa, Cullman Co., Alabama,
Back row, left to right: James E. Albright holding son Roy, William Lee Culpepper, Grover Milton Culpepper, Carl Winston Culpepper, & Effin Arelia Culpepper;
Front row, left to right: Hattie Louraine (Culpepper) Albright holding Lola Albright, Georgia Beatrice (Rowe) Culpepper holding (probably) William Lonnie Culpepper, Robert Jefferson Culpepper, William Henry Culpepper, Mary Elizabeth (Powell) Culpepper, and Alverene Culpepper.11,12
William Henry Culpepper family
1910 Census15 Apr 1910 Robert was listed as a father in John James Culpepper's household on the 1910 Census at Albertville, Marshall Co., Alabama.13 
Photographed*say 1918 He was photographed say 1918 at Joppa, Cullman Co., Alabama,
Photo provided by Mary Lillian Culpepper Pierce.
Robert Jefferson Culpepper
Death*10 Dec 1919 He died at Joppa, Cullman Co., Alabama, on 10 Dec 1919 at age 89.1 
Burial*circa 12 Dec 1919 His body was interred circa 12 Dec 1919 at Corinth East Baptist Church Cemetery, Joppa, Cullman Co., Alabama.1
Robert J. & Louraney Culpepper tombstone
Biography* Census: 1870 Louina P. O. District (now Wadley), Randolph Co., AL. \p. 572 #2 (R. J. Culpepper 40 GA).\ Census: 1880 Beat 4, Wesobulga District, Clay Co., AL. \ED 34-1 (R. J. Culpepper 49 GA SC SC).\ Census: 1900 Albertville, Marshall Co., AL. \ED 83-12 (Robert J. Culpepper Jul 1828 [1830?] GA).\ Census: 1910 Marshall Co., AL. \ED 96-22 (Robert J. Culpepper 79 SC in hh of son John J. Culpepper).\
      Robert Jefferson Culpepper was known to his great-grandchildren as "Great Grandpa Jeff" or "ole e Pa." His parents were recorded in the 1830 census of Upson Co., GA and this is where Robert is presumed to have been born. The 1900 Soundex for Alabama shows Robert J. Culpepper in Albertville, Marshall Co, AL with a birth date of July 1828 but since he was not noted in the 1830 census this can probably be discounted. By 1840, Robert had moved with his parents to Chambers Co., AL where he was noted as one of two males 5 to 10 years of age in the household of John J. Culpepper. Robert emerges in Chambers Co., AL marriage records in 1848 and by 1850 was listed with his wife in the 1850 Chambers Co., AL census living next door to his sister and near his parents.
      Robert J. and Louraney (Cardwell) Culpepper hosted the wedding of his younger brother, William Washington Culpepper, and her younger sister, Ferby Cardwell, at their home 23 Dec 1855. Their father, John Jefferson Culpepper, was the second bondsman. At some point after this, Robert J. Culpepper apparently moved his family to Randolph Co., AL. He is noted in land records purchasing 39.86 ½ acres in the SE 1/4 of NE 1/4 of section 3 in Township 22 Range 10 of Randolph Co., AL. Unfortunately, the date is illegible. The land appears to be just north of the 159.46 acres of land which Robert's father, John J. Culpepper, obtained 22 Aug 1850. Robert and his brother, William, and their parents were noted living next to each other in the 1860 census of Almond P. O. District, Randolph Co., AL.
     When the Civil War began, Robert enlisted in the Confederate Army. Capos Conley "Chip" Culpepper, II obtained the following records from the National Archives: Culpepper, Robert J. Co. B/C. 37 Alabama Infantry. _____(Confederate) Private_/_Private _____CARD NUMBERS 1_____44662957 2_______254194 3_______294918 Number of medical cards herein Number of personal papers herein 1 Book Mark: See Also: --------------------------- (Confederate) C __________37__________Ala Robert J. Culpepper Pvt _ Capt. Hamner's Company, Alabama __________ Volunteers* Appears on Company Muster Roll of the organization named above, for Mch 15, 186 2 Enlisted: When Mch 15, 186 2 Where Daviston, Ala By whom Period 3 years or the war Last paid: By whom To what time__________, 186_. Present or absent Not stated Remarks: *This company subsequently became Company B, 37th Regiment Alabama Infantry. Book Mark: _____/s/_ (?)nell ____________________Copyist ------------------------------ Culpepper, Robert J. Pvt., Co. B._____37, Reg't Ala. _____(Confederate) 1 Inclosures. Pris. of War Record 1 ------------------------------ VICKSBURG, MISSISSIPPI, JULY 9th A.D. 1863 TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, KNOW YE THAT I, Robert J. Culpepper private of Co. B Reg't 37th Ala Vols. C.S.A. being a Prisoner of War in the hands of the United States Forces, in virtue of the capitulation of the City of Vicksburg and its garrison, by Lieut. Gen John C. Pemberton, C.S.A., Commanding on the 4th day of July, 1863, do in pursuance of the terms of said capitulation, give this my solemn parole under oath----- That I will not take up arms again against the United States nor serve in any military, police, constabulary force in any Fort, Garrison or field work, held by the Confederate States of America against the United States of America, nor as guard of any prisons, depots or stores, nor discharge any duties usually performed by Officers or soldiers against the United States of America until duly exchanged by the proper Authorities. ____________________/s/_ Robert J Culpepper Sworn to and subscribed before me at Vicksburg, Miss., this 9th day of July, 1863. _____/s/ Wm P. Davis 23rd Reg't Indiana Vol. ____________________Lt. Col AND PAROLING OFFICER. --------------------------- (CONFEDERATE) R. J. Culpepper Co., B 37 Ala (Inf) Appears on a __________ROLL of non-commissioned officers and privates employed on extra duty at Dalton, Ga during month of Jan 186 4 By whose order employed Nature of service Teamster TERM OF SERVICE: From Jan. 1, 186_. To Jan 31, 186_. Remarks: Driving (?)(?) wagons Roll No. _____ WOOTTON [Stamped] Copyist --------------------------- (CONFEDERATE) R. J. Culpeper Co. B 37 Ala. Appears on a __________ROLL of non-commissioned officers and privates employed on extra duty at Dalton Ga during month of Feb., 186 4 By whose order employed Nature of service Teamsters TERM OF SERVICE: From Feb 1., 186_. To Feb 29, 186_. Remarks: Roll No. _____WOOTTON [Stamped] Copyist
      After the war, Robert returned home and he was noted with his wife and children in the 1870 census of the Louina P. O. District (now Wadley), Randolph Co., AL. His brother, William Washington Culpepper, was still living next door and his parents were also living nearby, all apparently on the same land that they were on before the war. By 1880, Robert had apparently moved his family to Clay Co., AL R. J. Culpepper was noted with his wife and younger children in Wesobulga District, Clay Co., AL in 1880 census records.
      According to an article from the Guntersville Advertiser 10 Oct 1916, Robert J. Culpepper and his wife had moved to the Sand Mountain area of Marshall Co., AL 28 years previously. This would have been approximately 1888. A son, John James Culpepper, located his family in what is known today as Albertville, Marshall Co., GA. Other members of the extended family settled across the county line in Joppa, Cullman Co., AL. Unfortunately, the 1890 U. S. census burned and so it is not possible to see exactly how everyone was situated at the time. What is known is that, according to her obituary, Mrs. R. J. (Louraney Cardwell) Culpepper died in Joppa, Cullman Co., AL in 1894. After the death of his wife, Robert apparently split his time at the residences of his children. Robert J. Culpepper was noted in Albertville, Marshall Co, AL in the 1900 census. He was listed as having been born Jul 1828 although, since he was not noted in the 1830 census and was listed in later census records as being age 19, 30, 40 and 49, the 1828 reference can be discounted. Robert Jefferson Culpepper's daughter, Arkansas (Culpepper) Williams, and her two young sons, "Larkis" and "Charlie," were living with him. In 1910, Robert was still living in Marshall Co., AL was noted in the Marshall Co., AL census living with his son, John J. Culpepper. A great-granddaughter, Mary Lillian Butler Pierce, wrote, 19 Jan 1979: He carved & made fancy furniture, beautiful beds among other things. He had a collection of old guns.... He had a hobby of keeping a diary, of the weather and happenings of the day.... My Grandpa Jack [John James Culpepper] & family along with ole e Pa & family all moved here to Sand Mt. from Randolph or Clay [the family was in Clay Co., AL in the 1880 census] in covered wagons in 1883.... Ole e Pa Jeff... walked lots of miles almost every day, even in his 80's.... One more thing about ole e Pa Jeff, he carved and made spinning wheels to spin yarn then weave it into yarn for cloth in those days."
      Mary Lillian Butler Pierce added in s 23 Apr 1993 letter that "Robert Jefferson Culpepper carved and made furniture in his younger days - beautiful pieces - and each piece painted black." 20 Jan 1979, Mary Lillian wrote that her great-grandfather had lived with her grandparents in the same house that she is living in now: Lola Martin said ole e Pa Jeff's room was upstairs, steps are steep here and only heat he had up there & light was a lantern. Scratches are still on the wall up there where he would strike a match to light the kerosene lantern. Was a stacked chimney in the middle of the house, heat from it helped keep the walls of that little room warm. Said he never had a cold or was sick in winter.
      Mary Lillian Butler Pierce added in a 23 Apr 1993 letter: Lola Martin was right stairs were steep, and still are. Scratches are still on the wall. I painted or painted part of that little room up stairs a few yrs ago, and it's hard to find the scratches now.
      According to a great-granddaughter, Mary Lillian Butler Pierce, Robert Jefferson Culpepper received a monthly pension of $15.00 from the State of Alabama for his Civil War service. In a 3 Sep 1994 phone conversation, Mary Lillian noted that her great-grandfather would buy a gallon of "white whiskey" with 15 cents from his Confederate Pension money and add a teaspoon of it to his breakfast coffee "instead of cream" to make "Lace Coffee." The following is from the 10 Oct 1916 issue of the Guntersville Advertiser published in Guntersville, Marshall Co, AL: R.J. Culpepper is 86 years old and enjoys good health for a man of his age. He has lived on Sand mountain 28 years [arriving circa 1888]. Uncle Jeff as he is familiarly called, has 8 living children, 53 grandchildren, 98 great grandchildren and 3 great great grandchildren, which is, we believe, getting pretty close to the record in this county.
      Robert Jefferson Culpepper died three years later, apparently while visiting his grandson, Charlie J. Williams, across the county line in Joppa, Cullman Co., AL. Two days later, Charlie wrote his half-brother, Larcus Culpepper who, according to Mary Lillian, was living in Texas: larcus I am Very Sorry But he had to go Some time and I guess now was as good time as eny they beried him at Corinth [south of Joppa, Cullman Co., AL] and then they taking up granma and moved here [her] up there and Beried her Beside him.... he was awfull Bad and he died that night about twelve oclock.....
      Mary Lillian added in a 18 Jan 1979 letter: Great Grandpa Jeff has a war emblem by his tomb shaped like a 3 or 4 leaf clover, made of iron or steel. He had a pocket watch with a chain & watch fob looked like the iron emblem at his grave. My grandfather [John James Culpepper] kept it, long as he lived.... Uncle Frank Culpepper [Francis Marion Culpepper] got it soon as my Grandfather died. I don't know who got it when Uncle Frank died.... Great Grandpa Jeff... got a war pension of $15.00 per mo. from Gov. [the State of Alabama]. 


Lorraine Cardwell (8 Jun 1833 - 2 Jan 1894)
Marriage*19 Dec 1848 He married Lorraine Cardwell at Chambers Co., Alabama, on 19 Dec 1848 at age 18.3 
ChartsHenry Culpeper of Lower Norfolk: DNA Status Chart (Male only, 8 generations)
John Culpepper of Randolph Co, AL: Descendant Chart
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