Margaret Joyce Culpepper

Female, #32271, (16 Aug 1875 - 4 Dec 1968)
Father*Rev. Lewis Peek Culpepper (25 Aug 1816 - 4 Jun 1915)
Mother*Margarette R. Joyce Bateman (24 Jun 1833 - 29 Dec 1896)
Birth*16 Aug 1875 Margaret was born at Alabama on 16 Aug 1875. 
Census*1880 She was in the in 1880 census at Clay Co., Alabama
Death of Mother29 Dec 1896 Her mother Margarette R. Joyce Bateman died on 29 Dec 1896 at Chambers Co., Alabama
Photographed*say 1897 She was photographed say 1897.
Margaret Joyce Culpepper
Marriage*24 Nov 1897 She married George Robert Trimble at Lee Co., Alabama, on 24 Nov 1897 at age 22. 
Married Name24 Nov 1897  As of 24 Nov 1897, her married name was Trimble. 
Census1900 She was listed as a resident in the census report at Camp Hill, Tallapoosa Co., Alabama, in 1900. 
Death of Father4 Jun 1915 Her father Rev. Lewis Peek Culpepper died on 4 Jun 1915 at Chambers Co., Alabama.1 
Death of Spouse15 Jan 1940 Her husband George Robert Trimble died on 15 Jan 1940 at Camp Hill, Tallapoosa Co., Alabama
Death*4 Dec 1968 She died at Camp Hill, Tallapoosa Co., Alabama, on 4 Dec 1968 at age 93. 
Biography* Margaret Joyce Culpepper was known as "Maggie." Lewis P. Culpepper recorded her birth in his Bible: "Margrett was born August the 16th 1875." Mrs. Charles (Margaret Whatley) Lee wrote 4 Jan 1979 that "Maggie wasn't as tall [as her sister, Julia] and was a little plump." A niece, Mrs. J. H. (Margaret Phillips) Dodd, wrote in a 21 Aug 1978 letter that "Aunt Maggie was a wonder also. She couldn't stand defeat. If something didn't work one way she tried another until it did work." Mrs. Dodd continued in a 20 Dec 1978 letter: They [Maggie & Bob Trimble] were a very happy couple and we loved them very much. When I was small and visited them, Aunt Maggie always made me a dress or two from some scraps left over from some of hers. I was so little it only took about two pieces the size of a fig leaf to make me a dress. She always put ruffles and lace on them and I felt the most dressed up kid in Camp Hill.
      Margaret remained young all of her life. She used to look after an "old lady" who was much younger than she was. When she was close to ninety she was still climbing up on her roof to clean leaves out of the gutter! Lena Amsler wrote in a 29 Jun 1978 letter about visiting Mrs. G. R. (Margaret Culpepper) Trimble: Aunt Maggie... was 92 then and her neighbor found her for us - when we didn't get a response to our knock on the door - under the house hunting a hen nest or something. She showed us all of her handiwork - bedspreads, pillows, etc. - as well as her carpentry work in the kitchen - I guess she could do anything.
      Maggie wrote the following letter apparently to her niece, Mary Erom Griffin: ______________________________Camp Hill Ala ______________________________Dec 17th [1949] Dear Erom I am sory to have kept you waiting but Lewis Phillips gave me a free trip to Fla through the country and of course I couldn't refuse as he was alone and I could be some company for him, were gone eleven days. I tolde the Poste mistress to forward all letters but no papers, but she didn't forward any thing so you letter came while I was gone. so I have only been back a few days and had some Christmas packages that had a long way to go and I had to get them off to arive by Christmas and several more I have to make and I am afraid they will be to late for Santa Claus. I was glad to hear from you and I know you are busy if you are keeping House and teaching too. I wish I could mak every thing plane and understanding about what little infermation I know I didn't memtion my Father's second marriage because I had no idea it would have anything to do with your getting into the Club as she was no relation to you, wrote in my other letter what the name of your Grand Mother Griffins mother was, but I will starte back at the begining and do my best to be understood. My grand Fathers name was John, he married a Galispy but I have forgotton what Father said her Christian name was, but the Galispys came from Irorland and settled in SC My Father was the youngest childe of the Family, he was born in Edgefield SC Aug the 25 1816, his Father and Mother moved to Monrow County Gorgia when he was 7 years olde, I do not know how many of their children came to Georgia with them. December the 12, 1839 he married Sara Ann Culpepper. Father said they were fourth cousins, her Father was called Dick Culpepper, that probably was a nick name, I have known people named Richard and nick named Dick. I don't remember ever hearing Father say what Dick Culpepper's wife's name was. Father and his first wife had five children, namely Joseph, Ann, Elzziebeth, Mattie, and Clarassa, your grand mother their mother died March 29th 1857. December 2nd 1858 Father married Margaret Batemon, my mother. She had 8 children, she died the 29 of January 1896. Oh I forgot to say your grand mother Griffins mother was burried in Georgia but I don't know where. My Father and Mother and all his first children and my 2 oldest brothers moved to Alabama about 1862 and I think they lived somewhere Close to Louina, now called Wadley when your grand Father and Mother Griffin married, I just remember hearing the older brothers and Sisters talk abought what happened at the places they lived and remembered hearing Mother say where her children were borned. My Father died june the 5th 1915 and was burried by my Mother at State Line Church in the North East Corner of Chambers County Alabama, less than a 1/2 mile from the line between Ala and Gorgia and 1 1/2 miles from the Line between Chambers and Randolph Co. Now about Father's Brothers, I went to visit your grand Mother Griffin in 1912 and Father was there visiting her and came back home with me and we stoped over in Wadley for Sunday and sunday night and monday morning in the Depot while waiting for our Train a man came up to Father and asked him if he had a brother named Joel, and said he was a great grand son of Joel Culpepper his name was Landkaster, and Father said his oldest brother was named Joel, I don't remember where they said he lived and died, his next brother was named Frank and married Eglentine Langley and moved to Sweetwater Tex, they had 15 children, I corrasponded with one of his daughters a while, and he died and she sent me a paper with a write up of his deth, and somehow I lost the paper but I remember he died either 1904 or 1905 he was 99 years 10 Months and 23 days olde, and his children, grand and great grand children and the inlaws nonbered 300 and 18, I am not so sure about the 18 but over 300 and some where in the teans. his next brother was Washington and lived in Meriwether County, Ga, that may not be the correct way to spell that county but you know by my letters that I am not a good Speller, I dont remember the name of the Town and dont rember when he died but he was over 98. I was a little childe, he allso had a brother named John that lived some where in Ga died when 60, his brother William lived at Louina, I saw him twice, he was passed 98 when he died he had a Sister that lived at Louina her name was Sarah. she married an Elliett she was about 99 when she died, the other sister was Betsie and married Wesley Dean & supose the Joseph O Dean must be one of her great grand sons that is all I remember about the family, except my Sister of Waverly Florida and myself is all our family that I know is living. brother Thomas was living last year but I have not heard from him this year. he lives in Amarilla Tex, and is 88 years olde. Julia has just moved to Fla about three months ago she has been living at Bessemer Ala she will be 78, the 26 of this month I was 74 the 16 of Aug I hope you will be able to get in the Club and I am glad to tell you what I know about the family but it is what I heard others say I was looking on the map since I came back from Florida and saw the name of your Town, we went pretty close to it. we spent the night in Valdasta going down and came back through Thomasville if you go down in Fla sight seeing and go to the singing Tower be sure to visit Julia at Waverly and her son Velpeau, (he is Called Red moste of the time) his address is R. V. Phillips 309 Lake shore Lake wales Fla, you can see the singing Tower from his House, he workd in the packing House at Waverly 7 miles from Lake Wales, Julia lives with her daughter Maggie she married Hew Dodd they own a store in Waverly, they would be glad to see you I would be glad for you to visit me but when you lived at Metumpka you was much closer and didn't come so I don't supose you will mak the effort now Wishing you a very mery Christmas and a happy new year and lots of ______________________________Aunt Maggie. 


George Robert Trimble (1 Oct 1866 - 15 Jan 1940)
Marriage*24 Nov 1897 She married George Robert Trimble at Lee Co., Alabama, on 24 Nov 1897 at age 22. 
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