Mary Emily Culpepper

Female, #32265, (18 Aug 1864 - 20 Jul 1943)
Father*Rev. Lewis Peek Culpepper (25 Aug 1816 - 4 Jun 1915)
Mother*Margarette R. Joyce Bateman (24 Jun 1833 - 29 Dec 1896)
Multiple Birth* Mary was born a twin. 
Birth*18 Aug 1864 Mary was born at Randolph Co., Alabama, on 18 Aug 1864. 
1870 Census1 Jun 1870 Margarette, Martha, Francis, Thomas, William, Mary and Elmira listed as a household member living with Rev. Lewis Peek Culpepper on the 1870 Census at Opelika, Lee Co., Alabama.1 
Census1880 She was listed as a resident in the census report at Clay Co., Alabama, in 1880. 
Marriage*9 Dec 1886 She married William Henry Rutland at Randolph Co., Alabama, on 9 Dec 1886 at age 22. 
Married Name9 Dec 1886  As of 9 Dec 1886, her married name was Rutland. 
Death of Mother29 Dec 1896 Her mother Margarette R. Joyce Bateman died on 29 Dec 1896 at Chambers Co., Alabama
Photographed*circa 1897 She appeared as a wife in a family photograph circa 1897 at Chambers Co., Alabama,
Left to Right: Alsie Deural Rutland (in father's lap), William Henry Rutland, William Harold Rutland, Ernest Clarence Rutland, Mary Emily Culpepper (Mrs. W. H. Rutland.)
William H. Rutland family
Census1900 She was listed as a resident in the census report at Hickory Flat, Chambers Co., Alabama, in 1900. 
Death of Father4 Jun 1915 Her father Rev. Lewis Peek Culpepper died on 4 Jun 1915 at Chambers Co., Alabama.2 
Death of Spouse31 Jul 1920 Her husband William Henry Rutland died on 31 Jul 1920 at Chambers Co., Alabama
Death*20 Jul 1943 She died at Chambers Co., Alabama, on 20 Jul 1943 at age 78. 
Burial* Her body was interred at State Line Cemetery, Chambers Co., Alabama
Biography* Census: 1910 Hickory Flat, Chambers Co, AL. \Pct 1 ED 14 Sheet 4 #81 (Mary E. 45 AL GA GA m1/23 3 children/3 living in hh of Wm. H. Rutland).\
      Mary was known as "Mollie." Her father recorded the birth of the twins: "William Washington & Mary E was born Aug the 18th 1864." A great-granddaughter, Mrs. R. E. (Connie Rutland) Ausec, in a 5 Sep 1978 letter recorded Mary's name as "Mary Emily" and also noted her nicknames as "Mollie" and "Granny Rutland." A granddaughter, Mrs. A. W. (Irene Rutland) Traylor, recorded the name as "Mollie Elizabeth" in a 21 Mar 1979 letter. Mrs. R. E. (Connie Rutland) Ausec continued in the 5 Sep 1978 letter, with information about the twins: when William Washington Culpepper died, "his medical books were sent back" and "Mollie got one of them and became the Doctor for the community." Mary E. was noted as "Mollie" with her husband, Wm. H. Rutland, and her children in the 1900 census of Hickory Flat, Chambers Co, AL.
      Mrs. Melvin (Essie Bryant) Moore wrote in a 17 Jun 1979 letter: Grannie Mira [Mrs. R. R. (Elmira Culpepper) Rutland] used to spend time in the summers with Aunt Mollie. They would can berries, fruits, and vegetables and do lots of fishing. They had a great time together.
      A niece, Mrs. J. H. (Margaret Phillips) Dodd noted in a 12 Apr 1979 letter: "I can remember aunt Mollie well.... She did like to fish and she said she took a pistol with her." Mrs. J. W. (Lena Whatley) DeVaughn wrote 2 Jan 1979: Aunt Mollie Rutland carried her pistol with her wherever she went. Was a good shooter. Never missed what she shot at. Wasn't afraid of anything....
      Mrs. Charles (Margaret Whatley) Lee wrote, 26 Nov 1978, that she met Mrs. Harvey Boone at the church next to where Rev. Lewis P. Culpepper is buried. Mrs. Boone knew Mrs. W. H. ("Mollie" Culpepper) Rutland and: She said she used to go fishing with Mollie. She said Mollie was a small person, a little tad, said she wasn't afraid of a thing, said she carried a pistol in her pocket most of the time, said she could hit anything she wanted to with that pistol. Mrs. Boone said Mollie couldn't stand her father-in-law and didn't want to be buried near his, grave, but she was. Mollie & [Mrs. R. R.(] Mira [Culpepper) Rutland] married brothers and were all buried there [State Line Cemetery, Chambers Co., AL]. Mira and her husband didn't have any engraving on their stones....
      Although Mollie is supposed to be buried in State Line Congregational Christian Church Cemetery with her parents, no stone was recorded in the 1990 edition of A Survey of Cemeteries in Chambers County, Alabama.  


William Henry Rutland (11 Dec 1858 - 31 Jul 1920)
Marriage*9 Dec 1886 She married William Henry Rutland at Randolph Co., Alabama, on 9 Dec 1886 at age 22. 
ChartsJohn Culpepper of Randolph Co, AL: Descendant Chart
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