William Washington Culpepper M.D.

Male, #32264, (18 Aug 1864 - 29 Mar 1895)
Father*Rev. Lewis Peek Culpepper (25 Aug 1816 - 4 Jun 1915)
Mother*Margarette R. Joyce Bateman (24 Jun 1833 - 29 Dec 1896)
Multiple Birth* William was born a twin. 
Birth*18 Aug 1864 William was born at Randolph Co., Alabama, on 18 Aug 1864. 
Employment* William's occupation: physician. 
1870 Census1 Jun 1870 Margarette, Martha, Francis, Thomas, William, Mary and Elmira listed as a household member living with Rev. Lewis Peek Culpepper on the 1870 Census at Opelika, Lee Co., Alabama.1 
Census1880 He was listed as a resident in the census report at Clay Co., Alabama, in 1880. 
Death*29 Mar 1895 He died at Wood Co., Texas, on 29 Mar 1895 at age 30. 
Burial* His body was interred at Hopewell Cemetery, Wood Co., Texas
Biography* William Washington Culpepper was known as "Wash." Lewis P. Culpepper recorded the birth of the twins in his Bible: "William Washington & Mary E was born Aug the 18th 1864." Mrs. Charles (Margaret Whatley) Lee wrote 26 Nov 1978 that Alsie Rutland told her that "Washington Culpepper, Wash as he called him, was a doctor. Mrs. R. E. (Connie Rutland) Ausec, the great-granddaughter of William Washington's twin sister, Mary E. Culpepper, wrote in a 5 Sep 1978 letter that "he left for Texas when he was 17 or 18 yrs. old.... He died of pneumonia," apparently after having become a medical doctor and "his medical books were sent back" when he died, and his twin, Mary E. or "Mollie got one of them, and became the Doctor for the community." Lewis P. Culpepper recorded his son's death in the Family Bible: "W. W. Culpepper Died March 30th 1895 age 30 years Seven months and 11 days." According to vol. 4 of Wood County Texas Cemeteries "Dr. W. W. Culpepper" 18 Aug 1864 - 29 Mar 1895 was listed as having buried in Hopewell Cemetery. 
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