Mary Ellen Loter

Female, #32260, (14 Feb 1871 - 28 Jan 1916)
Father*William David Loter (18 Apr 1845 - 1 Jul 1935)
Mother*Matilda Margaret Alford (18 Nov 1847 - 28 May 1931)
Birth*14 Feb 1871 Mary was born at Dallas Co., Texas, on 14 Feb 1871.1 
Marriage*8 Feb 1890 She married Francis Daniel Culpepper at Vernon, Wilbarger Co., Texas, on 8 Feb 1890 at age 18. 
Married Name8 Feb 1890  As of 8 Feb 1890, her married name was Culpepper. 
Birth of Son6 Mar 1894 Her son Otis Francis Culpepper was born on 6 Mar 1894 at Olympus, Childress Co., Texas.2 
Birth of Son24 Jan 1900 Her son William Lewis Culpepper was born on 24 Jan 1900 at Olympus, Childress Co., Texas
1900 Census1 Jun 1900 Mary was listed as Francis Daniel Culpepper's wife on the 1900 Census at Duke Twp, Greer Co., Oklahoma.3 
Photographedcirca 1902 She appeared as a wife in a family photograph circa 1902 at Greer Co., Oklahoma,
Left to right: Matilda Margarette Culpepper, Otis Francis Culpepper, Mary Ellen Culpepper, Francis Daniel Culpepper, Rosa Mabel Culpepper, and William Lewis (Louis William) Culpepper in front of Mary Ellen (Loter) Culpepper.
Daniel Culpepper family
Birth of Son9 Jul 1905 Her son James Harvey Culpepper was born on 9 Jul 1905 at Greer Co., Oklahoma
Birth of Son10 Aug 1907 Her son Cecil Culpepper was born on 10 Aug 1907 at Greer Co., Oklahoma
Death of Son5 Oct 1908 Her son Cecil Culpepper died on 5 Oct 1908. 
Birth of Son16 Aug 1909 Her son Howard Hershel Culpepper was born on 16 Aug 1909 at Greer Co., Oklahoma
Death of Spouse10 Apr 1910 Her husband Francis Daniel Culpepper died on 10 Apr 1910 at Greer Co., Oklahoma.1 
1910 Census*15 Apr 1910 Mary was listed as the head of a family on the 1910 Census at Coralea, Harmon Co., Oklahoma.4 
Marriage1915 She married Tom F. Shrewder at Oklahoma in 1915. 
Married Name1915  As of 1915, her married name was Shrewder. 
Death*28 Jan 1916 She died at Greer Co., Oklahoma, on 28 Jan 1916 at age 44.1 
Burial*circa 30 Jan 1916 Her body was interred circa 30 Jan 1916 at Dryden Cemetery, Gould, Harmon Co., Oklahoma.1 
Biography* According to a granddaughter, Mrs. R L (Rita Boyett) Holland, in a 25 Jul 1978 letter, Mary Ellen was known as "Ellen" and Rita's mother, Mrs. W. A. (Mary Ellen Culpepper) Boyett, was named after her. In a 24 Sep 1978 letter, a daughter-in-law, Mrs. Otis Francis Culpepper wrote: I think he [Francis Daniel Culpepper] and Mamma were married at Vernon, Texas but her people lived on a farm near Kirkland, Texas and later in Childress, Texas where a number of her relatives still live.
      Mrs. B. J. (Kathye Culpepper) Garrett wrote in an 9 May 1979 letter that "the Loters were opposed to grandmother's marriage." 


Francis Daniel Culpepper (21 Oct 1859 - 10 Apr 1910)
Marriage*8 Feb 1890 She married Francis Daniel Culpepper at Vernon, Wilbarger Co., Texas, on 8 Feb 1890 at age 18. 
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