Sylviah Ann Culpepper

Female, #32256, (18 May 1842 - 22 Oct 1932)
Father*Rev. Lewis Peek Culpepper (25 Aug 1816 - 4 Jun 1915)
Mother*Sarah Ann Culpepper (21 Nov 1817 - 29 Mar 1858)
Name Variation She was also known as Anna.1 
Birth*18 May 1842 Sylviah was born at Pike Co., Georgia, on 18 May 1842. 
Employment* Sylviah's occupation: housekeeper. 
1850 Census1 Jun 1850 Clarissa, Martha, Sarah, Sylviah, Joseph and Sarah listed as a household member living with Rev. Lewis Peek Culpepper on the 1850 Census on 1 Jun 1850 at Pike Co., Georgia.2 
Death of Mother29 Mar 1858 Her mother Sarah Ann Culpepper died on 29 Mar 1858 at Pike Co., Georgia.3 
Census19 Sep 1860 She was listed as a resident in the census report at Wesobulga, Randolph Co., Alabama, on 19 Sep 1860. 
1870 Census1 Jun 1870 Sarah, Joseph, Emma and Sylviah listed as a household member living with Joseph Richard Culpepper on the 1870 Census at Loachapoka, Lee Co., Alabama.4 
1900 Census1 Jun 1900 Sylviah was listed as a sister-in-law in Samuel Amsler's household on the 1900 Census at McGregor, McLennan Co., Texas.1 
1910 Census15 Apr 1910 Sylviah was listed as a sister-in-law in Samuel Amsler's family on the 1910 Census at McGregor, McLennan Co., Texas.5 
Death of Father4 Jun 1915 Her father Rev. Lewis Peek Culpepper died on 4 Jun 1915 at Chambers Co., Alabama.6 
1920 Census1 Jan 1920 Sylviah was listed as a sister-in-law in Samuel Amsler's household on the 1920 Census at McGregor, McLennan Co., Texas.7 
Photographed*say 1930 She was photographed say 1930 at McGregor, McLennan Co., Texas,
Left to right: Samuel Amsler, Sylvira Ann Culpepper, Martha Jane (Culpepper) Amsler.
Culpepper sisters
1930 Census1 Apr 1930 Sylviah was listed as a sister-in-law in Samuel Amsler's household on the 1930 Census at McGregor, McLennan Co., Texas.8 
Death*22 Oct 1932 She died at McGregor, McLennan Co., Texas, on 22 Oct 1932 at age 90.9 
Burial*23 Oct 1932 Her body was interred on 23 Oct 1932 at McGregor City Cemetery, McGregor, McLennan Co., Texas.10 
Biography*  Lewis P. Culpepper recorded his daughter's birth in his Bible: "Sylviah Ann Culpepper was born May the 18th 1842." Presumably she was named after her grandmother, Silvia Geiger. In the 1850 census, her name is given as "Silviah." But in the 1860 census her name was recorded as "Silvira A." In the 1900 census, she was listed as "Ann Culpepper" (May 1842 GA) and was living in the household of her brother-in-law, Sam Amler, in McLennan Co., TX. Her niece, Lena Amsler, wrote in a 29 Jun 1978 letter: Our Aunt Ann came to live with us when I was about six years old and took over the kitchen and cooking.... I can't remember that Auntie's name was Silvia - I never saw the name spelled but I heard it as Silvira - She always signed her name S. A. Culpepper - Looking back on her life, it must have been very dull & drab - I think she had no interest in anything but her church work - She was the permanent treasurer of the Women's Society. Everybody called her Miss Ann....
      Lena Amsler added in a 17 Sep 1978 letter that "Aunt Ann sang Alto in the Methodist church...." The death certificate (McGregor, McLennan Co, TX 43594 Registrar's No. 34) lists her name as "Sylvira Ann." She was listed as having been a housekeeper for 70 years. She continued to work until she was 86 years old. Dr. J. B. Brown listed the cause of death as "old age." Sylviah was 90 years 5 months and 3 days old when she died at the home of her sister, Mattie Amsler, in McGregor, TX. The name on the death certificate was "Sylvira Ann." She never married. 
ChartsBenjamin (son of Joseph) Culpepper of Edgecombe Co., NC: Descendant Chart
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