Sarah Ann Culpepper

Female, #32247, (21 Nov 1817 - 29 Mar 1858)
Father*Joseph Richard Culpepper (c 1795 - 17 Dec 1876)
Mother*Silvia Geiger (4 May 1800 - 29 Apr 1866)
Birth*21 Nov 1817 Sarah was born at Abbeville District, South Carolina, on 21 Nov 1817.1 
Deed25 May 1818 She was granted a deed by Joseph Culpepper of Abbeville District, SC and Ann Theiler on 25 May 1818 at Abbeville District, South Carolina,

State of South Carolina Abbeville District This indenture made this twenty fifth day of May one thousand eight hundred and eighteen Between Joseph Culpepper and Ann Culpepper (formerly Geiger) of the District and State aforesaid of the one part and Joseph Richard Culpepper of the same place of the other part

Witnesseth, That the said Joseph and Ann for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which they have and bear towards the aforesaid Joseph Richard Culpepper the son of said Joseph and also for the further consideration of Ten dollars to them paid by the said Joseph Richard Culpepper; have given granted aliened and transferd and by these presents do give grant alien and transfer to the said Joseph Richard Culpepper all and Singular the Lands Tenements negroes goods and chattels now owned by and in the possession of said Joseph and Ann his wife,

to wit, a Tract of Land lying in Abbeville District aforesaid whereon the said Joseph now lives containing three hundred and eighty acres more or less; also sundry Negroe Slaves of different ages and Sexes; also, all the Stock of every kind , Household furniture and plantation tools; and also, the future increase of those Negroes aforementioned which are now computed to the number of twenty two or three all of which negroes goods and Chattels are particularly specified in a schedule thereof hereto annexd, as part of this deed; as also, whatever Lands goods and Chattels and negroes the Said Joseph may hereafter acquire and die possessed of agreeably to the provisoes and reservations herein after expressed. To have and to hold all and singular the Lands negroes goods and chattels abovementioned, with all the rights members and appurtenances to the Said Joseph Richard Culpepper his heirs and assigns forever --

Preserving Nevertheless to the Said Joseph Culpepper and Ann his wife during their lives or the life of the survivor of them the free and undisturbed possession use and enjoyment of all and Singular the Lands negroes goods and chattels abovementioned also reserving the right of Discharging all liens debts and demands which the said Joseph may now be liable to.

It is also further agreed on and understood, between the parties to these presents that a certain little negro girl by the name of Cynthia of the number of the above mentioned negroes is now to be hereby given by the said Joseph and Ann his wife, and received and held, by the said Joseph Richard Culpepper in Trust for and for the use of his little daughter Sarah Ann Culpepper and to her heirs forever and in case the said Sarah Ann should die under the age of twenty one years and without issue of her body then and in that case the said Girl Cynthia is to be held in the same manner for the said Joseph Richard's next oldest daughter.

In Testimony of the foregoing we the Said Joseph and Ann have jointly and severally put our hands and affixed our Seals the day and date above-mentioned.

Joseph Culpepper (seal)
Ann (her mark) Culpepper (seal)

Witnesses: Jefferson L. Edwards [sic], William Y. Glover

South Carolina Abbeville District -- Personally appeared Jefferson L. Edmonds [sic] who on his oath saith that he saw Joseph Culpepper and Ann his wife sign and execute the within Instrument of writing for the purposes therein mentioned and that William Y. Glover together with himself signed his name as a witness to the proper execution thereof. Sworn to the 22nd Sept 1818 before Charles Callayson, J. P.

Schedule of all and Singular the Lands negroes goods and chattels within and contained in the deed to which this is annexed; To Wit, Old Ben & wife Silvia, Cyrus, Joe, Nat, Ben (the younger); Tressy, Doncilla, Agga, Dilea, Anson, Nathan, Tallerand, Nalso, Tom, Will, Betty, Cynthia, & Mary. Horses, cows, hogs, sheep, articles of Household and Kitchen Furniture, consisting of Beds, Tables, etc etc.2 
1820 Census7 Aug 1820 Sarah and Mendelia was probably a free white female, under the age of 10, in Joseph Culpepper of Abbeville District, SC's household, on the 1820 Census at Abbeville District, South Carolina. Unaccounted for is 1 male 26-45 and 1 female 26-45..3 
1830 Census1 Jun 1830 Sarah, Mendelia and Malvina was probably a free white female, age 10 and under 15, in Joseph Richard Culpepper's household, on the 1830 Census at Pike Co., Georgia. Unaccounted for is 1 Male 20-30..4 
Marriage License7 Dec 1839 Sarah applied for a marriage license to wed Rev. Lewis Peek Culpepper at Pike Co., Georgia, on 7 Dec 1839. 
Marriage*12 Dec 1839 She married Rev. Lewis Peek Culpepper at Pike Co., Georgia, on 12 Dec 1839 at age 22.5,6 
Birth of Son15 Sep 1840 Her son Joseph Richard Culpepper was born on 15 Sep 1840 at Pike Co., Georgia
1850 Census1 Jun 1850 Clarissa, Martha, Sarah, Sylviah, Joseph and Sarah listed as a household member living with Rev. Lewis Peek Culpepper on the 1850 Census on 1 Jun 1850 at Pike Co., Georgia.7 
Death*29 Mar 1858 She died at Pike Co., Georgia, on 29 Mar 1858 at age 40.8 
Burial*after 29 Mar 1858 Her body was interred after 29 Mar 1858 at Pike Co., Georgia
Biography* Rev. Lewis Peek Culpepper recorded his wife's birth in his Bible: _________________________Sarah Ann Culpepper _________________________his wife was born on the _______________________________________ 1817
      When he recorded Sarah's death, he added that she died "age 40 years." The 0 was then written over by 5 and finally the 45 was crossed out and 41 was written above it and "27 da" was written on the line below as if he was starting to calculate her exact age at death realized that he was not sure of Sarah's date of birth. As written, it would seem to indicate a date of birth of 2 Mar 1817. In the 1850 census, in which the census taker was Joseph Richard Culpepper, Sarah Ann Culpepper's father, Sarah's age was given as 32 which would indicate a birth in the last half of 1817 or the first half of 1818. Sarah's parents were still living in Pike Co., GA when Sarah died and Rev. Lewis P. Culpepper must have gotten Sarah's date of birth from them because the following excerpt is from a death notice that was published in the 13 May 1858 issue of the Southern Christian Advocate and was excerpted by Brent H. Holcomb in Vol. I of Marriage and Death Notices from the Southern Christian Advocate: Mrs. Sarah A. Culpepper, wife of Rev. L. P. Culpepper, and daughter of Joseph R. and Sylvia Culpepper, was born in South Carolina, Nov. 21st, 1817, and died in Pike Co., Ga., March 29th, 1858....
      Sarah is noted as one of two females under 10 years of age in the 1820 census of Abbeville District, SC. Since this is where her father was raised and where he was still living, it is believed to have been Sarah's place of birth. By 1830, Sarah's father had moved his family to Pike Co., GA where Sarah was noted as one of three females 10-15 year old in the household of her father.
      Rev. Lewis P. Culpepper recorded his marriage to Sarah in his Bible: _________________________Lewis P. Culpepper _________________________was married to _________________________Sarah Ann Culpepper _________________________on the 12th of Dec 1839
      The following are Pike Co., GA records (p. 209?): _________________________Georgia Pike County To any Judge, Justice of the Inferior Court Justice of the Peace or minister of the Gospel, you are hereby authorized to Join Lewis P. Culpeper to Sarah Ann Culpeper in the holy state of matrimony according to the constitution and laws of this State: and for so doing this shall be your sufficient license. Given under my hand and Seal this 7th day of December 1839. _________________________H. G. Johnson C.C. _________________________Georgia Pike County I certify that Lewis P Culpeper and Sarah Ann Culpeper were duly Joined in matrimony by me this 12tth day of December 1839. _________________________Josiah E. Nunally J P
      Finally, Rev. Lewis P. Culpepper recorded Sarah's death: _________________________Sarah Ann Culpepper _________________________My beloved wife departed _________________________this Life March the _________________________29th 1858 age [40, 45 then] 41 years _________________________27 da
      Sarah would have been 40 years 4 months and 8 days old at her death. Mrs. G. R. (Margaret Culpepper) Trimble, the youngest daughter of Lewis P. Culpepper and his second wife, wrote about Sarah in a 17 Dec 1949 letter to Sarah's great-granddaughter, Mary Erom Griffin: "Father said they [Lewis and Sarah] were fourth cousins." Joseph Richard Culpepper, the oldest son of Rev. Lewis P. Culpepper and his first wife, Sarah, wrote circa 1910-1915 to a cousin, Rev. George B. Culpepper, saying that he "wrote to Father [Lewis Peek Culpepper] asking him to give me all the information he could relative to his father, grandfather, etc.... He [Lewis Peek Culpepper] says there were three brothers, John, Ben and Joseph. John was my great grandfather as was Joseph, also, on my mother's side...." If this information is correct and Lewis Peek's grandfather, John, was the brother of Sarah Ann Culpepper's grandfather, Joseph, then Lewis and Sarah were in fact second cousins.
      A granddaughter, Lena Amsler, wrote in a 17 Sep 1978 letter of Sarah Ann Culpepper's death: I heard my mother [Martha Jane Culpepper] comment that she [Sarah Ann Culpepper] must have died of appendicitis. She [Martha] said they called what she [Sarah] had cramp colic. 


Rev. Lewis Peek Culpepper (25 Aug 1816 - 4 Jun 1915)
Marriage License7 Dec 1839 Sarah applied for a marriage license to wed Rev. Lewis Peek Culpepper at Pike Co., Georgia, on 7 Dec 1839. 
Marriage*12 Dec 1839 She married Rev. Lewis Peek Culpepper at Pike Co., Georgia, on 12 Dec 1839 at age 22.5,6 
ChartsBenjamin (son of Joseph) Culpepper of Edgecombe Co., NC: Descendant Chart
LWG / Clarissa Eugenia Culpepper Griffin (Lew Griffin's gtgm): Ancestral Chart
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