William Wilder1,2

Male, #3216, (1715 - 1784)
Birth*1715 William was born at Chowan Precinct, North Carolina, in 1715. 
Marriage*circa 1744 He married Ann Elizabeth Culpepper at Edgecombe Co., North Carolina, circa 1744. 
American Revolution*between 1775 and 1783 He provided service in the American Revolutionary War between 1775 and 1783
(DAR Listing: William Wilder, born circa 1735 in North Carolina, died before 19 Apr 1784 in Georgia, married Elizabeth Culpeper, Patriotic Service, Georgia.)3 
Death*1784 He died at Wilkes Co., Georgia, in 1784. 
Research note*Apr 2009 This William was thought to have been the son of Michael Wilder and Ann Culpepper. This is now in doubt and further research is needed.4,5 
Research noteApr 2009 From: Beth Adams
Sent: Sunday, February 01, 2009 1:46 PM
To: Warren Culpepper
Subject: Culpepper Family Tree - Michael Wilder


A year ago this month, I wrote you the email below. Since then, we have a better understanding of our WILDER's, there is still a lot of speculation in regards to the CULPEPPER connection, but we're working on it. Next weekend, I'll be going back to Richmond to research some more of the Norfolk County records.

I visit the CULPEPPER website quite frequently in trying to get a handle on where the WILDER and CULPEPPER connection came into play.still searching for that piece of info that might just put everything into place..I know, it's a typical researcher's dream.

We are still wondering about Michael WILDER and whether or not he actually married Ann CULPEPPER. The reason for the doubt is that based on current records we do have, Michael and his wife, Ann, are closely connected to the ROBERTS. There is an Ann WILDER who witnesses Peter ROBERTS Will and both Michael and Ann witnesses Samuel ROBERTS, Sr.'s Will. This Michael WILDER was the son of Francis WILDER. Francis WILDER had a brother, Michael WILDER, who died abt. 1717. Therefore, we can assume that any mention of Michael WILDER in the Norfolk County records after 1717 would be Francis' son, Michael. This is the time period in which I hope to research next weekend.

On your website, you have Michael and Ann listed as the parents of William, Hopkins, and Job WILDER. This is incorrect. William, Hopkins, and Job WILDER were the sons of Nathaniel WILDER (b. abt. 1667) as seen in Nathaniel's Will below...

In the name of god Amen, I Nathaniel WILDY of Lanc'r County while Chappel Dwrift being sick and weak of body but of same perfect memory thanks to god for the same. I bequeath my Soul to the lord from hence it camd and my body to the Earth to be buried by my Exr's. As follows, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife and my Son Hopkins WILDE my Land. Both to live on it while she remains a widow but the said wife to have no further to do with anything belonging to the plantation only her desirable living while she remain a widow but to remain the said Hopkins WILDEY & his heirs forever lawfully begotten of his body and in case the said Hopkins WILDE is without heir to _____ to the next heir. I give & bequeath my said Son Hopkins all my working tools to him and his heirs for ever. Only to pay forty shillings namely to my son William WILDEY and my Daughter Sarah WILDE my desire is that my Son William WILDY to live with his Brother Hopkins WILDY till he come of age. I give & bequeath to my son William WILDY my other lott of land to him & his heirs forever lawfully begotten by his body. I give to my Daughter Catherine one Heiffer. I give to my son Macl (or Mail?) and my son Job and my Daughter Darkis one shilling a peace. I do hereby nominate and appoint my good wife and my son Hopkins WILDEY Exr's of this my Last will and Testament.

Nathaniel (N) WILDEY

Signed Sealed and Witnessed in Presence of George LITE Jun'r John PINES

At a court held for Lanc'r County on the 10th day of June 1730. This will was proved in open court by the oaths of George LITE, Jun'r & John PINES witnesses thereto and admitted to record and is recorded.


As you can see, Nathaniel had the following children:

Michael WILDER - son of Nathaniel and his first wife, Sarah PHILLIPS (only daughter of William PHILLIPS); m. Susannah; remained in Lancaster County, VA. Nathaniel gave a deposition stating that Michael was the only living heir of Sarah PHILLIPS, only daughter of William PHILLIPS, which means that Job, Hopkins, and William were Michael's step brothers.

Job WILDER - b. bef. 1708, m. Elizabeth JONES before 1729, daughter of Nehemiah JONES. Resided in Lancaster County, VA. Shows up in Edgecombe County, NC in the 1740's with his brothers, Hopkins and William.

Hopkins WILDER - b. abt. 1710, based on Nathaniel's Will was guardian of his brother, William, until William reached the age of 21. Sometime between 1731 and 1734, Hopkins and William return to Norfolk County, VA were they are shown on the 1734 Norfolk Tithables, Western Branch prior to showing up in Edgecombe County, NC.

William WILDER - b. abt. 1713; In 1752, William appears on the 1752 Edgecombe County, Tax List with his son, John. Based on the Tax List, John was born bef. 1736. This William did not marry Elizabeth CULPEPPER.

The William WILDER, who married Elizabeth CULPEPPER, did not have a son John. The following Edgecombe County, NC deed is for William WILDER, who married Elizabeth CULPEPPER....

1753, August 21 - William Wilder, Edgecombe Co., sold to John Rackley, son & heir of John Rackley decd, 100 acres on the south side of Fishing Creek, adj. widow Culpepper and widow Mason. Wtn. Thomas Mann, Benjamin "B" Culpepper, Nathaniel "N" Powell. (Margaret M. Hofmann. Abstracts of Deeds, Edgecombe Precinct, Edgecombe County, North Carolina 1732 through 1758 (1976), p. 162)

Based on the above referenced deed, the William WILDER, who married Elizabeth CULPEPPER, was born before 1732. Out of Hopkins, Job, and William, who show up in Edgecombe County, NC, Job WILDER was the only one that was married in 1732.

Nathaniel also had the following daughters...Catherine, Sarah, and Darkis/Dorcas. Darkis/Dorcas was not a common name back in the colonial days. Since you have Robert CULPEPPER, Jr.'s wife listed as Dorcas, I'm wondering if this couldn't be Nathaniel's daughter and sister to Hopkins, Job, and William. With the association of the CULPEPPER's and WILDER's in Edgecombe County, NC, it does cause one to speculate.

Hopefully, next weekend I can find something that might answer some of these questions and put things more in perspective.

Beth Adams
WILDER DNA Administrator
WILDER-SOUTH List Administrator

From: Beth Adams
Sent: Friday, February 22, 2008 10:14 AM
Subject: Culpepper Family Tree - Michael Wilder

If you're not already aware, the WILDER and WARE Book by William Murtha WILDER is a very unreliable source and should be used with caution.

Hopkins WILDER, who you have listed as the son of Michael WILDER and Ann CULPEPPER, is not their son. Hopkins is the son of Nathaniel WILDER and Sarah PHILLIPS and was born abt. 1712, based on the earliest record that I have found. He is mentioned in his father's, Nathaniel's, will along with his brothers, Michael, William, and Job (Joab). Hopkins and William are found in Edgecombe County, NC. Nathaniel WILDER was the son of Henry WILDER, who was the son of Edward WILDER. At this time, it is unsure who Michael's parents are.although based on Hopkins witnessing a CULPEPPER deed, I'm leading towards Michael being the son of Nathaniel, but this is unproven and remains to be seen...

I have been researching my ancestor Joab WILDER (b. abt. 1728 and d. abt. 1813 in KY). There are two Joab's that are running around in the 1760's..my ancestor and another Joab/Job WILDER who died in 1762 leaving an orphan named Michael WILDER. The name Michael was not handed down as a family name amongst the descendants of my ancestor Joab WILDER. Therefore, I'm wondering if this Joab/Job WILDER is the one that researcher's want to claim as the son of Michael WILDER and Ann CULPEPPER.5


Ann Elizabeth Culpepper (say 1722 - )
Last Edited30 Apr 2012


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