Joel Culpepper of Crawford Co., GA

Male, #32048, (12 Mar 1795 - 6 Dec 1839)
Father*John Culpepper of Randolph Co., AL (1 Oct 1772 - 13 May 1855)
Mother*Nancy Gillespie (c 1778 - 25 Jul 1848)
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Birth*12 Mar 1795 Joel was born at Orangeburg District, South Carolina, on 12 Mar 1795. 
1800 Census4 Aug 1800 Joel, Daniel and John was probably a free white male, under 10 years old, in John Culpepper of Randolph Co., AL's houseshold on the 1800 Census at Lexington District, South Carolina.1 
1810 Census6 Aug 1810 John and Joel was probably a free white male, age 10 and under 16, in John Culpepper of Randolph Co., AL's household on the 1810 Census at Richland District, South Carolina. Unaccounted for are 1 male 0-10 and 1 female 16-26..2,3 
War of 1812*between 1813 and 1814 He served in the War of 1812 between 1813 and 1814
(Austin's Regiment, South Carolina Militia.)4 
Marriage*circa 1820 He married Nancy Corley at Lexington District, South Carolina, circa 1820. 
Birth of Son13 Jan 1822 His son John L. Culpepper was born on 13 Jan 1822 at Lexington District, South Carolina
Birth of Son16 Jul 1824 His son Charles William Culpepper was born on 16 Jul 1824 at Lexington District, South Carolina.5 
Birth of Son23 Feb 1829 His son James D. Culpepper was born on 23 Feb 1829 at Crawford Co., Georgia.6 
1830 Census*1 Jun 1830 Joel was listed as the head of a family on the 1830 Census at Crawford Co., Georgia.7 
Birth of Son30 Jan 1831 His son Daniel Culpepper was born on 30 Jan 1831 at Crawford Co., Georgia
Land Lottery*1832 He had a fortunate draw in the land lottery in 1832 at Crawford Co., Georgia,
lot 1060/21/2 in either what became Cass (later Bartow) or Cherokee Co., GA.8 
Birth of Son31 Dec 1833 His son Elijah Milton Culpepper was born on 31 Dec 1833 at Crawford Co., Georgia
Death*6 Dec 1839 He died at Crawford Co., Georgia, on 6 Dec 1839 at age 44. 
Biography* Mrs. J. W. (Ira Gay) Deam of Gay, GA, a great-granddaughter of Joel Culpepper, preserved a copy of the John Culpepper Bible record of Joel's birth which was copied by Mrs. D. W. (Lavyn Wright) Sisco as follows: _________________________Joel Culpepper _________________________b. March 12, 1795 _________________________On Tuesday about daybreak
A perpetual calendar shows that 12 Mar 1795 would have been a Thursday. Perhaps there was some difficulty reading the handwriting. Joel was born in Orangeburg District, SC in an area which would be designated as Lexington District in the 1800 census and which would be formally designated Lexington District, SC in 1804. Naming conventions called for the oldest son to be named after the father's father, in which case, Joel should have been named John, assuming that John Culpepper's father had also been named John. Instead, John named his oldest son Joel, a name which was used by later generations as a diminutive or nickname for Joseph. It is assumed that Joel was named for his presumed uncle, Joseph Culpepper.
Other Joel Culpepper's have been identified living in South Carolina and Georgia during this general time period and an attempt has been made to track them so that they do not confuse an already complicated picture. The first record we have of this Joel Culpepper is in the 1800 census of Lexington District, SC in the household of his father, John Culpepper. Joel was also noted living with his parents in the 1810 census of Richland District, SC. At this point, he would have been 15 years old. Joel would have been 17 years old at the beginning of the War of 1812 and the war would have put any plans he or his family had on hold. If Joel fought in this war, presumably it would have been in South Carolina, and no record of service has yet been found. At some point, possibly because of the war and apparently before the 1813 birth of Joel's brother, William Henry Culpepper, Joel's parents moved again, to Edgefield District, SC. It is not known if Joel moved with his parents or if he stayed behind but it is suspected that he might have stayed behind since his future wife was living in Lexington District, SC at the time. Since Richland District was across the Congaree River from Lexington District, Joel might have stayed with other relatives or on family land in either location.
The date and location of Joel's marriage to Nancy Corley is not known but would presumably have been between 1815 and 1820 and near Nancy's home. Nancy's father, Lawrence Corley, was recorded with his wife and some of his children in the 1810 census of Lexington District, SC. He died in December 1815, but his widow, Barbara (Derrick) Corley was recorded in the same district in the 1820 census. If, as descendants believe, Joel's second son, Charles William Culpepper, was born in Lexington District, SC in 1824, then Joel and Nancy probably were married there and remained near her family until they moved to Georgia. Unfortunately, Joel and Nancy have not been found in the 1820 census of South Carolina or Georgia. Possibly they were living in Lexington District, SC near Nancy's widowed mother but were overlooked in the census.
Since Joel's son, Charles William Culpepper, who was born in 1824, specified in census records that he was born in South Carolina and younger children were listed in the 1850 census as having been born in Georgia, it seems likely that Joel and Nancy moved their family to Georgia around 1825. A Lexington, SC researcher, Lee R. Gandee, wrote in a 23 May 1974 letter to Billy W. Dunn: Then nearly all the people in this area pulled up and left, either to the area around Montezuma, Georgia or to Alabama--Kirkpartricks, Taylors, Fitzpatricks, Threewittses--Geigers--everybody who was anybody, for the River began destroying the low land by floods by 1800, and by 1830 the River swamps were grown up in a jungle and stagnant water made it a death-feeding pesthole of fevers as malaria and dengue-carrying mosquitoes swarmed....
No deed records have been found in Georgia for Joel. Since the occupations of his sons included shoemaker, merchant, tanner and blacksmith as well as farmer, it is possible that Joel was a tradesman. However, an administrator was appointed at Joel's death to sell "perishable property" which suggests that he was a farmer. Joel was recorded with his wife and four children in 1830 census of Crawford Co., GA. As a married man with children, who was a U. S. citizen and who had resided in Georgia for three years, Joel would have been eligible for two draws in the 1832 Gold Lottery of Georgia. He apparently drew lot 1060 in district 21 of section 2. This would have been a 40 acre lot near the point where what is now Cherokee, Bartow and Cobb counties meet. It is not known if he ever mined the land or if he sold the lot.
Mrs. J. W. Deam and Mrs. D. W. Sisco also preserved Joel Culpepper's death record from the John Culpepper Bible: _________________________d. December 6, 1839
Mrs. W. B. (M. Louise Culpepper) Broach, Joel's great-granddaughter, wrote in a 22 Aug 1978 letter that "Joel Culpepper lived the latter part of his life at his home on the line between Haralson & Meriwether Co. in Ga." This would be Haralson, Coweta Co., GA near the Meriwether Co., GA line where Joel's widow, Nancy, was recorded with her younger children in the 1850 census. However no records have been found to show that Joel was in Coweta Co., GA. The last records that have been found for him are Crawford Co., GA estate records. According to p. 163 of the Crawford Co., GA Guardian Bonds Book A 1830-1842, 8 Jan 1840, Henry Morgan was appointed temporary administrator for Joel Culpepper, deceased. Frances Morgan was listed as security. The bond was $1000. On p. 38 of Crawford Co., GA Inferior Court Minutes 1838-1849, Henry H. Morgan as administrator was granted leave to sell perishable property. Unfortunately, Nancy and her children have not been located in the 1840 census. As noted, the family emerges in Coweta Co., GA in the 1850 census. 
Research note Other than his service in Austin's Regiment of the South Carolina Militia during the War of 1812, nothing else is known about Joseph Culpepper. It is worth noting that Joel Culpepper and Richard Culpepper (aka Joseph Richard Culpepper) also served in this regiment. If you can better identify Joseph Culpepper, please contact Warren Culpepper.9,10 


Nancy Corley (circa 1798 - 22 Mar 1860)
Marriage*circa 1820 He married Nancy Corley at Lexington District, South Carolina, circa 1820. 
ChartsHenry Culpeper of Lower Norfolk: DNA Status Chart (Male only, 8 generations)
John Culpepper of Randolph Co, AL: Descendant Chart
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