Roland Hill Culpepper

Male, #27, (circa 1844 - )
Father*Joseph S. Culpepper (31 May 1814 - 18 Nov 1873)
Mother*Adeline Brooks (24 Mar 1816 - 6 Jul 1887)
DNA* To help confirm Roland Hill Culpepper's descent from Henry Culpepper of Lower Norfolk, we are seeking a male Culpepper descendant of Roland's to participate in our free DNA testing project. For more information, go to:
Research note* David J. Culpeper was shown in the 1910 Census of Essex Co., NJ as having in his household, two aunts: Addie B. Culpeper and Rosa C. Phillips. The father of Addie and Rosa was Joseph S. Culpepper and thus Joseph is quite probably the grandfather of David James Culpeper. Of Joseph S. Culpepper's sons, the only one who plausibly could be the father of David James Culpeper is Roland H. Culpepper. However, this relationship is not proven. 
Birth*circa 1844 Roland was born at Norfolk Co., Virginia, circa 1844. 
1850 Census1 Jun 1850 Adeline, Margaret, Joseph, Roland, Virginia and Catherine listed as a household member living with Joseph S. Culpepper on the 1850 Census on 1 Jun 1850 at Portsmouth, Norfolk Co., Virginia.1 
1860 Census1 Jun 1860 Adeline, Margaret, Joseph, Roland, Virginia, Catherine, Rosa, John, Adeline, Nellie and Franklin listed as a household member living with Joseph S. Culpepper in the 1860 Census at Jefferson Ward, Portsmouth (city), Virginia.2 
Civil War*between 1861 and 1864 A clerk, Roland enlisted at Portsmouth, VA on 20 Apr 1861 at age 18 as Private in G Co. 9th Inf Reg. VA. 
Marriage*12 Dec 1867 He married Mary Juvene McComb at Memphis, Shelby Co., Tennessee, on 12 Dec 1867.3,4 
Birth of SonJun 1871 His son David Jennings Culpeper was born in Jun 1871 at Tennessee.5,3,6 
Birth of Son1878 His son Roland Culpepper was born in 1878 at Houston, Harris Co., Texas
Marriage*31 Oct 1878 He married Mary Katherine Clark at Harris Co., Texas, on 31 Oct 1878.7 
1880 Census*1 Jun 1880 Roland was listed as the head of a family on the 1880 Census at Houston, Harris Co., Texas.8 
City Directory*between 1882 and 1890 He was listed in the between 1882 and 1890 city directory for Houston, Harris Co., Texas.9 
Birth of SonAug 1884 His son Horace Culpepper was born in Aug 1884 at Houston, Harris Co., Texas.10 
1900 Census*1 Jun 1900 Roland was listed as a lodger living with an unknown person 's household on the 1900 Census at Houston, Harris Co., Texas. His wife and children were living elsewhere in Houston..11 

Family 1

Mary Juvene McComb (3 Nov 1842 - 21 Oct 1871)
Marriage*12 Dec 1867 He married Mary Juvene McComb at Memphis, Shelby Co., Tennessee, on 12 Dec 1867.3,4 

Family 2

Mary Katherine Clark (circa 1854 - 26 May 1921)
Marriage*31 Oct 1878 He married Mary Katherine Clark at Harris Co., Texas, on 31 Oct 1878.7 
ChartsHenry Culpeper of Lower Norfolk: DNA Status Chart (Male only, 8 generations)
Robert Culpepper Jr. of Lower Norfolk Co., VA: Descendant Chart
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    Roland H. Culpepper, 6, M, VA
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    Ellen Reed, F, 34, Black, Servant, TX TX TX, Cook.
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    Mamie E. Culpepper, Daughter, F, Jan-1886, 14, S, TX VA TX, School Girl
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