Capos Conley Culpepper II1,2

Male, #23339
Father*Conley Edward Culpepper (26 Mar 1924 - 30 Aug 2000)
Mother*Delphia Jane Ashley (5 Dec 1924 - 31 Mar 2014)


Karen Sue Carter
ChartsJohn Culpepper of Randolph Co, AL: Descendant Chart
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  1. Capos Conley (Chip) Culpepper, II
         As the youngest of seven sons, it may seem odd that I ended up as my immediate family's resident historian. But, when you think about it, I had the perfect seat in family history class from which to observe and learn all the relevant facts about those six older brothers and our parents.
         My mother (the former Delphia Jane Ashley) is the middle child of seven daughters, and my father (Conley Edward Culpepper) is the youngest of nine, so I also had the interesting position of being the youngest grandchild on both sides. Again, being last in such a long line offers an interesting view of one's surroundings. I heard all the stories from all the aunts and uncles; I sat in the laps and upon the knees of all the great storytellers at family gatherings... what better way to learn about your family?
         Being exposed to all those wonderful, richly-detailed stories hasn't hurt my chosen career one bit. I am Senior Vice President and Creative Director of Mangan Holcomb Partners, a Little Rock-based advertising agency . So, my primary job is as a creative thinker, problem solver and writer. My wife, the former Karen Sue Carter, is a freelance graphic artist. The fact that I am surrounded by artists 24 hours each day keeps my creative juices flowing. We have two young children, Capos Conley Culpepper III (born 1994) and Anna Elizabeth Culpepper (born 1997). Karen, Conley, Anna and I make our home in western Little Rock.
         Karen and I met in college at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, Arkansas. She holds a BA degree in graphic design, and my BBA is in marketing. We were married in Conway (1989). She grew up in Conway, whereas I, and my brothers were raised "in the woods" near Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. My father, Conley E. Culpepper, is a private timberlands consultant and the seven of us boys made for a convenient forestry crew.
         As to my abiding interest in genealogy and history, I guess I began to absorb, process and write down all the facts and make all the connections about who was who in our large, extended Culpepper family at a relatively early age, around age 10 or so. Since then, I've remembered the birthdays and anniversaries, researched and cross-referenced the facts... and have gotten to know a lot of wonderful people, both living and dead. My paternal grandfather for instance.
         Despite the fact he died almost five years before I was even born, today I KNOW the man for whom I am named. Capos Conley Culpepper was born in 1879 in Randolph County, Alabama and died in 1959 in Grant County, Arkansas. Those are the FACTS many hobbyists list, but I've had the wonderful opportunity to get to know that man from those who knew, loved and admired him. I've met his father John Malcolm Culpepper, and his father William Henry Culpepper, and his father John Culpepper. Left on my own, I would have probably never had the chance to have been introduced to these people, but with the help of other Culpepper researchers, I've been given a chance to see my ancestors and to see the legacy they created in the eyes of my own son and daughter. For that, I'm tremendously grateful.

    Capos Conley (Chip) Culpepper II.
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