Harbin B. Culpepper1

Male, #2330, (circa 1837 - 1911)
Father*Joel Culpepper of Sumter Co., AL (c 1803 - 5 Jul 1875)
Mother*Amelia Yarbrough (c 1803 - 1860)
DNA* Harbin has been proven by DNA and genealogical research to be a descendant of Joseph Culpepper of Jackson Co., GA, the son of Joseph Culpepper of Morgan Co., GA, the son of Joseph Culpepper of Edgecombe Co., NC, the son of Robert Culpepper of Lower Norfolk, the son of Henry Culpepper of Lower Norfolk, VA. 
Birth*circa 1837 Harbin was born at Sumter Co., Alabama, circa 1837.2 
1850 Census1 Jun 1850 William, Amelia, Ambrose, Ellen, Huldah, Hubert, Gabrilla, Matthew, Harbin, James, Melburn, Malachi and Anthony listed as a household member living with Joel Culpepper of Sumter Co., AL on the 1850 Census on 1 Jun 1850 at Woods, Sumter Co., Alabama.2 
Marriage*9 Dec 1858 He married Nancy E. Culpepper at Lauderdale Co., Mississippi, on 9 Dec 1858.3 
1860 Census*1 Jun 1860 Harbin was listed as the head of a family on the 1860 Census at Lauderdale Co., Mississippi.4 
Death of Mother1860 His mother Amelia Yarbrough died in 1860. 
Civil War*between 1861 and 1865 He served in the War Between the States between 1861 and 1865

     Co. C, 40th Alabama Infantry. 
Birth of Soncirca 1873 His son Howard Culpepper was born circa 1873 at Lauderdale Co., Mississippi
Death of Father5 Jul 1875 His father Joel Culpepper of Sumter Co., AL died on 5 Jul 1875 at Sumter Co., Alabama
Birth of Soncirca 1876 His son Robert Lee Culpepper was born circa 1876 at Lauderdale Co., Mississippi
Birth of Son27 May 1879 His son Loy Samuel Culpepper was born on 27 May 1879 at Lauderdale Co., Mississippi.5 
1900 Census1 Jun 1900 Harbin was listed as a brother-in-law in Catherine King's household on the 1900 Census at Hurricane Creek, Lauderdale Co., Mississippi.6 
Death*1911 He died in 1911. 


Nancy E. Culpepper (circa 1838 - )
Marriage*9 Dec 1858 He married Nancy E. Culpepper at Lauderdale Co., Mississippi, on 9 Dec 1858.3 
ChartsHenry Culpeper of Lower Norfolk: DNA Status Chart (Male only, 8 generations)
Joseph Culpepper of Morgan Co., GA: Descendant Chart
Last Edited23 Aug 2012


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