Emmit Awald Schultz

Male, #22702, (28 Feb 1924 - 21 Dec 1981)
Name Variation He was also known as Pop. 
Birth*28 Feb 1924 Emmit was born at Bellville, Austin Co., Texas, on 28 Feb 1924. 
World War II*between 1942 and 1945 He served in World War II between 1942 and 1945
(U.S. Navy.) 
Marriage*27 Oct 1946 He married Mary Maurine Culpepper at Richmond, Fort Bend Co., Texas, on 27 Oct 1946 at age 22. 
Death*21 Dec 1981 He died at Richmond, Fort Bend Co., Texas, on 21 Dec 1981 at age 57. 
Burial*23 Dec 1981 His body was interred on 23 Dec 1981 at Morton Cemetery, Richmond, Fort Bend Co., Texas
Biography* Emmit was 17 years old when the United States entered World War II and his son in law, Raymond Daniel Krejci, wrote of Emmit's military service:1

He was a Navy Medic attached to the Sixth Marines. He walked across Naha Airfield on the April 1, 1945 landing. We have him on film prior to and after the landing from the TV series World at War-The Pacific.... Had his right eye shot out on Okinawa in W W II, prevented him from being a doctor.

It took U.S. forces nearly three months to wrest Okinawa from the Japanese and at the cost of 49,151 men.2 After the Philippines were retaken on July 5, 1945, the United States used bases in Okinawa and the Marianas to begin a full air war against Japan.2 An atomic bomb, which was first successfully tested on July 18, 1945, was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 and on Nagasaki on August 9, 1945 and on August 10, 1945, Japan sued for peace and World War II came to an end on August 14, 1945.2

After the War, Emmit returned home, married Mary Maurine Culpepper and went back to school. Raymond Krejci wrote:1

He was President of his graduating class at the U of H [University of Houston?] Pharmacy School in 1951.... He placed a lot of store in education and the education of others.

Emmit also emerged from the War with a zest for life. He loved people. He loved fishing with his wife and father-in-law, Robert Earl Culpepper, playing dominoes with Robert Earl and playing poker with Dr. and Ruth Amman.1 Even while working as a pharmacist, he would play tricks on the regular customers at his drug store.1

Raymond Krejci wrote:1

[Emmit] loved helping people--He was a soft touch for anyone who had a sob story, but he was never "burned" by anyone he helped.... Had friends from every race that came to the store....

Raymond Krejci also recalled that Emmit had many hobbies: gardening, grafting trees, raising exotic birds, restoring Model A and Model T Fords, rebuilding and rebluing rifles and wine making.1

Raymond wrote:1

Produce went to anyone who would take it. We made several Midnight runs to Houston Intercontinental to pick up shipments of birds.... Loved to go dancing-especially "jitterbug." Loved remaking gun stocks and ruining cook stoves. He had many hobbies and did not enjoy anything requiring patience.... [Raymond then added: But he taught me patience!] He played the harmonica and was a fool for taking home movies. If he had seen the advent of video tape there would have had to be an addition to the house just for his tapes!

Raymond went on to note:1

Emmit was a real character.... He had many sayings from the "Book of Emmit." Of course we never wrote them down. One we can remember and even use ourselves is "Dasher". This referred to anyone with minimal intelligence....  


Mary Maurine Culpepper (7 Oct 1929 - 17 Apr 2009)
Marriage*27 Oct 1946 He married Mary Maurine Culpepper at Richmond, Fort Bend Co., Texas, on 27 Oct 1946 at age 22. 
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