Joseph Culpepper of Jackson Co. GA

Male, #2254, (circa 1765 - before 6 May 1816)
Father*Joseph Culpepper of Morgan Co. GA (s 1731 - c 1821)
Mother*(?) Gibson (c 1740 - c 1766)
DNA* Joseph has been proven by DNA and genealogical research to be a descendant of Joseph Culpepper of Morgan Co., GA. Joseph is a son of Joseph Culpepper of Edgecombe Co., NC, the son of Robert Culpepper of Lower Norfolk, the son of Henry Culpepper of Lower Norfolk, VA. 
Research note* Joseph's ancestry is unproven, but he was probably the son of either Joseph Culpepper of Morgan County, or his brother John Culpepper of Jones County
     From naming conventions in Joseph's family, particularly the use of the name Joel, he seems to have been a grandson of Joseph and Martha Culpepper of Edgecombe / Anson Counties NC. Joseph's sons Joseph, John, Sampson, and probable son-in-law William all moved to Georgia.
     Joseph of Jackson could not have been the son of Sampson, because Sampson had a son named Joseph Mallory Culpepper. Also, Sampson's descendants carry a unique DNA marker not found in the descendants of Joseph of Jackson.
     Joseph may have been a son of John Culpepper of Jones Co., GA. John's family seems to have been centered in Laurens (formerly Washington) County, GA, and not in Jackson County, but John's daughter Elizabeth may have lived in Jackson County.
     Joseph was probably not the son of William, because the Joseph Culpepper who died in 1785 in Montgomery County, NC, was associated with William and his sons, and was most likely William's son Joseph.
     That leaves Joseph of Morgan. Joseph of Morgan had a known son Malachi Culpepper, proven by an 1822 letter concerning Indian depredations, where Malachi, as Joseph of Morgan's son, inherited his claim. And there is circumstantial evidence that Malachi and Joseph of Jackson were connected. For instance, Malachi's daughter, Martha Bellah, moved west with Joseph of Jackson's sons, and attended the same church in western Alabama which was founded by members of Joseph's family. There is a descendant in Joseph's family named Malachi. And Malachi, like Joseph, left records in Jackson County, GA before moving elsewhere.
     While none of this constitutes proof, it is the best we have been able to come up with on the parentage of Joseph of Jackson. He does seem to have been the son of either of Joseph of Morgan, or of John of Jones. For the moment, this writer leans towards Joseph of Morgan as the father of Joseph of Jackson.1
Birth*circa 1765 Joseph was born at Anson Co., North Carolina, circa 1765. 
American Revolution*between 1781 and 1783 He provided service in the American Revolutionary War between 1781 and 1783

DAR Listing: Joseph Culpepper, born circa 1765, died before 6 May 1816 in Georgia, married Nancy ___, Patriotic Service, Georgia

"This is to certify that Joseph Culpepper has successfully done his duty as a refugee and citizen from the time of passing an act at August to wit on the 20th day of August 1781 until the total expulsion of the British from the state and the said Joseph Culpepper Jr. to my knowledge and belief has never been convicted of plundering or distressing the country and therefore under the _____ act is entitled to a boundy of five hundred and seventy five acres of good land given under my hand this 29 January 1785. Signed Elijah Clarke, Col." (A "refugee" was one who fled the state of Georgia during the British depredations there, and later returned.)2 
Marriage*circa 1792 He married Nancy (?) circa 1792. 
Birth of Soncirca 1794 His son Simeon Culpepper of Lauderdale Co., MS was born circa 1794 at Georgia
Birth of Soncirca 1795 His son Henry Culpepper of Lauderdale Co., MS was born circa 1795 at Georgia
Tax roll*1802 Joseph registered to pay taxes
     Original grant to Watkins. 300 acres on Oconee River.3 
Birth of Soncirca 1803 His son Joel Culpepper of Sumter Co., AL was born circa 1803 at Jackson Co., Georgia
Jury*7 Oct 1803 He served on a jury on 7 Oct 1803 at Jackson Co., Georgia,
     Grand Jury.4 
Land Grant/Patent*1804 Land was granted to Joseph Culpepper of Jackson Co. GA in 1804 at Jackson Co., Georgia,

117 acres.5 
Deed*between 1804 and 1806 Actions by Joseph Culpepper as J.P.:
     Deed Book D, page 125, 9 Jul 1804. Jos. Culpepper, as J.P., witnesses a deed.
     Deed Book D, page 262, 24 Sep 1805. Joseph Culpepper, as J.P., witnesses a Bill of Sale for a Negro girl.
     Deed Book D, page 380, 17 Jan 1806. Jos. Culpepper, as J.P., witnesses a deed.6 
Miscellaneous*between 1804 and 1816 Activity of Joseph Culpepper as recorded in Jackson Co., GA Inferior Court Minutes:
Feb 1804, appointed J.P. in Capt. Hendricks Company.
Feb 1805, appointed overseer of the road (not named) in lieu of William Dale, dec'd.
Feb 1807, resigned as a Justice of the Peace in Capt. Bearden's District.
Feb 1808, drawn as juror for the ensuing term
Jul 1809, to help work the road from Wm. McCorkley's to Jefferson.
May 1816, last will and testament produced in open court, proven and ordered recorded, and letters testamentary to issue to the executor therein named he having been sworn as such.7 
Land Lottery*1805 Joseph participated in but did not win the land lottery in 1805 at Jackson Co., Georgia.8 
Land Lottery1807 He had a fortunate draw in the land lottery in 1807 at Jackson Co., Georgia,
Lots 352-7 and 154-7 in Wilkinson Co., GA.9 
Birth of Soncirca 1807 His son Owen Culpepper of Lauderdale Co., MS was born circa 1807 at Jackson Co., Georgia
Birth of Soncirca 1809 His son John E. Culpepper of Jackson Co., GA was born circa 1809 at Jackson Co., Georgia
Will*15 Jan 1816 He made a will at Jackson Co., Georgia, on 15 Jan 1816, naming as executor(s) Ambrose Yarbrough, naming as executor(s) and heir(s) Simeon Culpepper of Lauderdale Co., MS, naming as heir(s) Henry Culpepper of Lauderdale Co., MS, Sarah Culpepper and Nancy (?).

Joseph Culpepper. Will dated 15 Jan 1816, probated 6 May 1816, recorded pp. 60-61. "Being on the bed of affliction but in perfect reason & Memory Calling to Mind that all men must die... I give to my son, Simeon Culpepper my young horse & to my Son Henry Culpepper my Rifle Gun Exclusive to there part with the Balance of my Children except my dau. Sally Culpepper which I give $100 Exclusive of an equal part with my other Legatees. I give my Beloved wife Nancy Culpepper after my just debts are paid all the remainder of my estate together with all my lands houses & household furniture with Stock of all kinds during her Lifetime or Widowhood & at her death to be equally divided betwixt my Children except what is here to fore Delineated. But if my Wife Nancy Should think proper to marry again I then give her an equal part with my children - I likewise constitute & ordain with my Wife Nancy Culpepper my Son Simeon Culpepper & Ambrous Yarbrough my whole & Sole Executors..."
Executrix: Wife, Nancy Culpepper, &
Executors: Son, Simeon Culpepper, & Ambrous Yarbrough.
Witnesses: Thomas J. Bowen, John Hogan & Ambrous Yarbrough.10 
Death*before 6 May 1816 He died at Jackson Co., Georgia, before 6 May 1816. 
Probate*6 May 1816 Probate action was taken on Joseph's estate on 6 May 1816 at Jackson Co., Georgia
Land Lottery1821 Joseph was the deceased whose orphan(s) had a fortunate draw in the land lottery in 1821 at Stricklands District, Jackson Co., Georgia,
lot 234-15 in Dooly Co., GA, as one of the "Joseph Culpepper Orphans."11 
Biography* Jackson County was formed from Franklin County in 1796, and it is not clear when Joseph Culpepper first moved there. He was there by 1803, when he registered for the 1805 Land Lottery as a resident of Jackson County. In October 1803 he was chosen as a Grand Juror for the Superior Court in Jackson County. In February 1804 he was appointed a Justice of the Peace in Captain Hendrick's Company. In February 1805 he was appointed overseer of a road (not named) in lieu of William Dale, deceased. Joseph was in the 1807 Lottery as well. In February 1807 he resigned as Justice of the Peace in Captain Bearden's District. He also resigned as overseer of the road from William Reed's store to Dale's mill. Joseph was a juror again in February 1808, and in November 1808 he witnessed a deed from Samuel Dickson and wife Matilda to Sampson Culpepper (Jackson County Deed Bk D-153). In July 1809 Joseph was assigned to help work the road from William McCorkley's to Jefferson.
     Joseph died in Jackson County in 1816. His will there mentions his wife Nancy, and children Simeon, Henry, and Sally Culpepper. His wife and son Simeon, and Ambrose Yarbrough, were executors. 
Note* Thanks to J. Leland Culpepper of Meridian, MS, who contributed much of the material included here on descendants of Joseph Culpepper of Jackson County, GA, as well as records on other branches of the Culpepper family. His more than 30 years of research has been invaluable in assembling this history. 


Nancy (?) (circa 1770 - after 1830)
Marriage*circa 1792 He married Nancy (?) circa 1792. 
ChartsHenry Culpeper of Lower Norfolk: DNA Status Chart (Male only, 8 generations)
Joseph Culpepper of Morgan Co., GA: Descendant Chart
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