Joseph Culpepper of Morgan Co. GA

Male, #2253, (say 1731 - circa 1821)
Father*Joseph Culpepper of Edgecombe Co., NC (s 1696 - 1745)
Mother*Martha (?) (s 1700 - 24 Jan 1764)
DNA* Joseph has been proven by DNA and genealogical research to be a descendant of Joseph Culpepper of Edgecombe Co., NC, who is a son of Robert Culpepper of Lower Norfolk, the son of Henry Culpepper of Lower Norfolk, VA. 
Birth*say 1731 Joseph was born at Bertie Co., North Carolina, say 1731. 
Death of Father1745 His father Joseph Culpepper of Edgecombe Co., NC died in 1745 at Edgecombe Co., North Carolina
Deed16 Jul 1754 He witnessed a deed grant by Henry Walker to James Adams on 16 Jul 1754 at Anson Co., North Carolina,

Book B, Page 517: HENRY WALKER of Anson Co., to JAMES ADAMS for ten pistoles on S side Pee Dee, below the mouth of Rockey River, 135 A... HENRY WALKER (SEAL), Wit EDMOND LILLY, JEREMIAH DUMAS, JOSEPH CULPEPPER.1 
Marriage*say 1760 He married (?) Gibson at Anson Co., North Carolina, say 1760. 
Deed*6 Sep 1760 He was granted a deed by Walter Gibson, witnessed by John Culpepper of Jones Co., GA and William Culpepper of Warren Co. GA on 6 Sep 1760 at Anson Co., North Carolina,

Book 5, Page 339: WALTER GIBSON of Anson, planter, to JOSEPH CULPEPER of same, planter, for good will & respect... 100 A adj. Rockey River on spring Br... WALTER GIBSON (W) (SEAL), Wit: JNO. CULPEPER, WILLIAM CULPEPER, JNOTH. DOWNS.1 
Birth of Soncirca 1761 His son Malachi Culpepper of Coweta Co., GA was born circa 1761 at Anson Co., North Carolina
Birth of Sonsay 1763 His son Unidentified grandfather of David Culpepper was born say 1763. 
Death of Mother24 Jan 1764 His mother Martha (?) died on 24 Jan 1764 at Anson Co., North Carolina
Deed22 Feb 1765 He witnessed a deed grant by Walter Gibson to Shadrach Hogan on 22 Feb 1765 at Anson Co., North Carolina,

Book 3, Page 337: WALTER GIBSON of Anson, to SHADRACH HOGAN of same, for £10 proc. money...100 A on SW side Pee Dee, adj. BENJ. MOORMAN, Rockey River, granted to GIBSON 5 Dec 1760... WALTER GIBSON (W) (SEAL), Wit: JOSEPH CULPEPPER, ELIJAH CLARK (X). Recorded July Term 1766, THOS. FROHOCK, C.C.1 
Deed*22 Apr 1765 He witnessed a deed grant on 22 Apr 1765 at Anson Co., North Carolina,

Book 3, Pp. 189-190: JOHN GIBSON of Anson, to JOHN RYLE of same, planter, for £40... 140 A granted to sd. GIBSON on S side Rockey River, granted 2 Nov 1764...JOHN GIBSON (SEAL), Wit: JOSEPH CULPEPPER, CHARLES HARRINGTON.1 
Birth of Soncirca 1765 His son Joseph Culpepper of Jackson Co. GA was born circa 1765 at Anson Co., North Carolina
Deed*11 Sep 1765 He granted a deed to Edmond Lilly, witnessed by Shadrach Hogan, with Walter Gibson as an adjacent landowner, with John Preslar as the original land grant recipient on 11 Sep 1765 at Anson Co., North Carolina.1 
Death of Spousecirca 1766 His wife (?) Gibson died circa 1766 at Anson Co., North Carolina
Marriage*circa 1767 He married Agnes Walker at Anson Co., North Carolina, circa 1767. Agnes and Joseph are believed to have had two daughters.2 
American Revolution*between 1776 and 1777 He provided service in the American Revolutionary War between 1776 and 1777
(Sergeant, Continental Regiment of Georgia Horse, 1776/1777.)3 
Land Grant/Patent*29 Jan 1785 Joseph Culpepper, Jr., certificate of Col. E. Clark, 29 Jan 1785. Refugee soldier prays for 575 acres in Washington Co., GA. 
Death*circa 1821 He died at Morgan Co., Georgia, circa 1821. 
Probate*6 Jan 1823 Probate action was taken on Joseph's estate, with Malachi Culpepper of Coweta Co., GA as administrator on 6 Jan 1823 at Morgan Co., Georgia.4 
Biography* Joseph Culpepper was the son of Joseph Culpepper, Sr., and grandson of Robert Culpepper of Norfolk Co, VA. He was first mentioned in the records in Edgecombe Co., NC after his father's death in 1745 when, his mother, Martha Culpepper, was appointed his guardian. Since he was not given a choice in choosing his guardian, he was under 14 years of age, which placed his date of birth between 1731 and 1745. He moved with his family to Anson County, where he witnessed a deed on 16 Jul 1754 for Henry Walker. On 6 Sep 1760, Walter Gibson gave Joseph Culpepper 100 acres "for good will and respect" adjacent Rocky River on Spring Branch. Witnesses were John Culpepper and William Culpepper (Anson County Deed Bk 5-339). Perhaps Joseph had just gotten married, and Walter Gibson was his father-in-law. In 1763, John, Joseph, Robert, Sampson and William Culpepper were all listed as taxpayers in Anson Co., NC. On 11 Sep 1765, Joseph Culpepper sold to Edmund Lilly for £40, the 100 acres on the North side of Rocky River which Walter Gibson had given him.

This was the last record found in Anson County for Joseph, and he probably moved to Wilkes County, GA, about this time.

Joseph served in the Revolutionary War in Georgia. Immediately after the Revolution, Georgia acquired a large area from the Creeks and Cherokees between the Ogechee and the Oconee Rivers. From these areas, Georgia created the counties of Washington and Franklin in 1784.

After a treaty was concluded with the Creek Indians, Joseph was allowed $285.60 for damages he had suffered in Georgia during 1777-1780, so he was certainly there by that date, making Joseph one of the first of his family to move to Georgia. Joseph's son Malachi stated that he was in Wilkes County in 1777 when he enlisted for service in the Revolutionary War.

Joseph did not leave many records after moving to Georgia, and probably followed a trade other than farming, or was perhaps a minister. At some point Joseph moved to Morgan Co, GA. He apparently died there around or prior to 1821: "I have received your letter of the 18th and in answer have to state that on examining the papers in the cases of Joseph Culpepper and James Fray, to which you refer, it appears that they were original claimants who have died, and that the claims have been established by their sons Malakiah Culpeper and Isaac Gray--the amount awarded in each case must of course be paid to the legal representatives of Joseph Culpeper and James Gray, whose names appear on the list in your possession. The evidence in the joint case was taken before the Court of Morgan County at Sept., term 1821, and that in the latter before the Court for Gwinnett County--same term. /s/ J. C. Calhoun." On 6 Jan 1823, Joseph's son Malachi was appointed administrator of his estate, but no further records of the estate have been found. 

Family 1

(?) Gibson (circa 1740 - circa 1766)
Marriage*say 1760 He married (?) Gibson at Anson Co., North Carolina, say 1760. 

Family 2


Family 3

Agnes Walker (say 1731 - )
Marriage*circa 1767 He married Agnes Walker at Anson Co., North Carolina, circa 1767. Agnes and Joseph are believed to have had two daughters.2 
ChartsHenry Culpeper of Lower Norfolk: DNA Status Chart (Male only, 8 generations)
Joseph Culpepper of Morgan Co., GA: Descendant Chart
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