Robert Culpepper1

Male, #185, (circa 1775 - between 1817 and 1818)
Father*Thomas Culpepper of Norfolk Co., VA (c 1750 - c 1814)
Mother*(?) (?) (s 1753 - )
DNA* Robert has been proven by DNA and genealogical research to be a descendant of Thomas Culpepper, who is a son of Henry Culpepper, Jr. and grandson Henry Culpepper of Lower Norfolk, VA. 
Birth*circa 1775 Robert was born at Norfolk Co., Virginia, circa 1775. 
Census1782 He was/were probably enumerated in the census report at Norfolk Co., Virginia, in 1782.2 
Marriage*6 Jan 1796 He married Elizabeth Bracket at Norfolk Co., Virginia, on 6 Jan 1796. Rev. Arthur Emmerson II, as minister, performed the marriage.
     Researcher Dick Culpepper believes that Elizabeth married a different Robert: Robert Culpepper. Your help with additional information on Elizabeth and these two Roberts will be appreciated.3,4,5 
Birth of Soncirca 1798 His son George Washington Culpepper was born circa 1798 at Norfolk Co., Virginia
Birth of Son1802 His son William Culpepper was born in 1802 at Norfolk Co., Virginia.6 
Birth of Sonsay 1804 His son Thomas Culpepper was born say 1804 at Norfolk Co., Virginia
Birth of Soncirca 1804 His son Accountis Culpepper was born circa 1804 at North Carolina.5 
1810 Census*6 Aug 1810 Robert was listed as the head of a family on the 1810 Census at Portsmouth, Norfolk Co., Virginia. Enumerated in census but otherwise not identified is 1 F0-10..7 
Birth of Sonsay 1811 His son James Culpepper was born say 1811 at Norfolk Co., Virginia
War of 1812*between 1813 and 1814 He served in the War of 1812 between 1813 and 1814
(Virginia Militia.)8 
Probate23 May 1815 He administrated Thomas Culpepper of Norfolk Co., VA's estate on 23 May 1815 at Norfolk Co., Virginia.9 
Death*between 1817 and 1818 He died at Norfolk Co., Virginia, between 1817 and 1818. 
Research note* Robert's ancestry is unproven, and speculative. But he does appear to descend from some branch of the family of Thomas Culpepper, who died in 1786.
     Robert's first certain mention in Norfolk County deeds was in October 1804, when Mary Hudson and her son John sold Robert 100 acres on the south side of Deep Creek, adjacent William Carter, the heirs of Corbin Bracket, James Cherry, Thomas Culpepper, and Matthew Cherry. This land formerly belonged to Henry Culpepper. William Carter and his wife lived on a portion of the land, not included in this deed. Witnesses were Willoughby McPherson, James Williams, and Nathan Chamberlin (Norfolk County VA Deed Bk. 42, p .47).
     In December 1811, Mordecai Cook and wife Margaret sold land to Robert Culpepper and James Brown, for $1200 (acreage not known, Deed Bk 45, p.234).
     In the Virginia Militia during the War of 1812-1814, both a Robert Culpepper and a Thomas Culpepper served in the 7th Regiment (Mannien's). A Robert Culpepper and a Henry Culpepper served in the 9th Regiment (Sharp's). And a Robert Culpepper and a John Culpepper served in Captain Tart's Company.
     In May 1815, Robert was appointed administrator of the estate Thomas Culpepper. The bond mentions Thomas Culpepper, Mary Culpepper, Silas Cherry and Wife Margaret Culpepper, Tamer Culpepper, and Nancy Culpepper, all siblings of Robert. Witnesses to the bond were John Pollick, William Richardson, Robert Hendren, and Mary Deal (Deed Bk. 46, p.228).
     In March 1816, James Cherry and wife Ann sold Robert 37 1/2 acres on the south side of Deep Creek along Brown's patent line. This was 1/2 the land bought by John Kearnes and Hillary Cherry from the heirs of Reuben Brown, then conveyed to Hillary's son James Cherry, and Ann. Witnesses were Mary Carter, Patience Plummer, and John Pollick (Deed Bk.46, p.287).
     Also in March 1816, Robert and wife Elizabeth sold 75 acres on New Mill Creek to James Davis. The land was adjacent to William Bradford, witnesses were John Pollick, John Richardson, and James Baker (Deed Bk. 48, p.375) 1820 - A survey for the heirs of Robert Culpepper, 29 acres near Deep Creek "beginning at a pine stump on Brown's Run thence... to Deep Creek road leading to Cooks Mill ... to angles in Jonathan Martins line.... Then surveyed a tract of land about two miles below the canal for the heirs (not named) for Robert Culpepper (acreage not given, also one other tract of land containing nine acres.... (Norfolk Co. Surveyor Record No. 1, p. 200)
     12 Jan 1819 -- American Beacon, Norfolk County, "We have received information of the death of Robert Culpepper, a poor but honest and exemplary man who had for some time officiated as manager of a farm at Deep Creek belonging to Mordecai Cook, Esq., of Portsmouth. Has left a wife and six children."
     In Dec 1823, Robert's son William Culpepper sells land described as "part of a division of the lands of Robert Culpepper, dec'd, father of William." William sold 35 acres to Mordecai Cook, adjacent Mordecai Cook, Rebecca Culpepper, James Brown and James Brown, Jr., George Culpepper, and Jonas Martin (Deed Bk 51, p.71).
     If you can help shed further light on Robert's ancestry, please contact Lew Griffin.10 

Family 1

Elizabeth Bracket (circa 1775 - before 1822)
Marriage*6 Jan 1796 He married Elizabeth Bracket at Norfolk Co., Virginia, on 6 Jan 1796. Rev. Arthur Emmerson II, as minister, performed the marriage.
     Researcher Dick Culpepper believes that Elizabeth married a different Robert: Robert Culpepper. Your help with additional information on Elizabeth and these two Roberts will be appreciated.3,4,5 

Family 2

ChartsHenry Culpeper of Lower Norfolk: DNA Status Chart (Male only, 8 generations)
Henry Culpepper Jr. of Norfolk Co., VA: Descendant Chart
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