Alexander Hamilton Haynes1

Male, #177, (6 Aug 1856 - 7 Nov 1931)
Birth*6 Aug 1856 Alexander was born on 6 Aug 1856. 
Marriage*23 Dec 1880 He married Elizabeth Catherine Culpepper at Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, on 23 Dec 1880 at age 24.2 
Photographed*23 Dec 1930 He was photographed on 23 Dec 1930 at Lisbon, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, at age 74
Alexander and Elizabeth Catherine Culpepper Haynes at their 50th wedding celebration. This photo was taken at the home of Milo Haynes, son of Elizabeth and Alexander.

The people in the photo are:

Front row L to R; Walter Van Zant, Angie Culpepper Van Zant, Elizabeth Catherine Culpepper Haynes, Alexander Hamilton Haynes, and John Haynes.
Back row L to R; Charles Newton Culpepper, Stephen H. Culpepper, Nancy Elizabeth Bays Culpepper (wife of Stephen H. Culpepper).

Angie, Elizabeth, Charles, and Stephen H. are all children of Stephen Josephius Culpepper by his second wife, Adelia Wise Culpepper.3

50th Wedding Anniversary
Death*7 Nov 1931 He died on 7 Nov 1931 at age 75. 
Biography* Dear Warren,
      My name is Susan Elizabeth (nee Haynes) Rhoad Gassiott.
I was named after my great-grandmother, Elizabeth Catherine Culpepper.
Attached is her 50th wedding anniversary newspaper announcement from 1931. I also am attaching a copy of my Haynes family tree and
comments by my father's 1st cousin, Lavelle Haynes. There is also
information that A H Haynes, Sr, once owned a shoe shop near
Haynesville, LA, that made shoes for the Confederate Army. He claimed that he made the first pair of leather shoes that Eliza My grandfather was Alexander Hamilton Haynes,Jr("Leckie). My father is James Orville Haynes, Sr. My father and his brothers were raised by she and her husband, Alexander Hamilton Haynes,Sr.("Alec") during the Depression Era in Jena, LA. Their mother Stella (nee) Russell Haynes went away to nursing school after Leckie died of pneumonia and continued working to support her sons. I missed knowing Grannie Haynes.
They said she was a prankster. Once when my dad and uncle M.J. were about 6 and 9 years old, they were out in the fig trees in the yard shooting birds. Around dusk, "Eliza" as she was called, covered herself with a sheet and chased the two boys. My dad said it really scared them badly.
1 Jun 2002.



Elizabeth Catherine Culpepper (22 Feb 1865 - 2 Jan 1949)
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