Matthew Nathan Culpepper of Chickasaw Co. MS

Male, #1563, (1825 - Mar 1865)
Father*Jeremiah Culpepper Jr., of Jackson Co., TX (s 1800 - Aug 1862)
Mother*Mary Vick (c 1795 - c 1831)
DNA* Matthew has been proven by DNA and genealogical research to be a descendant of Jeremiah Culpepper of Nash Co., NC, and Jeremiah has been proven to be a son of James, a grandson of Robert Culpepper, Jr. and a 2-great-grandson of Henry Culpepper of Lower Norfolk, VA. 
Birth*1825 Matthew was born at North Carolina in 1825.1 
Death of Mothercirca 1831 His mother Mary Vick died circa 1831 at Nash Co., North Carolina
Birth of Soncirca 1847 His son Washington Culpepper was born circa 1847 at North Carolina.1 
1850 Census*1 Jun 1850 Matthew was listed as the head of a family on the 1850 Census on 1 Jun 1850 at Darlington District, South Carolina.2 
Birth of Soncirca 1851 His son George Culpepper was born circa 1851 at Chickasaw Co., Mississippi.1 
Birth of Soncirca 1854 His son Gaston Culpepper was born circa 1854 at Chickasaw Co., Mississippi.1 
Marriage*1855 He married Elizabeth F. Long at Mississippi in 1855. 
Birth of Son22 Jun 1858 His son James David Culpepper was born on 22 Jun 1858 at Chickasaw Co., Mississippi
1860 Census*1 Jun 1860 Matthew was listed as the head of a family on the 1860 Census at Chickasaw Co., Mississippi.1 
Death of FatherAug 1862 His father Jeremiah Culpepper Jr., of Jackson Co., TX died in Aug 1862 at Jackson Co., Texas
Civil War*between 1863 and 1865 He served in the War Between the States between 1863 and 1865

     Matthew's Civil War service began in 1863 when he enlisted in Rasey's Brigade, Co. E., of the 48th Mississippi Regiment, and ended with his death in March 1865 in Howard's Grove Hospital, Richmond, VA. 
Death*Mar 1865 He died at Richmond (city), Virginia, in Mar 1865. 
Research note*12 Jun 2004 Matthew Nathan was by himself in the 1850 census in Darlington District, SC, and was listed as age 30, born in NC. Around 1855 he moved to the Coleville area of Chickasaw Co., MS, and about that same time married Elizabeth F. Long, a native of NC.

The 1860 census shows Matthew and Elizabeth with two children, James, aged two, and an unnamed three month old daughter. Also in the household were three older children, Wash, aged 12, born in NC, and George, aged 8, and Gaston, aged 5, both born in MS. These older children may have been visiting relatives, or may have been Matthew's children by a prior marriage. No futher record of them has been found. The only other Gaston Culpepper in the Culpepper family was John Gaston Culpepper, born 1822 in Anson Co, NC, son of Benjamin Culpepper (later of AR) and grandson of the Rev. John Culpepper of Anson, several times a U.S. Congressman.

No record of Matthew's parentage has survived among his descendants. One grandson recalled, however, that Matthew had a sister, Sally, and a brother, James. From the 1850 and 1860 censuses, we know that Matthew was born in NC around 1820-1825, and may have lived there until at least 1848. We have no record of what county Matthew was from in NC. The names "Matthew" and "Nathan" were used in both the Culpepper and other families in Nash Co, NC, so he most likely was from Nash County.

The only Culpeppers in Nash County in 1830 with sons born in the 1820's, if one can rely on the 1830 census, were William (William C. Culpepper) and Jeremiah (Jeremiah Culpepper Jr., of Jackson Co., TX). William's children are known, but Jeremiah Culpepper, Jr. could have been Matthew's father.

The 1830 census shows Jeremiah with two sons born between 1820 and 1825, and the 1840 census shows two sons, one born 1820-1825, and one born 1825-1830. One of these two sons was almost certainly Alexander J. Culpepper. He and Jeremiah both show up in later censuses in Jackson Co, TX. The "J" in Alexander J. could stand for James, so that this could be the brother "James" that Matthew's grandson recalled. The sister Sally the family recalls remains unaccounted for. But the evidence directly supporting Matthew Nathan Culpepper as one of the two sons of Jeremiah Culpepper and Polly Vick is slim. However, DNA testing of a descendant of Matthew proves that Matthew is a descendant of James Culpepper of Nash Co., NC. Note that Jeremiah Jr. is a grandson of James. DNA testing also rules out James Culpepper, Jr. (son of James Sr.) as a father or grandfather, as his descendants carry a unique DNA signature not found in Matthew's descendants.

The name Matthew was used in the family of Henry Culpepper of Darlington, SC, James Jr.'s' brother. And James Jr. did have a son James H. Culpepper, and some daughters who are unaccounted for. So this would explain Matthew Nathan's grandsons' recollection that he had a brother James and a sister Sally.

Given Matthew Nathan's physical presence in Darlington District, SC, in 1850, James most likely was either:
     (a) the son or grandson of Henry Culpepper of Darlington, who was the son of James Culpepper Sr., died 1799, of Nash County, NC, or
     (b) the son of Jeremiah Culpepper, Jr., son of Jeremiah Sr., son of James Sr. It is this later possibility that we have favored in the construction of this family tree.

Your help with this person will be appreciated. Contact Lew Griffin (see footnote for details).3 

Family 1


Family 2

Elizabeth F. Long (May 1834 - after 1900)
Marriage*1855 He married Elizabeth F. Long at Mississippi in 1855. 
ChartsHenry Culpeper of Lower Norfolk: DNA Status Chart (Male only, 8 generations)
James Culpepper of Nash Co., NC : Descendant Chart
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    George Culpeper, 8, M, MS
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  3. Lewis W. Griffin Jr. (#47), e-mail address.