Robert Curtis Culpepper1

Male, #1544, (27 Jul 1829 - 7 Feb 1864)
Father*James Culpepper Jr., of Darlington, SC (c 1771 - bt 1830 - 1840)
Mother*Elizabeth (?) (17 Nov 1786 - 4 Oct 1886)
DNA* To help confirm Robert Curtis Culpepper's descent from Henry Culpepper of Lower Norfolk, we are seeking a male Culpepper descendant of Robert's to participate in our free DNA testing project. For more information, go to:
Birth*27 Jul 1829 Robert was born at South Carolina on 27 Jul 1829.2 
1830 Census1 Jun 1830 Robert was probably a free white male, age under 5, in James Culpepper Jr., of Darlington, SC's houshold, on the 1830 Census at Darlington District, South Carolina. Unaccounted for are 1 M15-20, 1 F5-10, 1 F10-15 and 1 F15-20..3 
1840 Census1 Jun 1840 Robert was probably a free white male, age 10 and under 15, in Elizabeth (?)'s household, on the 1840 Census on 1 Jun 1840 at Darlington District, South Carolina.
(Unaccounted for are 1 F15-20 and 1 F20-30.)4 
Marriage*2 Sep 1852 He married Rhoda Tison on 2 Sep 1852 at age 23.2 
Birth of Son10 Aug 1853 His son Francis Marion Culpepper was born on 10 Aug 1853 at Russell Co., Alabama.1 
Birth of Son17 Aug 1858 His son John Wesley Culpepper was born on 17 Aug 1858 at Georgia
1860 Census*1 Jun 1860 Robert was listed as the head of a family on the 1860 Census at Schley Co., Georgia.5 
Civil War*circa 1863 Robert Culpepper, of Schley Co, GA, enlisted on 5/10/62 as a private. On 5/10/62 he mustered into Co. B, 46th GA Infantry. He died of disease (diarrhea) on 2/7/64 at Marietta, GA. 
Death*7 Feb 1864 He died at Marietta, Cobb Co., Georgia, on 7 Feb 1864 at age 34
From Judy Roberts, granddaughter of Mary Ruth (Culpepper) Chambers:
According to my Grandmother, Robert Curtis is buried outside the fence at Botsford Cemetery (I think it is Old Rural Hill Cemetery) near Plains, GA. There may not be a fence there now and the grave may not be marked.2,6 
Burial*circa 10 Feb 1864 His body was interred circa 10 Feb 1864 at Smithville, Lee Co., Georgia. Rubye Jackson Lewis, great granddaughter of Robert Curtis Culpepper and Rhoda Tison Culpepper, wrote on 14 Jun 2005:
     "I thought I should tell you where Robert Curtis Culpepper is buried. I was told often by my grandad Francis Marion Culpepper (Robert Curtis's son, I have a picture of RC) that he was killed in war and the Government sent him back to Smithville, Georgia in a coffin. At that time, there was only a slab shelter (no sides) for a train station, and at 3:00 AM, the conductor and crew put his coffin out under the shed leaving Rhoda there by herself. She started screaming, and some coon hunters came to her rescue. Since she had no one to help her and no way to carry him to a cemetery, she asked them to dig a grave by the railroad tracts and they buried him there. As far as I know or can find out, no one knows where the original shelter was located, so there is no way to know the exact location of his burial place.".1 
Research note*20 Feb 2007 Robert Culpepper's ancestry is unproven. But this writer thinks that he was the son of James and Elizabeth Culpepper of Darlington District, SC. He is known to have been born in SC, from the 1850 census. And earlier SC censuses show that James and Elizabeth had a son of the right age to have been Robert.

From Judy Roberts, granddaughter of Mary Ruth (Culpepper) Chambers:
Our verbal history is that Robert Curtis' s father was named James and his mother was named Elizabeth.

Your help with this person will be appreciated. Contact Lew Griffin (see footnote for details).7,6 


Rhoda Tison (9 Jun 1835 - 25 Feb 1914)
Marriage*2 Sep 1852 He married Rhoda Tison on 2 Sep 1852 at age 23.2 
ChartsHenry Culpeper of Lower Norfolk: DNA Status Chart (Male only, 8 generations)
James Culpepper of Nash Co., NC : Descendant Chart
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