Francis Gillespie1

Male, #13519, (Dec 1745 - Apr 1780)
Father*James Gillespie (c 1715 - Jun 1755)
Mother*Mary Young (c 1720 - c 1766)
Birth*Dec 1745 Francis was born at South Carolina in Dec 1745. 
Death of FatherJun 1755 His father James Gillespie died in Jun 1755 at Craven Co., South Carolina
Death of Mothercirca 1766 His mother Mary Young died circa 1766 at Craven Co., South Carolina
Marriage*circa 1775 He married Elizabeth Peek circa 1775. 
American Revolution*circa 1776 He provided service in the American Revolutionary War circa 1776
(DAR Listing: Francis Gillespie, as of May 2004, has been accepted as a D. A. R. ancestor, thanks to cousin Sallie Cox. Others wishing to join the DAR on Francis Gillespie can write the DAR and ask for a record copy of her successful application, for $10 (as of 2004).) 
Death*Apr 1780 He died at South Carolina in Apr 1780 at age 34. 
Biography* On 3 January 1767, Francis Gillespie, planter, (son of James Gillespie and Mary, one of the daughters of Francis Young), and Elizabeth his wife, sold to Samuel Butler, gentleman, both of Craven Co., SC, for 350 pds. SC money, their undivided fourth part of 1100 acres (see pages 363-376 for details regarding the 1100 acres formerly belonging to Francis Young, grandfather of the said Francis Gillespie). Francis Gillespie being entitled to the said fourth part of 1100 acres through his mother, Mary, deceased, sells his share to Samuel Butler. Witnesses: John Thompson, William Pegues. Before Claudius Pegues, J. P. Recorded 23 January 1770 by Henry Rugeley, Deputy Register.
     In 1769 Francis Gillespie was listed as one of the voters for St. David's Parish near Long Bluff.
     On May 22, 1772, a Memorial was exhibited by Samuel Butler to be registered in the Auditor's office and persuant to an act of Assembly in that case made & provided of a plantation or tract of land containing 275 acres Situate in Craven County on the Peedee River and is part of two tracts of Land of 700 acres granted the 24th of May 1745 to Francis Young grandfather to Francis Gillespie butting and bounding NE on the Pee Dee river, NW on the Land of John Thompson Junr Dec'd, partly on the said Thompson and partly on the said Young's land, and SE on Mary Evan's Land and on all other sides uninhabited lands and 500 acres originally granted 18 November 1747 to Andrew Johnson, lying on the SW of the Pee Dee River, bounding NE & on all three sides on Francis Young's land & conveyed by him [Andrew Johnson] to Francis Young, which 275 acres of Land is part of the two tracts of Land above mentioned which became vested in Francis Gillespie by Intermarriage with Elizabeth his wife who conveyed the same by Lease and Release and bearing the date respectively the 12(?) day of Jany 1767 to Samuel Butler the Memorialist Quit Rent of 3/Stg or 4/proclamation money per 100 acres. Also another plantation or tract of Land containing 275 acres Situate as above (and is part of the two tracts of 700 acres of Land) aforementioned which became vested in John Flower by Intermarriage with Obedience his wife, one of the four female heirs and partners who Sold & Conveyed the Same by Lease and release bearing the date respectively the 1 and 2 days of Octr 1765 to Samuel Butler the Memorialist Quit Rent 3/Stg or 4/pro money per 100 acres. In witness Whereof he hath hereunto Set his hand this 22 May 1772.
     Francis was one of a group of men "from every part of the state who met in Charleston on July 6, 1774 to consider lans to support Boston. By account published by Comm. appt. by Boston to receive donations... July 18, 1778, it appears that those of South Carolina exceeded both in money & supplies, any other, not excepting Mass. itself" (South Carolinians in the Revolution, by Ervin).
     On 3 January 1775, Alexander Gordon and his wife Mary and son Robert Gordon of St. David's Parish, Craven Co, SC, sold to Thomas Lide of the same place, planter, for 3500 pds. SC money, 546.5 acres: one tract of land containing 300 acres on the northeast side of the Peedee adj. lands now possessed by John Husbands on a creek commonly known by the name of Hainer's or Husband's Creek and also, that plantation on which I now live on the northeast side of the Peedee River, 246.5 acres 100 acres of which is adjacent to land now belonging to Francis Gillespie, willed to Elizabeth Gordon and conveyed to me by Robert Gordon, 50 acres formerly granted to John Ellerbe conveyed to me by Edward Ellerbe adjacent to the lands mentioned, a tract of 96.5 acres conveyed to me by William Black. Alexander Gordon (LS), Mary Gordon (/) (LS), Robert Gordon (LS), Wit: Calvin Spencer, Sarah Foster (+). Proved in Cheraw Dist. Before Charles Augustus Steward, J.P., by the oath of Calvin Spencer, 4 January 1775. Recorded 3 April 1775 (SC Deeds, Bk. Q-4, p. 264-267)
     In 1776 Francis was elected a church officer of St. David's.
     Francis Gillespie was one of the original benefactors of St. Davids Society, which was established January 31, 1778 to promote public education in St. David's Parish. The society was founded "purposely for the establishing and founding a Public School in the said Parish for educating youth of all Christian denominations being protestants in the Latin and Greek Languages, writing, mathematics, arithmetic, and other useful branches of Literature...." (Darlingtoniana: A History of Darlington County, Eliza C. Ervin and Horace F. Rudisill, eds.)
     In 1779 Francis is named on a Jury List for Cheraws District, which is attached to Manuscript Act #1127, a new list to replace the one made up in 1778 (South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Vol. V, No. 1, Winter 1977, p.13)
     According to a Bible in the possession of Miss Olivia Moore, of Kollock, Marlboro Co, SC, Francis Gillespie was born in December (torn, but probably 1744-1746). And from the same source, he died in April 1780 (South Carolina Historical & Genealogical Magazine, Vol. 33, p. 177).
     On November 25, 1783, John Husbands of St. David's Parish, SC, bought 90 acres, part of 200 acres granted to John Bury on Oct 6, 1748, for 700 Spanish milled dollars, adjacent to property of the heirs of Francis Gillespie (Marlborough Co SC Deed Bk. A, p.7).
     On May 25, 1786, Thomas Lide of Marlborough Co. Sold 246 acres on the NE side of the PeeDee adjacent to the river and the estate of Francis Gillespie dec'd. Recorded June 8,1786 (Marlborough Co Deed Bk. A, p.22).
     On January 10, 1787, John Brown of Marlborough Co. sold to Morgan Brown 200 acres originally granted to John Berry on October 6, 1748, land adjacent to Husband's Creek and James Gillespie, and the estate of Francis Gillespie. Recorded June 5, 1787 (Marlborough Co. Deeds, Bk A, p.136.) 
Biography The Gillespie family Bible can be found at:


Elizabeth Peek (circa 1755 - )
Marriage*circa 1775 He married Elizabeth Peek circa 1775. 
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