Myrtle Leslie Griffin

Female, #11563, (3 Nov 1886 - 14 Mar 1959)
Father*William Henry Griffin (20 Oct 1847 - 21 Feb 1924)
Mother*Clarissa Eugenia Culpepper (13 Apr 1848 - 29 Nov 1947)
Birth*3 Nov 1886 Myrtle was born at Good Hope (near Lineville), Clay Co., Alabama, on 3 Nov 1886. 
Census*1900 She was in the in 1900 census at Clay Co., Alabama
Marriage*22 Feb 1904 She married Robert Charles Whatley at Lineville, Clay Co., Alabama, on 22 Feb 1904 at age 17. 
Married Name22 Feb 1904  As of 22 Feb 1904, her married name was Whatley. 
Birth of Son6 Jan 1916 Her son Chalmus William Whatley was born on 6 Jan 1916 at Lineville, Clay Co., Alabama
Birth of Son17 Jul 1920 Her son Robert Charles Whatley Jr. was born on 17 Jul 1920 at Lineville, Clay Co., Alabama
Death of Son8 Apr 1922 Her son Robert Charles Whatley Jr. died on 8 Apr 1922 at Lineville, Clay Co., Alabama
Death of Father21 Feb 1924 Her father William Henry Griffin died on 21 Feb 1924 at Olive Branch, Clay Co., Alabama
Death of Mother29 Nov 1947 Her mother Clarissa Eugenia Culpepper died on 29 Nov 1947 at Ashland, Clay Co., Alabama
Death of Son5 Oct 1953 Her son Chalmus William Whatley died on 5 Oct 1953 at Lineville, Clay Co., Alabama
Death*14 Mar 1959 She died at Lineville, Clay Co., Alabama, on 14 Mar 1959 at age 72. 
Burial*16 Mar 1959 Her body was interred on 16 Mar 1959 at Lineville City Cemetery, Lineville, Clay Co., Alabama.1 
Biography* A nephew, James M. Griffin, recalled that Myrtle had blue eyes. A daughter, Mrs. Charles (Margaret Whatley) Lee wrote 14 Oct 1978: My mother was a lovely, remarkable person, very out going, bubbling personality, and was young at heart along with us children and was a proud person with dignity. She worked very hard for all of us and her memories are with me forever. She had so much patience with us all.
      Margaret Lee added in a 6 Feb 1979 letter: All those [Griffin] boys made over my mamma lots, she was the baby. They would all have such fun when they would come for a visit. My mamma was full of life, she would always cook their favorite dishes when they would come. All those Griffin girls were great cooks. Uncle [James] Olin [Griffin] used to just love my mamma's sweet potato plate pies and also cobbler pies. I can just see Uncle Olin sitting on the front porch in the summer, they would laugh & cut up and talk about younger days.
      In a 27 Sep 1979 letter Margaret Lee wrote: Yes, I knew the fortune teller that used to live in Mellow Valley. Her name was Mrs. Till.... She was one of the most famous fortune tellers that's ever been in the South. She was kindly like that Mrs. Dixon you hear so much about. I never believed in her too much but my mother did. Mother went to her several times. She believed every word she [Mrs. Till] said. Mrs. Till started with coffee grounds. She could tell you all right how many children you had, she told me my husband was away from home & he was on water. He was in the Navy & on water. She told Mama her son had 2 hound dogs & you can't stand those dogs but that boy loves them dogs and told Mother to be nice to him about the dogs and we sure didn't hear any more about the dogs out of Mother (Ha!). Daddy didn't believe in her and really rather Mother didn't go but she went anyway. Mrs. Till made a lot of money but you would never know it by the way she lived.
      In an 8 Feb 1979 letter, Margaret Lee wrote that her mother had died of bone marrow cancer. In a 5 Mar 1979 letter, Margaret Lee added that her parents "are buried in the new [Lineville] City Cem... east of town...." 


Robert Charles Whatley (3 Dec 1883 - 10 Jul 1969)
Marriage*22 Feb 1904 She married Robert Charles Whatley at Lineville, Clay Co., Alabama, on 22 Feb 1904 at age 17. 
ChartsBenjamin (son of Joseph) Culpepper of Edgecombe Co., NC: Descendant Chart
John Culpepper of Randolph Co, AL: Descendant Chart
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