John Eutus Culpepper1

Male, #11167, (circa 1907 - 1 Mar 1942)
Father*Walter Lee Culpepper (6 Jul 1881 - 10 Feb 1973)
Mother*Lela Bell Tinsley1 (12 Jun 1886 - 10 Apr 1967)
Birth*circa 1907 John was born at Henry Co., Alabama, circa 1907.2 
1910 Census15 Apr 1910 John was listed as a son in Walter Lee Culpepper's household on the 1910 Census at Hardwickburg, Henry Co., Alabama.2 
1920 Census1 Jan 1920 John and Wesley was listed as a son in Walter Lee Culpepper's household on the 1920 Census at Cowarts, Houston Co., Alabama.3 
World War II*between 1940 and 1942 He served in World War II between 1940 and 1942
(Quartermaster First Class, 02719527, United States Navy.)4,5,1 
Death*1 Mar 1942 He died on 1 Mar 1942
Lost at sea.4 
Burial*25 Nov 1945  Although John was lost at sea on 1 Mar 1942, since his body was never found, he was not officially declared dead until after the war. On 25 Nov 1945, he was listed as "Missing in Action or Buried at Sea" on the Tablets of The Missing. At Manila American Cemetery, Fort William McKinley, Manila, Philippine Islands.4,1 
ChartsBenjamin (son of Joseph) Culpepper of Edgecombe Co., NC: Descendant Chart
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    Name: John Eutus Culpepper
    Relative Name: Mrs. Lela Bell Culpepper
    Relative Relationship: Mother
    State: Florida
    Country: United States
    Type of Casualty: Killed In Action
    Roll: ww2c_27.
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    Burtha J. Culpepper, Daughter, F, Wh, 4, sng, AL/AL/AL
    John E. Culpepper, Son, M, Wh, 2, sng, AL/AL/AL.
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    Bertha Culpepper, Daughter, F, Wh, 14, sng, AL/AL/GA
    John Culpepper, Son, M, Wh, 12, sng, AL/AL/GA
    Beatrice Culpepper, Daughter, F, Wh, 8, sng, AL/AL/GA
    Wesley Culpepper, Son, M, Wh, 3, sng, AL/AL/GA
    Delphine Culpepper, Daughter, F, Wh, 2/12, sng, AL/AL/GA.
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    Date of Loss: 1 Mar 1942
    Branch: U.S. Navy
    Rank: QM1
    Service Number: 2719527
    Status: Missing in Action.