Ephraim Culpepper Jr.

Male, #10901, (circa 1862 - circa 1915)
Father*Ephraim Culpepper (c 1830 - b 1869)
Mother*Sarah Jane Stennett (29 Nov 1835 - 20 Jun 1901)
Birth*circa 1862 Ephraim was born at Arkansas circa 1862. 
1870 Census1 Jun 1870 Josephine, Ephraim, Laura, Peter and Sarah listed as a household member living with Howell Terrance Boydston on the 1870 Census at Granby Township, Newton Co., Missouri.1 
1880 Census*1 Jun 1880 Ephraim was listed with a relationship of "other" in an unknown person 's household on the 1880 Census at Ross, Cherokee Co., Kansas.2 
Photographed*circa 1885 He was photographed circa 1885
From Evelyn Delgado, uc1delgado@ix.netcom.com, May 2000: "No one has identified the older woman in the front, but I believe that is Sarah Jane. The idea put forward now is that Sarah Jane's surname was Stinnett and her mother was Mary Cox. This is a new development for me; a real surprise, so I'll have to work through this to see how I am related to her.

The man standing behind her is Ephraim (Eph) Culpepper, her son. One of the men standing next to Eph is William B. (W.B.) Boydstun. I believe it is the fellow in the checked suit. Could the other person be H.T. Boydstun?

The woman sitting next to Sarah Jane in the striped dress is my great-grandmother Harriet Isabelle (Belle) Shuster Cox. She is married to John David (J.D.) Cox who is standing on the far right.

The woman in the front row with all the buttons down the front of her dress is Ora Culpepper, Eph's wife. I don't know who the woman is who is standing in front of J.D.. Actually she looks a lot like his daughter (my grandmother) turned out to be as an adult woman.

One woman might be W.B.'s wife and the other woman might be his sister Amy.

I believe this picture was taken about 1885 when John married Belle. I have another picture of them together wearing the same clothing. I had wondered if it were a wedding picture. If so, this was taken in MO. Sarah Jane would have been about 50 years old.

Eph and J.D. were best friends and were together often in Idaho."3
Sarah Jane Stennett Culpepper, widow of Ephraim Culpepper, and family
Residence*1892 Ephraim resided at Roseberry, Valley Co., Idaho, in 1892.4 
Death of Mother20 Jun 1901 His mother Sarah Jane Stennett died on 20 Jun 1901 at Roseberry, Valley Co., Idaho
Marriage*12 Mar 1907 He married Ora Bell Leffingwell at Burnet Co., Texas, on 12 Mar 1907. 
Court Records*1909 Index: Valley Co. Idaho, Court Records
Affidavit      12/30/1909 2/4/1910 Book 1, p. 246
Option          1/29/1909 3/11/1910 Book 1, p. 256
Assignment     3/3/1905 3/3/1905 Book 1, p. 121-123
Quit Claim      Book 1, P. 126

Culpepper, E. Contract to sell right of way , Book 1, p. 274 (two entries)
     Affidavit 6/23/1910 7/1/1910 Book 1, p. 276
     Order confirming (?) 8/25/1910 8/26/1910, Book 1, p. 284
     Affidavit 9/23/1910 9/27 1910 Book 1/ p. 290
     Identity? 2/16/1911 2/18/1911 Book 1, p. 306
     Identity ? Book 1, p. 316
     Partnership 1910 Book 1, p. 373
     Lease Option 1912     Book 3, p. 399 (I noted a number 3. I don't recall why.
     Order admitting will to probate 1915/ 1916 p. 622
     Descendants of forced sale (?) 2/1917 p. 640
     Culpepper-Court order Book 1, p 42
     …….Estate 1926 P. 73, book 4, wife Ora L.
     Probate 1925 Book 2, p. 550
     Ora L. extension agreement Book 3, p. 412
     Estate 1921 Book 1, p. 276
     Extension of ? Book 1, p. 419
               Book 1, p. 267

Possible disagreement about lumber rights
Culpepper, Ephraim 1938 Book 5, p. 524
Culpepper 1941 Book 6, p. 241, 242
Culpepper..order of … 1944, P. 515, Book 6

Miscellaneous Book 4, P. 298 Instrument #3894
[ Mary F. Goul was a Boydstun, daughter of H.T..and his first wife in Texas. H.T. Boydstun was Eph Culpepper's step-father.]
Mary F. Goul and E. L. Goul, married couple from Mosquite, Malheur Co., Oregon. $600 received from Ephraim Culpepper, of the same place quit claim in estate of H. T. Boydstun, of Roseberry, Boise Co. Idaho, pending settlement on final distribution any shares held by them. 3 March 1905. Filed at the request of Ephraim Culpepper 6, March 1905.

Instrument #3874
Mattie Knox, Weir City, State of Kansas, daughter of H. T. Boydstun 21 Dec 1904 received from E. Culpepper, County of Malheur, state of Oregon, quit claim $300, 23 Feb 1905 . Husband, Thomas Knox, Cherokee County, Kansas.

Book 4, p. 302, Instrument #4135
W.B. Boydstun and Hattie Boydstun, wife, of Lardo, Boise Co., Idaho, quit claim for $300 to E. Culpepper of Mosquite, Oregon. - to ? NE ¼ of SW ¼ and N ½ and SE ¼ and beginning at NE corner of SE ¼ of SE ¼ [sic] and running south 100 ft all in section 11 T 16 N R3 E.B.M. containing about 121 acres in County of Boise, State of Idaho. April 3 1905 filed 13 April 1905

Book 4, p. 303 Amy and William Barker of Roseberry, Boise Co., Idaho, Quit Claim of $1,700 April 3 1905 filed 13 April 1905

Instrument #4242
Ephraim Culpepper, single man, Malheur Co., Oregon, $1,000 paid by Amy and William Barker same 121 acres 4 April 1905

This is not all the records. I stopped at Instrument #6120. See Index on first page for documents.3
1910 Census*15 Apr 1910 Ephraim was listed as the head of a family on the 1910 Census at Roseberry, Valley Co., Idaho.5 
Death*circa 1915 He died at Idaho circa 1915. 


Ora Bell Leffingwell (say 1876 - 6 Apr 1955)
Marriage*12 Mar 1907 He married Ora Bell Leffingwell at Burnet Co., Texas, on 12 Mar 1907. 
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Henry Culpepper Jr. of Norfolk Co., VA: Descendant Chart
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