Walter Knox Culpepper III1

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Father*Walter Knox Culpepper Jr. (14 Oct 1934 - 19 Feb 1979)
Mother*Judy Jenkins


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ChartsBenjamin (son of Robert) Culpepper of Edgecombe Co., NC: Descendant Chart
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  1. Knox Culpepper has fond memories of football
    By Hal Hayes, 16 Dec 1989, Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Sports, Page E/02

    Football may hold his IOU forever because Knox Culpepper says he will never be able to repay the game for the great dividend he reaped from his years as a Bulldog.

    "Because I was lucky enough to be able to play the game, I was able to establish some strong, binding friendships," said Culpepper , a former Georgia linebacker (1981-84) who later played in the Canadian Football League.

    "Because it's a total team game, you are constantly encouraging your teammates. You learn early that if one person lets you down, the whole team suffers. This lesson is one that can really serve you well once you're out of school and in the job market."

    Culpepper, 26, has worked for less than a year as an agent for Pritchard and Jerden of Atlanta, a local risk management insurance agency.

    "I figured it was time I put my major (business administration) to work," he said. "Basically, our firm insures and does loss control work for large businesses."

    An all-state player at Lovett High of Atlanta, Culpepper originally signed out of college as a free agent with the New York Giants, then was waived.

    "I spent two seasons of pro football with the Calgary Stampeders of the CFL," he said, "but I just didn't see much of a future for myself up there. I enjoyed the heck out of pro ball, but I found myself getting further and further behind.

    "I didn't have my degree when I left Georgia. I finally got tired of putting off going back to school, so I just decided one day to go back to Athens."

    He said it took him two years, but the time was worth it. "I probably could have stayed in Canada for several more years, but I just didn't like the unstable atmosphere of the game. I wanted to come on home, get my diploma and then get a steady job."

    The highlight of his college career, he said, came in the 1984 Cotton Bowl.

    "It was probably the most satisfying win we had while I was at Georgia," Culpepper said. "Basically, all we heard all week out there in Dallas was, `Georgia's out of its league playing Texas.' People kept saying, `Texas is gonna kick Georgia's tail.'

    "Well, our defense played one of its most solid games and, thanks to (quarterback) John Lastinger's (17-yard) touchdown, we won the game 10- 9."

    Culpepper Connections Note: Knox's father, Walter Knox Culpepper, Jr., was a fullback for the University of Georgia, 1953-1956.
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