John Clarke1

Male, #10016, (1728 - 1794)
Father*Thomas Clarke (4)1 (c 1703 - 1752)
Mother*Sarah Norwood1 (s 1700 - )
Birth*1728 John was born at Isle of Wight Co., Virginia, in 1728. 
Death of Father1752 His father Thomas Clarke (4) died in 1752 at Southampton Co., Virginia
Marriage*circa 1755 He married Judith Mallet circa 1755. 
Birth of Son1763 His son William Clarke was born in 1763 at Lunenburg Co., Virginia.1 
American Revolution*circa 1776 He provided service in the American Revolutionary War circa 1776
(Revolutionary soldier in South Carolina.)2 
Death*1794 He died at Edgefield District, South Carolina, in 1794. 
Biography* John(5) Clark, son of Thomas(4) and Sarah (Norwood) Clark, was born in Isle of Wight Co., Va. The date of his birth was 1728 according to the D.A.R. Line of Mrs. Hattie Nisbet Latta, a descendant of his daughter, Sarah (Clark) Harvey, who joined the D.A.R. many years ago on John Clark's record as a Revolutionary soldier in South Carolina (D.A.R. Lineage Book, Vol. XX, p. 39). John Clark died in Edgefield County, S.C. in 1794. His will shows that his wife was named Judith and a series of notes made over 75 years ago on the Clark and Harvey families by Rev. Thomas Boykin, a descendant, gives her maiden name as Mallett. The notes include a letter written by John and Judith Clark's grandson, Judge James Clarke (b. 1798) of Atlanta, Ga., and the information about Judith's maiden name no doubt came from Judge Clarke. The statement in the notes was confirmed by a great-granddaughter, Mrs. Fannie Keene, who stated that Judith, wife of John Clark, was French, that she was named Mallett, and that her father was Etienne Mallett. Judith Mallet, daughter of Etienne (Stephen) and Olive (Magdaleine (Salle) Mallet was born Sept. 2, 1736 at the Huguenot colony at Manakintown, then in Goochland Co., Va. The father, Stephen Mallett, movedto Lunenburg Co., Va., about 1750, and Judith Mallett and John Clark were probably married there about 1755 (for further ancestry, see the Mallet and Salle Families). Mr. Boykin's notes further state that John Clark had a brother named Carter Clark, who lived in Mecklenburg Co., Va., which further confirms the connection of this Clark family with Thomas(4) Clark and his sons, mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

John(5) Clark first appears in the Virginia records in 1736, when his uncle, William Norwood, left him land in Isle of Wight Co., as as small child. The land fell into Southampton Co. on the organization of that county, and in 1763, as "John Clark of Lunenburg Co.", he deeded the land away. Between April 14, 1767, when he and his brothers James and Carter deeded the negro from Jordan Thomas Clark's estate to Jesse Clark, and Dec. 3, 1767, John Clark moved from Mecklenburg Co., Va., to Granville Co., S.C. (later Edgefield Co.) On the latter date John Clark of Granville Co., S.C. sold Carter Clark of Mecklenburg Co., Va., 300 acres on Allen's Creek in Mecklenburg Co. (Mecklenburg D.B. 2, p. 5); and on Nov. 12, 1770, no doubt in connection with the settlement of his brother Jesse's estate, John Clark of Granville Co., S.C., appointed James Clark his attorney for collecting debts in Mecklenburg Co. (D.B. 2, p. 540). According to his grandson, Judge James Clarke, John Clark settled about 16 miles north of Hamburg, S.C. on Stephens Creek. During the Revolution he served as a soldier in the South Carolina troops. In Rev. Thomas Boykin's notes, it is stated that John Clark was killed by marauders in his house in 1777; and my father's cousin, Ben Carter, told me that he had heard from his own grandfather, Benjamin W. Clark (another grandson of John Clark), that John was called to the door of his house and shot by Tories. This testimony seems certain, so far as John Clark's being shot and wounded is concerned. However, he could hardly have been killed, as his will, dated 1779 in Edgefield Co., S. C. , was not probated until 1794, which must have been the date of his death. The will, dated July 7, 1779 and probated at the March Term, 1794, in Edgefield Co., leaves 8 negroes and considerable landed property to his wife Judith, her property to go later to sons Jeremiah and Jesse and "the child that my wife is now big with"; son Thomas; son John, son William, son James, daughter Frances Clark; daughter Rebeckah Clark; and appoints the wife Judith and son Thomas executors. It is possible that John Clark died from his wounds in 1779, and that the will was not probated until 1794, possibly on the death of his wife. However, there was a Judith Clark who died in Edgefield Co. in 1815, her estate being administered by John Adams and payments made to Willoughby and Elizabeth Clark, minors,
under the guardianship of Thomas Dozier. This may possibly have been Judith, wife of John Clark, and the minor Clark children may have been her grandchildren, children of Jeremiah or Jesse Clark.

John Clark's wall does not mention the eldest daughter, Sarah Clark, who had already married James Harvey at the time the wall was written. However, Sarah is a well attested daughter, being mentioned in the Boykin notes, and also by Judge James Clark in 1876, he being both her nephew and her husband's great-nephew. The Boykin notes also mention a daughter Elizabeth, who was probably the unborn child mentioned in John Clark's will. Of the other children, Thomas lived and died in Edgefield Co., S.C., and so apparently did John. James Clark moved to Green Co., Ga. with has brother William, and died there. According to the Boykin notes, either Elizabeth or Frances married a Mr. Christopher, while Rebecca married an Ousley and lived in Auburn, Ala.1



Judith Mallet (2 Sep 1736 - )
Marriage*circa 1755 He married Judith Mallet circa 1755. 
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